How I fucked my buddies virgin daughter pussy and wife stories "Unnggg, fuck me, baby!" she wailed excitedly. "Fuck my horny ass! Ream me out good!"
How I fucked my buddies virgin daughter pussy and wife stories "Unnggg, fuck me, baby!" she wailed excitedly. "Fuck my horny ass! Ream me out good!"
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How to fuck the Elf for Dummies
"How to fuck the Elf for Dummies"

How I fucked my buddies virgin daughter pussy and wife stories "Unnggg, fuck me, baby!" she wailed excitedly. "Fuck my horny ass! Ream me out good!"

How I fucked my buddies virgin daughter pussy and wife stories  "Unnggg, fuck me, baby!" she wailed excitedly. "Fuck my horny ass! Ream me out good!"  Vivian Kaye was walking slowly up the path to her home, a dejected look on her beautiful young face. She was wearing fashionable skin-tight jeans that showed off the delicious curves of her ripe ass, and spike heels that accentuated her long legs. Her maroon sweater was stretched tightly over her big tits, and the low V-neck allowed just enough of the bulging tit mounds to be visible. As usual, the eighteen-year-old girl wasn't wearing a bra, and her firm tits wobbled enticingly as she walked. Her golden hair hung loosely around her face, shining brightly in the sun.  After an hour and a half of trying to sell engraved goblets for her school club, the teenager had worked the condominium complex where she lived in a large circle and was almost back to her own home. She had only made a few sales and, as she rang the bell of the last condo, she hoped for one more sale so she could go home on a positive note.  As she waited for someone to answer the door, Vivian thought about why she was do desperate to make some money. After her father's death, her mother had supported her two children by working for a small-clothing company. When the company had gone out of business several months ago, the family had been forced to sell their nice home and move into a condominium to conserve money.  Sighing, Vivian rang the doorbell one last time, staring at the mostly blank order form in her hand. She knew she would get twenty-five percent of the sales she made. But at the rate she was going, she wasn't going to make enough money to make any difference.  Dan Dayton dropped his work and hurried from his den when he heard his bell ring for the second time. Opening the door, he saw a girl he'd often noticed next door. He'd always marvelled at her beautiful features and her well-proportioned body. He gulped slightly and his cock began to throb when he noticed the stiff buds of her nipples peaking the fabric of her sweater. Dayton barely heard her sales pitch as his gaze wandered from her gorgeous face to her tits. When she was through, he wanted to turn her down. But the pleading expression on her face made him think twice.  "I'll tell you the truth, Vivian," he said. "I really don't want one of those things - but I'll buy one from you anyway." He ushered the surprised girl inside and closed the door before heading through the spacious condo to get his checkbook. "What the hell - it's a good deed, and I enjoy helping out a pretty girl like you."  While Dayton searched for his, checkbook, Vivian wandered about his place. She figured the man must be a photographer since his walls were covered with pictures of all sorts.  "Did you take all of these pictures?" she asked, inspecting them more closely.  "Yes, I did," the man answered as he began filling out the check. He finished writing and handed the check to the youngster, smiling brightly at her. "Glad I could help out."  "Thank, you very much," Vivian replied, taking the slip of paper, and turning to leave the room.  As the golden-haired girl walked by Dayton's work table, a photograph on it caught her eye. She stopped to take a closer look and was shocked to see it was a picture of a completely naked woman with her legs spread wide, revealing all of her juicy pussy. She was holding her large tits up as if offering them to the camera, and her pretty eyes flashed with sexuality.  Nearby lay other pictures of women in every imaginable position, with their pussies wide open and dripping and their tits huge and firm. One woman was even pulling on the thick folds of her cunt with her fingertips.  "Mr. Dayton, did you take all of these photos, too?"  "Yes, I took them, too," the man answered matter-of-factly. Now that the girl had discovered them, he saw no reason to lie to her. "Do they shock you?"  "Not really," Vivian replied. "All these girls look so pretty, too! Do you think I would look this good if you took pictures of me naked?"  "I'm sure you would," Dayton answered, eyeing the girl closely. "You have a gorgeous face and a terrific body. I'm sure you would photograph beautifully."  "Then take some pictures of me right now," the teenager said quickly. "I want to see what it's like to be a model and have pictures taken of me when I'm naked."  Before the stunned photographer could say a word, Vivian had pulled her sweater over her head, kicked off her shoes and was peeling off her jeans and panties.  When she was naked, she stood before the astonished man and ran her fingers slowly through her thick golden hair, the motion making her pert young tits stand up firm and high. Her nipples, stiff and thick as a man's thumbs, were a dark-rose color. Her flat belly was smooth, and her crotch was covered with a patch of curly light-brown pussy hair that contrasted nicely with the dark color of her tan.  "Come on, Mr. Dayton," the girl urged when she noticed he hadn't moved to get his camera. "Don't you want to photograph me?"  "Uh, yes, of course I do," the man said, hurrying to get his equipment. He seemed nervous. "You realize that nobody can find out about this. We really have to be very careful or I could get into a lot of trouble."  "Don't worry, I won't tell a soul," Vivian promised.  Within moments Dayton had the young girl lounging in an easy chair as he adjusted his lights and began taking pictures. He posed the girl in various positions, always accentuating her large tits and perfectly rounded ass.  Vivian moved easily in front of the camera and showed no embarrassment when he started taking shots of her with her legs spread. After a short while, she was even getting into poses he hadn't suggested yet. She posed provocatively, shamelessly spreading her legs wide to give him good shots of her creamy pussy and fat cuntlips. At times, she cupped her fat tits and squeezed them together so her huge, long nipples popped out lewdly.  "Do you get turned on taking these pictures?" the girl asked suddenly, running her hands up the insides of her thighs to her hairy pussy. She peeled apart the folds of her cunt and flicked her fingertip softly over the stiff bud of her clit.  "Sometimes I do," Dayton admitted, trying to concentrate on his photography. He could feel his cock straining against the material of his slacks, and it was becoming increasingly more difficult for him to pay attention to what he was doing. "When the model is as beautiful as you are it's very easy to get turned on."  "Then why don't you come over here and screw me?" the girl suggested brazenly. "All this sexy posing has made me real horny, and I'd love to have your cock inside me. I'll bet it's all stiff and ready after all the pictures you've taken of my pussy."  At that moment, Dayton ran out of film. Putting his camera aside, he walked over to the young girl and gazed at her naked body. She was lying on her back on the carpet, running her fingers lazily along the crack of her cunt. Her pussy juices were seeping out around the edges of her cunt and she was imagining what it would feel like to have this handsome man's prick buried deep inside her.  Vivian had been fucking and sucking for nearly three years and was always eager to experience a new man's fuck-tool. As she gazed back at Dan, her lust showed clearly in her pretty blue eyes.  "I think I'll take you up on that offer," the man said, pulling off his clothes as quickly as he could. When he was naked he joined the girl on the floor, stretching out his muscular body next to her. "Just remember that no one can find out about us, okay?"  "Okay," Vivian agreed as the man took her into his arms and pulled her body towards his. She wrapped her arms lovingly around his neck an felt herself melt against him as their mouths met in a passionate kiss.  Dan could feel his cock throbbing as he reached around and cupped one of the girl's heavy EE-cup tits in his hand. He heard her moan helplessly as his fingers teased the tender bud of her nipple into stiffness.  "Oh, Mr. Dayton, that feels so good," Vivian moaned softly, throwing her head back. "I love having my tits played with. Do you like them?"  "I love them," the man answered, squeezing the ripe orb and feeling his fingers sink into the pliable tit flesh. "They're so big and firm. They're absolutely perfect."  Vivian let out a soft groan as Dan's hand moved down her stomach to the hotly oozing slit of her hairy cunt. She arched her hips up from the floor when his probing fingertip parted the curls of her pussy hair and brushed lightly over her swollen clit.  Her sensitive clit was already stiff and slippery from the desire that was coursing through her loins, and the feeling of Dayton's finger made her squeal with delight. As the man fondled the length of the girl's furry cunt slit, he caressed her back and squeezed the pear-shaped globes of her ass with his other hand. He tantalized the teenaged girl by lightly brushing the hot fleshy lips of her wet cunt and circling the swollen bud of her clit with his fingertip.  Vivian moaned and writhed passionately against Dan as the excitement in her loins mounted. She wrapped her fingers lovingly around the hard meat of his prick and skimmed them up and down.  "Ohmygod! Your cock is... so big... it's enormous!" she muttered as the strong man rolled her onto her back and spread her legs with his thighs. She could barely get her hand halfway around the thick cockshaft and it felt like the thick end of a baseball bat in her fist. Hot slippery precum was oozing from the tiny piss-slit and she spread the liquid over his bulbous cockhead and along the richly veined shaft of his cock until its entire eleven-inch length was wet and glistening. Groaning as the young girl jacked him off, Dan kissed her deeply, jamming his tongue into her mouth. As the girl's legs spread for him, he sank between them, feeling the softness of her open thighs against his loins. Moving his hands down beneath her, he cupped her asscheeks.  "Oh, Mr. Dayton, you're teasing me to death!" the young girl whimpered, rotating her ass urgently on the floor. "Stick your dick in me now. I want to feel it deep inside my pussy. Please, fuck me now! I can't stand it any longer!"  Ignoring the girl's desperate pleas, Dan just slid his hard prick idly along the drooling slit of her cunt, driving Vivian out of her young mind. Finally, he grasped his cock in his hand and guided the swollen cockhead between the lust-swollen lips of the teenager's hot pussy.  "Oh my God!" Vivian gasped when she, finally felt the teasing tip of Dan's prick slip wetly into the soggy sheath of her cunt. "Oooooh... so good. It feels so good."  Lunging forward, Dan fucked several inches of his cock meat into the depths of Vivian's warm cunt. He held, still for a tantalizing moment and then fucked several more inches of his cock into her, bringing a squeal of delight from her throat.  "Oh, yes... yes!" the wanton girl cried.  Dan raised himself for more leverage and fucked a few more inches of hard cock meat into her hotly throbbing pussy. She'd been fucked by many boys, but never in her life had Vivian's pussy felt so completely stuffed as it did right now, and Dan didn't even have all of his cock inside her yet. The young girl wondered if she'd be able to take it all in her little pussy.  Dan pushed again, shoving the remainder of his long hard cock into Vivian's gaping fuckhole. They both felt the blunt tip of his cockhead bump against the entrance of her womb, and the girl cried out with pleasure, knowing that she'd taken the man's cock to the hilt in her cunt.  Vivian purred softly and lay perfectly still, relishing the feeling of being skewered on the end of Dan's monstrous cock. When she squirmed her ass a bit, she felt his hard prick embedded all the way up in her hot cunt and his swollen balls resting gently against the wide-splayed crevice of her creamy ass.  The young photographer began rotating his hips slowly, grinding his prick around inside Vivian's clinging pussy. He flexed his fucker deep inside her and felt her respond by squeezing his prick with her youthful cunt muscles.  Squirming beneath the big man, the young girl wriggled her shapely ass from side to side and arched her loins high off the floor to meet his cunt-stabbing thrusts. As the man's tempo increased, she thrust her hips back, establishing a fuck-rhythm that soon had her wild with desire.  "I love the way you fuck!" Vivian cried, flailing her pretty head from side to side.  "You fuck really well for such a young girl," Dan said as he began fucking his cock in and out with short, smooth strokes.  He thrilled at the way Vivian responded to him, fucking back at his cock like a hot little bitch in heat. The girl's crotch was arching up wildly to meet his every cock-thrust and her naked thighs were locked hotly around his madly humping body as he increased the speed of his vicious thrusts.  Vivian's beautiful face was distorted with raging lust as the wildly humping couple fucked on, completely oblivious to everything but their own pleasures. She was more aroused than she'd ever been in her life as Dan fucked his rod-like prick into the steamy wetness of her tight cunt hole. When their lips met in a mouth-jarring kiss, their tongues entwined.  "Oh God, Mr. Dayton!" the girl whimpered happily, feeling his cock fucking into her with enormous force. "Your dick feels so good inside me. I want you to fuck me forever! You don't even have to pay me for the goblet - just fuck me all the time!"  Dan laughed and pounded his prick deeper into the young girl's writhing pussy. His rhythmic fuck-thrusts were bouncing her body all over the floor and the over-sexed girl was screaming with absolute pleasure as his thick boner filled her clasping pussy.  "Harder, Mr. Dayton, harder!" the girl begged, her long hair flying wildly around her flushed face. "Stick it in deeper and fuck me harder!"  Vivian's awesome tits flopped wildly on her chest as Dan slammed his prick into her with all the power he had. She was loving every minute of this depraved fuck. She could feel his tremendous cock pounding against the very end of her fuck-chute and thrilled at the thought of having it filled with his hot cum.  Vivian loved the way Dan grunted and panted as his strong body humped against her, making her hot young pussy tingle. She shrieked with pleasure and waved her shapely legs wildly in the air, urging the man's cock deeper into her cunt.  Fucking his cock into the golden-haired girl with quick stabs, Dan was bringing the hotly fucking youngster to the edge of an incredible orgasm. Their naked bodies were slippery with sweat as they ground feverishly against each other, her lush round tits squashed obscenely beneath his heaving chest. Their bellies slapped noisily together as the slick rod of his prick fucked in and out of Vivian's hotly grinding pussy.  "Ahhhh, fuck it to me, hard!" Vivian chanted mindlessly, spurring the big man on by kicking her heels against his ass.  As her orgasm neared, she jackknifed her legs high into the air and pulled her knees back to her tits, offering him all of her juicy cunt slit. She locked her ankles around his waist as she hotly fucked her cunt up and down the length of the man's stiff cockshaft.  "Harder, Mr. Dayton, harder!" Vivian begged. "I'm gonna cum all over your big dick!"  Dan suddenly let out a deep groan and slammed his cock deep into Vivian's clutching pussy. His face contorted into a lust- crazed snarl, and the young girl felt the wet heat of his cum splashing deep into her writhing pussy. He growled and grunted as he steadily pumped a stream of liquid fire up into Vivian's horny cunt.  When she felt the man's cum spurting into her, Vivian nearly lost her mind, and her cunt convulsed as she experienced her own gut-wrenching climax. She screamed and grasped the man's cum- spurting prick with her cunt muscles, pulling it deep inside her and milking it of its heavy load.  "Up your cunt! All the way up your hot little cunt!" Dan croaked as he blasted out his greasy cum load. "Unnnggghhhhh! take my jizz inside you."  "Yes, I'm cumming, too!" the girl wailed, gritting her teeth and reveling in the ecstasy of her tremendous orgasm.  Thick streams of Dan's jism poured into her cunt and as more of it spurted into her, it began squishing out around the edges of Dan's cock lance. Cum ran down the crack of her soft ass.  Another jet of cum blasted into her pussy hole, washing the insides of her overflowing cunt. Still the big man kept cumming, fucking his prick into the writhing girl and depositing so much of the creamy substance in her fuckhole that she thought she would soon be able to taste his cum in her mouth.  "All the way up your cunt!" Dan gasped as he shot out another wad of steaming cum.  His cockshaft was now covered with strings of greasy cum, and each time he pulled back his prick glistened with the filmy liquid.  Vivian couldn't believe what was happening to her pussy as wad after wad of hot cum belched into her overstuffed cunt hole. It felt as though Dan was pumping gallons of jism into her pussy, making her cunt spasm from one incredible orgasm to the next, until she thought she'd lose her mind. She'd never had so much cum inside her pussy, and she was loving every minute of this wild fuck-session with her handsome neighbor.  Dan shot one final wad of cum into Vivian's open cunt and then his prick stopped spasming. Panting wildly, he pulled his cum- stained prick from the girl's fucked-out pussy and collapsed next to her on the floor. A thin trail of cum stretched from her pussy to this glistening cockhead, spiraling wetly across her creamy thigh.  "That was so nice," Vivian murmured, her eyes closed in exhausted bliss. "I've never cum so good in my whole life."  "I loved it, too," Dan answered, caressing her soft cheek. "Anytime you want to model for me again, feel free."   When Dan went to answer his door late the next afternoon, he secretly hoped it would be Vivian, back for another bout of lustful fucking. Instead of just his neighbor, however, he saw that she had brought another young girl with her. Something inside him told him he'd gone too far the day before and that now he was going to pay for it.  "Hi, Dan," Vivian greeted him cheerfully as the photographer let the two girls into his place. "I came by like you said I could, and I brought along my friend Maris. I told her about the pictures you took of me and she wants to model for you too, and stuff."  "And stuff? What do you mean?" the man asked, his anger rising. "I thought I told you not to tell anyone about this. It was just supposed to be between the two of us."  "Oh, don't worry about Maris. She won't tell anyone," the girl said. "She's just as horny as I am, and I figured you wouldn't mind another hot pussy to fuck. Besides, she's a virgin."  "I may be a virgin - but I know all about fucking," the other girl announced arrogantly. "And if what Vivian told me is true, about what a great lay you are, then I can't wait to have you stick your cock into me and pop my cherry!"  Dan was speechless as he listened to Vivian's brazen companion. He wondered how a pretty girl like her, with such aggressiveness, had stayed a virgin for long. He thought of turning her down, but a stirring in his loins overpowered him and he knew he had to fuck this youngster.  "Well, I'll go along with the program if you two make sure no one else finds out about this - and I mean not one other single person."  The girls agreed not to spread their little secret, and a few minutes later Dan was setting up his lights to take pictures of Maris.  "Are the photos you took of me done yet?" Vivian asked as she showed her friend some of Dan's work.  Dan pointed towards the other room and the stacked teenager quickly ran in to get them.  "Take a look at these," she told Maris when she returned with the pictures. She laid all the photographs out on the dining room table.  "Oh, look how wide open your pussy is here!" Maris said. As she gazed at the pictures, she could feel herself getting turned on and she could hardly wait until Dan was ready to take pictures of her naked young body. "I hope mine will look just as juicy."  "Okay, I'm ready to start shooting," Dan announced finally. He directed Maris to the center of his studio, under the lights, and adjusted her hair a bit. "Now just take your clothes off slowly, kind of like a sexy stripper, while I take pictures."  The pretty honey-blonde smiled seductively and began unbuttoning her tight blouse. She heard Dan's camera begin clicking when she pulled her blouse open, revealing her large tits bulging out of the confines of her lacy white bra. Instinctively, she arched her back, thrusting her tits out towards the camera and dropped her top. Then, she bent over slightly, letting the full weight of her heavy tits fall into the soft cups before unsnapping the bra in front and letting the two luscious tit globes spill free.  "Jesus Christ!" Dan exclaimed when he saw the girl's tits swaying gracefully beneath her. They were perfectly round, like two giant melons, and her nipples were a dark-rose color and stuck out hard and long like two fat thumbs. "You have an incredible pair of tits, Maris!"  "Better than mine?" Vivian asked from behind him.  When the photographer turned around, she thrust out her tits provocatively, making the large buds of her nipples poke the fabric of her thin T-shirt.  "I refuse to answer that," the young man answered, eyeing the equally impressive tits of the other girl. "You both have fantastic tits."  Turning back to Maris, Dan continued taking pictures as she slid off her jeans and stepped out of her skimpy panties. When she was completely naked, he had her stand in several suggestive poses so he could get clear shots of her tits and pussy. As the young girl became more relaxed, he had her lie on the floor as he took shot after shot of her with her thighs spread wide, exposing the pink slash of her virgin pussy.  "Watching you take pictures of Maris is making me awfully horny," Vivian commented after a while. She was sitting on Dan's couch with her legs apart, gently rubbing her hand along the crotch of her jeans. "If this keeps up, I'm going to have to play with myself."  "You go right ahead," Dan replied, taking another shot of Maris with her ass arched high in the air and her gaping pussy angled back at the camera as if she were being fucked from behind.  While Dan continued shooting, Vivian unzipped her pants and kicked off her tennis shoes. As she wormed her legs out of the tight pants and slid off her underwear, she rubbed her bushy pussy mound, feeling the first drops of her dewy cunt juice through the thick blondish hair. She squeezed her thighs together a bit to ease the sensations of pleasure she felt in her cunt and pulled her T-shirt over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra and her tits swung freely as she slouched on the couch and spread her legs wide apart. As she watched her friend move from one erotic pose to another, the horny young girl slipped her index finger into her moist pussy channel and swirled it around, stirring up the juices deep inside her pussy.  "Mmmmmmm," she moaned as she began fucking her finger in and out of her horny cunt.  When Dan noticed what Vivian was doing, he suggested Maris do the same thing while he took some more photographs of her. Without hesitating, the girl mimicked her friend, splaying her legs open and fucking her fingers deep into her own pussy.  Dan took several pictures of the girl finger-fucking herself and had her change positions several times so he could get her from various angles. He finished the roll of film in his camera and then stood up and turned off the lights. His cock was aching and he couldn't concentrate enough to take any more pictures of the sexy young girl. If he didn't stick his prick into her hot young pussy and fuck her, he thought he would go out of his mind.  "That's enough pictures for now," the man said, putting his camera aside. "Now it's time for us to enjoy ourselves. How about if you and I take care of your virginity problem?"  While the young girl watched, Dan removed his clothes and then joined her on the floor. Their mouths locked in a tongue- wallowing kiss. It took all of Dan's willpower not to just ram his boner into the girl's virgin pussy. Realizing it was her first time, he forced himself to take his time, caressing her soft body and making her feel at ease.  Dan fondled her big tits and sucked passionately on her distended nipples, at the same time slipping his forefinger between the fleshy folds of her young cunt. He pumped his thick finger in and out several times, feeling her hot juices squishing out around his hand like warm cream. When he felt Maris humping her pussy up against his hand, he knew she was ready for her first fuck.  Settling between Maris' lewdly splayed legs, Dan forced them farther apart with his muscular thighs. He grasped his cockshaft in one hand and slowly guided it up between the girl's naked thighs and towards her juicy pussy.  "Are you ready to be fucked?" Dan asked the young girl when he had nudged the bloated tip of his cockhead between the puffy lips of her aroused pussy. He was rubbing his prick lightly up and down along the crack of her cunt and pressing its tip against her hardened clit to turn her on even more. "Do you want me to stick my cock into your pussy and fuck you now?"  "Oooooh, yes, I'm so ready. I can hardly stand it," the anxious girl replied, feeling Dan's fat prick tickling her horny cuntlips. "Please shove your prick in me now and fuck me. Fuck me real good and pop my cherry!"  "Yeah, stuff your rod up her hole and screw her to pieces, like you did me yesterday!" Vivian cried from the couch. She had moved closer to get a better view of her friend's first fuck and was still finger-fucking herself gently. "I want to watch your prick reaming out her little pussy."  Dan pushed forward gently, feeling his swollen cockhead slip partially into Maris' tender pussy. He saw her grit her teeth and hesitated, not wanting to hurt the youngster. When she relaxed, he pushed again. At first Maris' virgin pussy resisted his attempts at entry, but as he kept up his insistent pressure, he felt his huge mushroom-shaped prickhead slip through her widely stretched cuntlips and fuck into the heated tunnel of her cunt.  Maris screamed when she suddenly felt Dan's hard cock fuck into her youthful pussy, filling her, cunt with hard prick meat for the first time. She waited for the searing pain she'd been told about so often, but it never really materialized - and within moments the girl was beginning to enjoy the stuffed feeling in her cunt.  "Ohhhh, this feels kind of nice," she said as she waited for her lover to start fucking her. "I've got your pecker in my pussy and you're going to fuck me. I can't wait. Do it to me! Fuck me now!"  Once Dan's big cock knob was in, his prickshaft slithered easily all the way up into the depths of Maris' buttery pussy. He felt her youthful cunt muscles clasp hotly around his swollen prick and was filled with pure ecstasy as her cunt squeezed his hotly throbbing cock. Crazed with burning lust, he began fucking his hard cock in and out of the girl's warm pussy hole with long even strokes.  "How does it feel?" Vivian asked her friend. "Do you like getting fucked?"  "Oh, it's fantastic - better than I thought!" Maris cried, writhing her overheated pussy up around the base of Dan's thick shaft of cock meat. "I just can't get enough. I think I could do this forever."  The feeling of Maris' grasping cunt squeezing and sucking on his cock was driving Dan out of his mind. He'd rarely enjoyed such a delicious fuck in his life, and it took all of his control not to pump his cock into her pussy as hard and fast as he could. He desperately wanted to shoot his cum load into her juicy cunt up as the intense pleasure created by his long smooth fuck-strokes built to an almost unbearable level of ecstasy.  "Oooooh, that's so good," Maris mewled, pressing her body up against Dan's and mashing her big tits against his broad chest. "My pussy feels all tingly and excited."  "That means you're going to cum," Vivian said, squirming her fingers deeper into her own sopping cunt.  She'd been fingering herself in time to the couple's frenzied fucking and as her companion neared her first real climax, the stacked teenager fucked herself harder and faster so she could cream at the same time.  "Slam your prick into her real hard, Dan, and make her cum! Give her the best orgasm ever!"  "You bet I will," Dan grunted, beginning to fuck his hard cock into the girl's pussy with all his strength. He wasn't quite ready to cum himself, but he punched his prick into her pussy viciously, intent on making her first fuck one she would never forget. "I'm gonna make your little pussy cum all over my big hard prick."  "Yes, that's it. Fuck me harder, faster! Oh, God, just fuck me to death!" the blonde girl shrieked as her orgasm overtook her suddenly.  She clutched at Dan tightly, locking her legs around his driving loins as she felt her pussy spasming convulsively around a man's cock for the first time. Her pussy gushed out rivers of hot fuck-juice.  "Oooooh, I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" she cried.  Dan kept fucking Maris as she writhed and squirmed on the root of his hard prick. He heard the girl squeal with ecstasy and delight as wave after wave of wonderful rapture surged through her young body, washing her horny cunt with the best sensations of her first fuck.  "Do you like it, baby? Are you enjoying your first real orgasm?" Dan asked as he fucked his cock deeply into the teenager's grinding cunt.  "Yes... oh, yes! I love it so much!" the youth squealed with passion. "Keep fucking me oh... I want to fuck and cum forever! Don't ever stop, ever!"  As her orgasm enveloped her completely, Maris pulled her knees back until they touched her tits, offering the entire length of her pussy slit to the man's pounding cock. The pretty blonde's mouth was hanging open and she uttered a string of senseless obscenities as her shiny hair flailed from side to side. Everything seemed to stop as the teenaged girl squirmed through her incredible orgasm and Dan's prick filled her with pleasure.  When she finally stopped bucking through her climax, Maris collapsed heavily beneath Dan and let her legs drop at his sides. She lay still, her eyes closed and her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. She barely noticed when Dan pulled his still- hard prick from her soggy pussy and rolled off her sweaty body.   Vivian, who had been finger-fucking herself steadily throughout Maris' orgasm, was the first to notice that Dan still had a raging hardon. Crawling to where the man was lying on the floor, she grasped his cum-streaked cockshaft in her small hand and gently jacked it up and down, forcing droplets of precum to ooze from his tiny piss-slit.  "I didn't cum yet, either," she said, pushing Dan onto his back and straddling his waist with her legs. "How about fucking me for a while so I can get off? Maybe we'll even cum together."  Vivian slotted the swollen head of Dan's prick between her pouting cuntlips and felt the hotness of his cock pressing into her pussy. As the man arched his hips upwards, driving his hardon into her slippery cunt, Vivian let her wet pussy lips close around his rigid prickshaft, trapping it inside her lust-filled cunt.  "Oh, man, that's nice," Dan moaned, fucking his cock up into the teenager's dripping cunt. "You're so wet and tight."  "Ram it in deep, all the way up me!" the girl hissed. She could feel the steely cockshaft drilling into her as she slid her pussy slowly down the length of the man's prick. "I've just got to have all of you in me! Shove it all the way up my cunt and ream me out! I need a good hot fuck real bad!"  Feeling Vivian's wet cuntlips gliding along his cockshaft with long steady strokes now, Dan suddenly humped upwards, drilling his hard cock all the way up into her sopping pussy with one long hard thrust.  "Ahhh, shit, yes!" the girl screamed with delight as his stiff cock glided into her tight cunt, filling it completely with hard cock meat. "Oh, God, I love the way your dick is filling me up!"  Bracing her hands on the man's chest, Vivian bounced her pear- shaped ass up and down. Her eyes were closed in delicious anticipation and her heavy tits hung enticingly just above his handsome face. She moaned softly as she set the tempo of their fucking by grinding her hips slowly around on the man's cock, making it slide along the bud of her clit, driving her wild with desire.  "Mmmmmm," she whimpered when she felt Dan grasp the cheeks of her tight ass and bounce her up and down harder. Her nipples brushed against his mouth and she felt him suck the stiff buds between his lips and chew them fiercely. "Oh, yes, suck my titties for me! Fuck my pussy and suck my tits! I fucking love it!"  With her legs pressed tightly against his sides, the horny teenager could feel the tip of his bloated cockhead pounding against her womb each time she slammed her shapely ass down onto his loins. Her ass slapped noisily against the man's crotch, and tiny rivulets of her pussy juices leaked from her over-filled cunt and dropped, onto Dan's curly crotch hairs.  "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!" chanted the girl, arching her back and thrusting her tits out hard. She threw her pretty head back dramatically and closed her eyes in ecstasy as her young pussy was filled with delightful sensations. "It feels so good, so fucking good."  Vivian could feel a steady stream of pussy juice flowing from her pussy as she humped up and down along the rigid of shaft of Dan's thick cock. Her fiery pussy was sucking and squeezing on his prick and she could feel the friction of it against her tingly clit.  "Ride it, girl! Ride my prick real good!" Dan gasped, holding onto the writhing girl's torso so she wouldn't fall off. He was staring up at her now, watching her huge tits bobbing like over- sized melons. "Uh, uh, nngghhh! I love the way you're sitting on my prick! Keep fucking me just like that!"  Completely out of her mind now, the pretty girl grasped her swaying tits and squeezed them together. She roughly pinched her swollen nipples and felt them harden between her fingers. She scraped them with her fingernails and pressed the large orbs together until the nipples touched and she could scrape them against each other.  "Oh, fuck, fuck!" she wailed mindlessly, fucking wildly on the shaft of Dan's throbbing boner. "Fuck me to pieces, Dan. I just can't get enough of your prick inside me. Absolutely fuck me to death!"  As the wildly fucking couple increased the tempo of their movements, Vivian felt the familiar sensation deep in her cunt telling her that she was approaching an orgasm. She gritted her teeth and humped her body up and down violently as she prepared herself to cream all over Dan's huge prick.  "Oh, shit, Dan, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cream all over your big hard dick!" shrieked the wanton girl, slamming her cunt down hard onto the man's cock. "Fuck me harder, harder!"  Her whole body shook as Vivian screwed her cunt down on the base of Dan's driving cock. The beautiful girl had never experienced such an intense orgasm in her life, and she shuddered as she felt her body convulse over and over from the sheer ecstasy of the experience.  "Oh, Dan, that was even better than our fuck yesterday!" the girl panted excitedly when her orgasm finally ended and she was able to pull herself off Dan's throbbing prick. "I've never felt so good before."  When she looked over at her lover, Vivian saw that even though he had just fucked both her and her friend, Dan still hadn't shot his cum load and was propped up on one elbow, slowly stroking his raging hardon.  "Hey, Maris, Dan still hasn't cum," she said to her friend, who was just regaining her senses. She waved the hard shaft of the man's cock at the other girl playfully and flicked the tip of her tongue over his cockhead, lapping up a pearly drop of his clear fuck-juice.  "I don't think my pussy can take any more fucking right now," Maris moaned.  "Well, then why don't you and I suck him off?" Vivian suggested, smiling. The mere thought of Dan blasting his hot cum into their mouths was turning her on and she thrilled at the thought of eating his rich cum. "That way you'll get both your cunt and mouth devirginized at the same time."  "You never sucked a cock before?" Dan asked, as the two girls nestled their heads in his crotch and Vivian began licking the underside of his rigid fucker with the tip of her tongue. "You've never given a guy a real hot blowjob?"  "No, but I'm ready to learn," the willing girl answered, eyeing her friend and anxiously awaiting her turn.  When Vivian offered her Dan's cock, Maris grasped it and raised it slowly towards her pretty face. She was surprised at the size of the meaty cockshaft and how heavy it was. His prick was as stiff as a metal rod and the bulbous cockhead was swollen and velvety smooth, streaked with thin lines of his precum that ran down and soiled her hands.  Bending down, Maris kissed the tip of Dan's prickhead tentatively and then flicked her tongue across it from side to side, the way she'd seen Vivian doing it moments before. Slowly, she eased her mouth forward, letting her full sensuous lips fold over the top of his cockhead. As her lips formed into perfect oval, she let it glide over her tongue and drive a little way into her mouth. She moved her lips a bit shyly and curled her tongue around the prick inside her mouth.  "Yeah, that's the way to suck it," Dan encouraged her. "You're a real fast learner. Now suck some of the shaft into your mouth. Suck it in deeper."  As Vivian watched, Maris slipped her head farther down, feeling Dan's cock slide into her mouth. She felt his cock bump against the roof of her mouth and she puffed out her cheeks and flared her nostrils in order to breathe.  "How's it feel?" Vivian asked, watching the girl closely. "Do you like giving head and having your mouth filled with cock?"  "Mmmmmm," Maris moaned in response, nodding her head slightly. It felt strange to have her mouth so full of cock meat - but it also was extremely exciting.  Maris took in a deep breath of air and plunged her face down the length of Dan's prickshaft, pausing only when she felt his balls against her chin. Then she looked up to see the man and her friend staring at her with admiration. She could feel Dan's cock head fucking deep into her throat and his balls dangling obscenely against her chin.  "Way to go, Maris," Vivian congratulated her companion. "You swallowed the whole thing. Now you're a full-fledged cock-sucker, and we can both give him a blow-job he'll never forget."  As Maris slid her lips back up the long rigid shaft of the photographer's prick, Vivian joined her by licking the sensitive underside of his massive fucker.  "Oooooh, incredible!" Dan gasped as he began humping his hips off the floor and fucking into whichever mouth happened to be over the end of his cock at the time. "Fuck! Oh, suck it good, girls. Swallow every inch of it!"  Driving his prick with more force, Dan reached down and cupped a ripe tit in each hand. His cock was sliding easily in and out of their mouths now, and he pinched and fondled their firm young tits, making their nipples stick out hard and stiff.  "Mmmmmm," Vivian groaned as she and Maris took turns lapping up at the juice that was oozing from the tip of the man's tremendous prick.  Maris lost track of how long she and her companion sucked Dan's cock. But it seemed like they'd been doing it for a long time when she suddenly felt the base of his prick flex and swell dramatically. She had a pretty good idea it meant he was going to cum, and she wondered what it would taste like when his cum load blasted into her mouth. She could hardly wait to find out.  "I'm gonna shoot off any second, girls! Do you want to taste a mouthful of hot cum, huh? Are you ready to eat my cream, Maris?"  The two cock-sucking girls brought him ever closer to his climax. He looked down at the girl, sucking at his prick, and the lustful looks in their eyes told him they were ready for anything he had to offer.  "I'm gonna squirt in your mouths any second!"  Maris had almost all of Dan's prick in her mouth when she felt his cockshaft jerk violently. An instant later she felt a wet gushing sensation in her mouth as a huge wad of hot greasy jism exploded from his cockhead. Cum filled her mouth, clogging it completely and burying her tongue beneath a coat of heavy steaming spunk. She swallowed instinctively to keep from gagging, choking down great wads of the sticky cum. When her mouth was suddenly filled again, she pulled her mouth off his cock and let Vivian plunge her experienced mouth over the cum-spurting prick.  "Mmmmmmm," Vivian gurgled as a huge silver geyser of cum blasted into her mouth and oozed thickly down her throat.  Another blast of jizz shot from Dan's cock, hitting the roof of her mouth and splattering between her cheeks and gums. She swallowed as quickly as possible, but as soon as she cleared her mouth it was again filled with hot creamy jism. Soon cum was dribbling from the corners of her mouth and running down her dainty chin in sticky strands.  "Eat it, girls! Eat all of my load," Dan gasped, humping his hips upwards and blasting out another thick wad of cum.  His prick was just barely wedged between Maris' lips and as much cum squirted into her mouth as splattered over her lips and onto her upper lip. Cum dripped thickly over her mouth and dangled from her chin in long syrupy strands that broke and fell onto her heaving tits.  Just as Maris drew away to let Vivian have the man's cock again, Dan shot off another burst of cum that splattered over the bridge of her nose and dripped down her cheeks. She gasped at the unexpected sensation and watched as Vivian grabbed the throbbing cockshaft and purposely aimed it at her face just in time to catch an exceptionally heavy wad of cum just below her left eye. Seeing her friend enjoying this cum bath spurred on the inexperienced youngster and she pulled Dan's cock back, letting the last of his jism splash onto her face and outstretched tongue.  Maris was amazed at how much cum Dan's cock squirted out. It seemed he came for hours as she continued gasping for air and swallowing his cum. Finally, she felt Dan's prick convulse one final time, sending a thick trail of cum slithering over her tongue. When he puffed back, a long strand of jism drooled from her lips and down her neck, connecting her face to his prickhead lewdly.  The girls' mouths were covered with sticky cum and their lips shone brightly. Their tongues were buried under the heavy white cum, and the salty jism squished between their cheeks and gums, occasionally leaking from their lips and making the teenagers look like wanton whores.  Staring down at the two girls, Dan smiled to let them know they'd done a good job of sucking his cock. Then he watched as Vivian taught her friend one final thing. She licked the man's prick clean and then wiped the stray drops of cum from her mouth with her fingertip and licked them clean, too.  "That was great," Maris said as the girls dressed and prepared to leave. "Now that I'm not a virgin anymore, I want to fuck and suck all the time. When can we do this again?"  "Anytime you want to," Dan answered, giving her pert tits a friendly squeeze. "You two just come over whenever you want for all the fucking you can stand."   A few weeks later, Vivian lay on her bed counting a large stack of dollar bills and checks. Some of the money was her share for selling the most glass ornaments at school, but the majority of it was her payment for pictures of her that Dan had managed to sell. For a while now, the young photographer had been using Vivian and Maris as models for various projects. And his clients had liked them so much they'd commissioned him to do a whole series with the two girls.  Vivian's only problem was that she was afraid to tell her mother just how much money she was making. She'd told her mother she was modeling occasionally to justify her constantly being at Dan's studio-but the teenager feared her mother would figure out what else was going on if she told her how much money she was earning.  As she lay on the bed, the pretty girl's thoughts wandered to the last photo session she and Maris had done for Dan. It was the first time she'd ever had an intimate relationship with another girl, but it hadn't been revolting like she had thought it would be when Dan first mentioned it. In fact, after a few minutes, the two girls had really warmed up to each other and given Dan some incredibly sexy shots.  Thinking of how they'd eaten each other made Vivian's mind reel and she felt her young pussy juicing up between her legs . The more she thought about it, the hornier she got. Squeezing her soft thighs together, the youngster began to wonder how she could get herself laid. Dan was away on business, and she didn't really want to make it with Maris. She needed a hard cock, but she couldn't think of one that was immediately available.  Groaning with frustration, Vivian tried to get her mind off the subject of fucking by thinking of her mother, who was still looking for a decent job. She felt sorry for her and wished she could help her out, but those thoughts soon faded as the need in her pussy grew stronger.  Resigning herself to the fact that she'd just have to masturbate if she wanted any gratification, Vivian slid her hand down her flat stomach to her silken-haired pussy. She slipped her fingers under the waistband of her panties and through the furry patch of hair covering her thick cuntlips. Tiny droplets of pussy dew were already covering her fuck-slit, and the youngster moaned softly as she spread the lubricating juices along the length of her hot young pussy gash. Pulling her legs up a bit, Vivian closed her eyes and began fantasizing about Dan fucking his huge prick into her cunt as she slowly rubbed the damp area of her juicy pussy.  Vivian's brother Rusty was a year younger than his pretty sister and a very handsome young man. He was tall with a muscular body, wavy blond hair and stroking blue eyes. He was rarely at home, spending most of his time with the school's athletic teams or with various girls who practically stood in line to date him.  Rusty had been searching for his mother's address book, but when he couldn't find it he ran upstairs to ask his sister where it might be. Bursting into her room without knocking, the youngster saw his older sister lying on her bed surrounded by piles of money and checks. He was so astonished by this that he didn't even notice that she had her hands in the crotch of her panties and was wildly finger-fucking herself.  "Why the fuck don't you knock?" Vivian yelled at him, jerking her hands from her panties and hoping Rusty hadn't seen what she was doing. "Don't you have any damn manners?"  "Where'd you get all the money?" the youth asked, ignoring his sister's questions and crossing closer to the bed. "Have you been out walking the streets or something?"  "None of your fucking business!" the girl retorted, glaring at her brother. "What do you want, anyway?"  "I want to know where you got all the bucks," Rusty insisted, fingering some of the bills carelessly. "If you don't tell me, I'll tell Mom, and then you'll be in real trouble because she'll probably think you stole it."  The teenaged girl realized her brother was right, but she was afraid to tell him the truth. On the verge of tears, she hesitated and then told her brother about how'd she'd met Dan and what she and Maris had been doing to make money for the past several weeks. When she was through, she pressed her soft body against his muscular one and begged the boy not to tell their mother.  For the first time Rusty really looked at his older sister and noticed just how good looking she was. The way she was sitting, her ample tits pressed gently against his arm and he could feel the stiff buds of her nipples burning into him. The youth guessed that the girl wasn't wearing a bra beneath her baggy top. He felt his prick twitch in his jeans as he looked down and saw Vivian's cleavage.  "I'll tell you what," Rusty said, putting his arms lovingly around his older sister's shoulders and pulling her closer. "If you model for me like you did for Dan, I promise not to tell Mom about the money. Okay?"  "No way!" the girl responded, desperately trying to pull away. "I'm not gonna get naked for you. You're my brother!"  "Then I guess I'll just have to tell Mom, huh?" Rusty said slyly. He got up from the bed and looked down at his sister, seeing the upper curves of her tits bulging out of her top. "Do you want me to do that?"  "Oh, okay," Vivian mumbled finally, realizing she had no choice.  Getting up, she turned her back to the boy, unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor. Then she pulled down her shorts but kept on her panties, hoping Rusty would be satisfied with this display.  "Turn around, Sis. I want to see your boobs," the youth said, lying back on the bed. "I want to see everything. Take off your underwear too, so I can get a good look at your twat."  As the embarrassed girl took off her panties, she suddenly felt like she was doing a show for her brother. Instead of feeling humiliation, she now felt like she wanted to entertain him.  Looking over her shoulder at Rusty coyly, Vivian bent over seductively and spread her legs wide apart so he could get a good view of her hairy pussy as she stepped out of her underwear. She heard him groan behind her, and she wiggled her ass just a bit to tease him.  "God, you've got a nice ass!" Rusty exclaimed.  When she turned to let him see her fantastic tits, he almost fainted. His sister had the kind of tits he'd only read about in dirty books. They were big and firm with huge pink nipples that were hard and crinkly, sticking out over a half inch from her areolae. Her waist was narrow and her hips just the right size for her lovely body.  "Like what you see?" Vivian asked seductively, eyeing her brother's crotch as she swayed closer to the bed.  She bent over the bed so her tits dangled above the boy's chest and softly fondled the cock bulge in his pants. Squeezing his prick firmly, she felt it jerk in response.  "I don't know if you should do that," Rusty mumbled as his stacked sister played with his crotch. "You're turning me on something fierce, and if you don't stop I won't be responsible for what I might do to you."  "Hmmmmm, sounds interesting," Vivian answered, unzipping Rusty's pants and pulling them down around his ankles. "Let's see if you have the balls to back up your threat."  When Vivian yanked off the boy's underwear, his prick sprang free and the girl gasped at the size of it. His hardon stood straight up from his curly crotch hairs like a steel rod, as big around as a salami and over eight inches long.  "Jesus Christ!" she exclaimed, unable to take her eyes off Rusty's huge slab of prick meat. "Now I know why all the girls at school want to go out with you. That's the biggest cock I've ever seen!"  "Why don't we put it to some use," the boy said, suddenly overcome with passion and lust for his sister.  He'd always been taught that this wasn't right, but as he stared at Vivian's gorgeous body, he knew that he had to fuck her and feel her soft pussy lips wrapped around his throbbing cock.  An instant later the two teenagers had scrambled onto the bed and were locked in a frenzied embrace as they kissed passionately for the first time. With their hands they explored every delicious inch of their young bodies until they were both so turned on they could hardly stand it.  Rusty rolled his sister onto her back lovingly and quickly crawled up between her wide-open thighs. He looked at her beautiful face and wondered if he would ever want to go out with another girl after having fucked the best-built and prettiest girl he'd ever seen.  Gripping his cock in his hand, Rusty guided it between the warm slippery lips of Vivian's pussy and heard her sigh with pleasure as he nudged the thick, swollen nine-inch cock into her cunt.  "Oh, yes... yes!" Vivian moaned, feeling her brother's rigid prick sinking into her hot cunt.  As his cock fucked into her for the first time, she somehow could tell that she was going to be fucked like she'd never been fucked before.  "Ahhh, yes! Stick it into me, little brother!" Vivian grunted, grabbing the youth's asscheeks and pushing to get more of his prick into her overheated pussy. "Fuck your cock into me. Stick it all the way into my hot pussy!"  When he felt his balls brush against his sister's soft pussy slit, Rusty levered himself up on his hands and began fucking into her with long even strokes. Each time he withdrew his cock, it was coated with her creamy fuck-juices and he could see her moist pussy lips clinging desperately to his hardon.  Smiling at his older sister, the boy pulled back until only the tip of his massive fucker was embedded in her cunt and then plunged forward again, ramming all of his cock deep into her cunt. As he resumed fucking her, their bellies slapped together loudly, filling the room with the obscene sounds of their incestuous fucking.  "Oh, shit, you fuck so good!" Vivian moaned, reaching down and toying with Rusty's hairy balls.  Her breath was coming in short gasps as the wonderful sensations between her legs intensified and her brother's cock fucked relentlessly in and out of her dripping pussy.  Rusty had never fucked a pussy as tight, as his sister's, and he increased the tempo of his fuck strokes until his ass was just a blur. Beneath him, his pretty older sister fucked her hips up at him wildly.  "God, you're a great lay!" Rusty grunted, fucking his cock in and out of his sister's clutching pussy. He fucked into her fiercely as he felt the horny girl respond to him by thrusting her loins up at him with reckless abandon. "I can't believe it! The best fuck I've ever had is my own sister."  "Unnhhh, uunnhhhhh!" Vivian panted, arching her ass high off the bed to get more of Rusty's thick prick in her hungry cunt.  Trying to prolong this fantastic fuck, Rusty pulled his cock back until it was completely out of Vivian's wet cunt hole. He squirmed his hips around, letting the tip of his cock graze her clit and the sensitive lips of her pussy. He heard her squeal with lust and beg him to fuck her, but still he continued teasing her until the girl was almost beside herself with fuck-lust.  "Please stop teasing me like that," Vivian whined, humping her ass off the bed in an effort to get Rusty to fuck her deep. "Slam your dick into me, baby! You're driving me crazy. Please, fuck me completely! Fuck me completely!"  Trembling with excitement, the youth started fucking his cock back into the girl's hot pussy with unbridled passion, driving the stiff joint of his cock into her until his balls banged against her crotch with each vicious thrust. Every part of his young body tingled with lust and he desperately wanted to shoot his cum load, but he concentrated on giving his sister the fuck of a lifetime, not wanting to cream before she did.  "Mmmmmm... so good... so fucking good," Vivian moaned softly, locking her legs around Rusty's hard-driving hips. She kicked his ass with her heels to spur him on. "Fuck me hard, Rusty! I love it so much. Don't ever stop fucking me."  Hearing Vivian begging for his cock turned the youngster on even more and he plunged his prick into her still harder and deeper. With each thrust, he fucked his cock lance as deeply into her molten cunt as he possibly could. He could feel her delicious pussy flesh squeezing and milking his boner as his heavy balls slapped lewdly against her sweet young asscheeks.  Vivian's ass bounced wildly on the bed now, and the pretty young girl moaned loudly as she was filled with insatiable desire. Her thighs pressed against her brother's and her big tits were smashed beneath his broad muscular chest. She felt him quicken the pace of his fucking and squirmed her ass more furiously as she felt her orgasm approaching.  "Harder, faster!" she chanted wildly, humping her juicy pussy up for the boy's prick. "I can feel it. I'm gonna cum."  Vivian bucked beneath her brother like an animal impaled on a skewer. She grabbed him around the neck and held on for dear life as she felt herself being overcome by a gut-wrenching orgasm.  "Ohhhhh, God... shit! I'm cumming, baby! Fuck the piss outta me! Ahhhhh! Unngghhhhh!"  Pounding into Vivian with all his might, Rusty felt his own climax building up deep in his balls. He fucked his cock into his sister several more times and then gasped as his load of molten cum exploded into the girl's sopping cunt. A huge geyser of cum blasted from his prickhead and splashed wetly into the depths of Vivian's pussy, driving the girl out of her mind with pleasure.  "Oh, you're cumming!" the excited girl screamed as she felt her brother's jism gushing into her thirsty cunt. "I can feel it. You're filling my pussy with hot spunk."  Rusty's prick shot off again and again, filling Vivian's cunt with steaming cum. Cum poured out of his piss-slit, turning her pussy into a sticky mess and clinging to the shaft of his cock as he fucked it in and out of her pussy.  "Yes, baby, yes! Keep squirting into me!" Vivian wailed as Rusty's cum continued gushing into her. "Squirt me good! Fill me with your stuff. I want every drop... all the way up my fucking pussy!"  Holding onto his sister tightly, Rusty continued shooting his sticky cum load into her as their mouths met in a passionate kiss. They clung to each other desperately as Rusty fired off jet after jet of hot jism into Vivian's drooling pussy.  Finally, the boy's cock shot out the last of his cum, and Vivian whimpered and groaned happily as she used her strong cuntal muscles to milk out the last drops of his stringy cum load. As they both watched, Rusty pushed himself up from his sister's heaving chest and his cum-soaked prick slipped softly from the girl's fucked-out cunt. A river of his fuck-juice oozed from her gaping cunt hole and several strands of sticky cum stretched from Vivian's open pussy to the shaft of Rusty's limp cock.  "I loved it, Rusty! I loved fucking you!" Vivian exclaimed as her brother collapsed next to her on the bed. "What a feeling to have you shooting your cum all the way up my pussy. Oh, God, it was terrific!"  "I loved it too, babe," Rusty answered. "Now I'm gonna want to screw you all the time."  "That's okay with me," the girl giggled. "I love having your hard prick inside me, so you can fuck me anytime you want to."   After their first fuck, Vivian and Rusty fucked each other at every opportunity. Usually they sneaked into each other's room after their mother had gone to bed, to suck and fuck for hours. Sometimes they ditched school and spent all day fucking each other on the huge bed in their mother's room.  It wasn't long before Vivian's girlfriend, Maris, wanted to meet Rusty. She'd heard so much about him and his sexual skills that all she could think about was getting his hard prick into her hot pussy. Now that she'd lost her virginity, the horny teenager spent every possible minute in bed with a variety of virile young men who fucked her until she could hardly walk.  Maris had bothered Vivian so long about meeting Rusty that the girl finally told her brother about her friend and asked if he'd like to meet her. Naturally, he agreed, and a few days later Vivian brought Maris over to their house after school. Her mother had finally gotten a part-time job and wouldn't be home until late, so the three teenagers knew they wouldn't be disturbed.  After she introduced Maris to her brother, Vivian sat around with them while they chatted and got acquainted. When she was convinced they'd hit it off, she excused herself, saying she was going to see Dan that evening. She wished them a nice night and left, anxious to get the photographer's stiff prick into her hot pussy.  As soon as Vivian left the house, Rusty slid closer to Maris on the couch and put his arm around the pretty girl. It didn't bother him at all that she was a year older than he was as he caressed her shoulder. He could smell the sweetness of her perfume and felt her tits press against him as she responded by inching closer and letting her head rest up on his arm.  "What would you like to do, now that we're alone?" he asked, letting his hand drop to the girl's pert tit.  "I like what you're doing now," Maris answered, moving closer so the boy could feel her up more easily. She sighed deeply to encourage him and slid her hand softly up the inside of his leg until she reached the crotch of his pants.  Cupping the bulge of Rusty's cock in her hand, Maris could tell that he had an enormous prick. She squeezed and fondled it, feeling his cock grow inside his pants. She heard him groan in response as he began massaging her tits more forcefully. The eager girl pressed her lips against his and speared her pointed tongue deep into his mouth. As the two kids mashed their mouths together, they grappled with their clothes until they were both completely naked.  Sitting back to gaze at the stacked girl before him, Rusty was amazed at how closely her body resembled that of his sister. Their tits were the same size and equally firm, and they both had slender bodies and beautifully shaped assess. In fact, the only difference he could see was that Maris had very blonde pussy hair, while his sister's pussy hair was a bit darker.  "You've got a great body," Rusty said, tweaking one of the girl's stiff nipples. He slipped his finger into the moist crack of her pussy and flicked it across her clit, feeling her react instinctively. "I think we're gonna have a great time together."  "So do I," Maris moaned as the youngster's hands moved over the naked flesh of her firm, young tits. She'd been fucked several times since losing her virginity to Dan recently, but she'd always had a crush on Rusty. "Oh, that feels so good. Why don't you kiss them and suck them?"  Leaning down, Rusty covered one of Maris' nipples with his lips and began sucking and pulling on the thick bud. He heard the girl squeal with delight and increased the pressure of his mouth on the tip of her tit. At the same time, he grasped her firm tit flesh with both hands and massaged it roughly, as if working her tit milk up to her nipple.  "Oh, shit!" Maris cried as Rusty's slurping mouth sent tingles of pleasure and lust racing through her young body. She felt a pleasing jolt in her pussy and squeezed her thighs together, smearing them with the juices that were leaking from her aroused cunt.  Rusty worked the girl's tits until both nipples were hard and crinkly and a deep-pink color. Then he pulled his face away from her delicious tits and sat back on the couch. Grasping Maris' head gently, he pushed her down into his hairy crotch.  "How about sucking my cock for me now?" he whispered as his stiff cock grazed against the young girl's cheek.  "I'd love to," she answered, wrapping her fingers around the thick prickshaft.  She lowered her head the rest of the way and slipped down farther, taking the entire length of his enormous fucker into her hot mouth and teasing it with her wet, tongue. She worked the muscles of her mouth expertly, making the boy's prick swell in her mouth until she thought she would choke on it.  Pulling back, Maris began running her tongue up and down the stiff cockshaft. She felt it jerking and throbbing in her hands as she teased her pointy tongue all around the sensitive head of the boy's prick. When she poked the tip of her tongue into Rusty's tiny piss-slit, she heard him groan with delight. Finally, the girl lowered her head again, sensuously closing her lips over his hard prick while she grasped his bloated balls with her hand. She stroked his balls with one hand and jacked his thick boner with the other one while her soft lips slithered hotly up and down over his twitching cockshaft.  "Unnhhhh! You're a fantastic cock-sucker!" Rusty gasped, clutching Maris' head and entwining his fingers in her shiny blonde hair. The softness of her hot little tongue on his throbbing, cock was driving him out of his mind. "You're gonna make me shoot my load!"  "Mmmmmm," the pretty teenager murmured in response, increasing the tempo and pressure of her blow-job.  She sucked Rusty's prick deeper into her mouth, until she could feel his swollen prickhead nudging against the back of her throat. She flared her nostrils, sucking deeply on the hard shaft of the youngster's prick.  Rusty humped his hips upwards, fucking his massive prick deeply into the young girl's mouth. He felt her cute tongue darting around his cock deliciously as it slipped in and out of her ovaled lips.  Half crazy with lust, the boy, pushed her head deeper into his crotch, thrilling at the sensations he felt each time the tip of his cockhead slammed against the back of the girl's throat. Just a bit longer, and he was going to blast his load of hot cum deep into her mouth and down her throat.  "Get ready, I'm almost there," he warned her. "I'm gonna squirt jizz in your mouth!"  Thrilled by the prospect of eating Rusty's load of tasty cum, Maris sucked harder and faster on his prick. Spit was running from the corners of her mouth and her excitement showed in her eyes as she anxiously sucked her lover towards his climax. Suddenly she felt the boy's prick swell dramatically in her mouth and a second later she trembled with pleasure as the first wad of his hot jism gushed into her mouth.  "Unnhhhh, I'm cumming in your mouth!" Rusty cried as his balls exploded and, sent his thick cum firing into Maris' mouth. "Eat it! Suck it all down!"  Maris gasped as her mouth filled with Rusty's steaming cock cream. She hadn't expected her mouth to fill up so quickly and she gulped and swallowed hard, trying her best to not spill any of the teenager's cum load. She stopped bobbing her head and did all the work with her hand, jacking the boy off into her mouth.  Rusty looked down and watched a thick stream of cum drool from the corners of Maris' mouth. Cock cream dangled from her chin in a long syrupy strand before breaking and falling wetly onto her arm.  With Rusty's cockhead just barely between her lips, Maris let the hot jets of cum spray into her mouth and drain down her throat. Without all of his prick in her mouth, she was able to swallow more easily and keep up with the tremendous flow of cum. Each time she swallowed, her mouth was immediately filled with another flood of hot jizz.  "God, suck, baby, suck!" Rusty grunted, punching his prick into the girl's mouth. "Suck me off good!"  Rusty's cock twitched a few more times and then he was through creaming. Maris pumped his cock some more, pumping out the last drops of the sticky cum cream that fell heavily onto her outstretched tongue. Some of it dripped onto her chin and coated her lips, making them shine enticingly in the dim light. Then, slowly, her fist eased up and she jerked his cock more slowly, savoring the warm greasy cum as it slid down her throat.  Lifting her pretty head, Maris smiled at Rusty, a pool of cum covering her pink tongue. She swilled it about in her mouth, letting some of it drip obscenely down her chin.  "Shit, you look like a horny little slut in a porno movie," Rusty commented as he watched the girl play with his cum. He watched her smile and more of his cum spilled from her mouth. By now her entire chin was covered with a thin sheen of his sticky jism. "Just looking at you is making me hot enough to fuck your brains out."  "Hmmmmm," the girl groaned slyly, finally swallowing the remainder of the boy's cum. She wiped his jism from her face and chin with the back of her hand and licked it clean. "That was the whole idea, lover. I wanted you to get hot again so you'd want to fuck me. How about it? Do you feel up to it yet?"  "Of course," Rusty answered quickly, leaning over to probe his finger into Maris' slippery pussy.  "Oh, Rusty, you've got such an incredible dick," Maris mumbled as she spread out beneath him and felt his hard cockshaft throbbing against her thigh. "Stick it into me!"  As Rusty clutched his hardon in his hand and aimed it at Maris' dripping pussy, the girl spread her legs wide and arched her loins up to receive his thick cock. She moaned loudly as she felt his prick slip between her oozing cuntlips for the first time, and she wrapped her arms lovingly around his neck.  "Ohhhhh, Rusty! Your prick feels so good inside me," she purred, as inch after inch of hard cock meat filled her pussy hole. "Fill me with it. I want every inch of you inside me."  Clinging to Rusty longingly, Maris felt his prick fucking deeper and deeper into the hotness of her horny cunt. His hard prick was rubbing deliciously against the walls of her pussy as she clamped her tight cunt muscles around the thick prickshaft. When she felt the bloated end of his cock knob thump against the back of her cunt, Maris gasped and locked her legs tightly around the boy's waist.  "You've got the tightest pussy I've ever fucked," Rusty hissed as he began fucking the beautiful teenager.  He could feel her writhing delightfully beneath him as his rock-hard prick plunged in and out of her overheated sucking cunt. Each thrust of his huge prick was driving her out of her mind and drilling her sweet young ass deeper into the cushions of the couch.  "Yes, baby, yes!" squealed the horny girl as Rusty's prick pumped into her. "Fuck me deep and hard! I love it so much!"  Rusty grasped Maris firmly in his arms and rolled both of them over until he was on his back and the pretty blonde was straddling him, her sweet young cunt fucking wildly up and down along his cum-slicked cock.  "Ohhhh, I haven't ever fucked like this before!" she cried as her well-oiled pussy slipped smoothly along the boy's rigid cock. "I like it. I can feel your dick all the way up my pussy. It's so big and hard!"  Lowering herself all the way down, Maris felt Rusty's cockhead throbbing deep in her belly. The young girl felt as though her entire body was stuffed with cock as she rotated her hips around, grinding her pussy on the youth's deeply embedded prick.  Smiling down at Rusty, Maris watched as he reached up and grasped her firm tits in his hands and began squeezing them roughly. She continued grinding her hot little cunt on the root of his fucker as his strong fingers kneaded and massaged the ripe flesh of her huge tits.  Leaning over so her tits dangled enticingly over Rusty's chest, the hot girl began an up-and down motion with her pussy, letting her clit rub wonderfully against the length of Rusty's big stiff cock. Her loins shivered with pleasure as Rusty's big cock fucked up into the slippery hole of her pussy.  "Oh, Rusty, I could fuck with you every day!" Maris wailed, speeding up her fuck-motions. "I want to be filled with your hard dick all the time."  Looking down at his crotch, Rusty could see his cum-streaked cock gliding wetly in and out of the girl's pussy. His prick was glistening with her sticky fuck-juices and drops of the girl's cum were dripping from her cuntlips and soaking into her blonde crotch hair.  "You sure are a good lay," Rusty grunted up at her as he held onto her hips. "Just keep riding my prick like that, and I'm gonna shoot your little pussy full of cum."  Her tight pussy was grasping desperately at Rusty's fuck-rod as she moved her cunt smoothly up and down its enormous length. She felt the boy's hips thrust upwards and her young body thrilled wildly as she slammed her cunt downwards to match his hard fuck- thrusts. Each time, she felt as though his cock would blast into her belly and tear her apart.  "Do you like it?" Rusty panted, squirming his cock around inside Maris' dripping pussy.  "Oh, yes, I love it," she sobbed back at him, "just don't tease me. Fuck your prick up me all the way to my brains!"  "Don't worry, I will," the boy grunted, smiling.  He held onto the girl's waist and fucked his cock fiercely into her cunt, hearing her shriek with pleasure as he began bouncing her up and down on his stiff cock like a rag doll.  "Yes, that's what I want!" Maris screamed as Rusty's big prick pounded up into her. Arching her back, she braced herself on his thighs, her huge tits jutting out enticingly and bobbing hotly. She could feel Rusty's fat cock fucking into her, slamming against her womb, and she was loving every minute of this wild depraved fuck. "That's the way to fuck my pussy, baby! Fuck me to death!"  The young blonde's entire body was being jolted around as Rusty drilled his cock relentlessly in and out of her steaming pussy. She was screaming senselessly and squirming wildly on his prick. Rusty had fucked many girls, but he couldn't remember ever fucking one as hot and horny as Maris.  "Take it, you little bitch!" Rusty yelled, drilling his prick upwards and feeling the girl respond by slamming her pear-shaped ass down onto his loins. She was incredible, fucking back at him with just as much force as he was fucking into her. "Take my prick up your fucking cunt!"  "I'll take everything you've got, lover!" the hot girl gasped, feeling her juices creaming all around his fucking cock shaft.  Her pussy muscles squeezed greedily at his stiff prick. Her pussy was hot and juicy and she could feel herself rushing headlong towards a tremendous orgasm. Unable to control himself any longer, Rusty pounded his cock into the squirming girl with all the force he could muster. His long upward strokes almost knocked her off him as he fucked his long stiff prick up into her madly spasming cunt.  "Mmmmmm, Rusty!" Maris squealed with lust, her hot cunt juicing madly around his cockshaft. She writhed her pussy down on him and felt him squeeze her asscheeks and probing at her shitter with a thick finger. "That's it, baby! Fuck the living hell out of me!"  Maris was being bounced all around on the couch now. Her delightfully heavy tits were bouncing and jiggling wildly as her juicy pussy rode up and down on the boy's throbbing cock. She humped at him faster and felt him pick up the tempo of his upward fuck-thrusts, slamming his cock into her juicy cunt hole furiously.  "Harder, Rusty, harder!" the girl cried. "I'm about to cream! Fuck me hard, you fucking bastard!"  Maris' nipples burned with desire and her cunt felt like it was on fire as she rode Rusty's hard cock through the most explosive orgasm she'd ever experienced.  "Ooooooh, God... I'm cumming!" she yelled, writhing her ass down on his cock lance.  She trembled from head to toe and contracted her cunt muscles tightly around Rusty's plunging prick as her climax consumed her. The pleasure in her pussy intensified when she suddenly felt the boy's hot cum pumping into her madly creaming cunt.  "Oh, yes! Fill me with your stuff! Shoot off inside me, baby. I love it... fuck me... fill me with spunk!"  Rusty groaned when his balls erupted, sending a huge geyser of steaming cum jetting up into Maris' clutching pussy. He grabbed her hips and held the squirming girl still on his loins as his cock pumped wad after wad of sticky cum into her hot cunt.  "I love your cum, baby!" Maris cried with delight, her body spasming around on Rusty's cum-spewing prick. "Keep shooting into me. I can feel you stuff all the way inside me, and I want every drop!"  With his body twitching and jerking beneath the big-titted blonde, Rusty continued firing his hot cum load into her wet pussy. Floods of his steaming white cum gushed into her cunt, clogging it with goo and squishing wetly back along the shaft of his hard prick. As Maris' little pussy filled with jism, rivulets of it coated the boy's prick and clung to it in long sticky loops each time she pulled up.  When Rusty's cock finally stopped spurting, Maris collapsed heavily on top of him. She felt his wilting prick slip from her pussy, and an instant later a river of their combined fuck-juices gushed from, her pussy hole. The cool air soothed the girl's aching cunt hole and it twitched involuntarily, as if trying to suck Rusty's cock back into it.   Dan had been thinking about Vivian's hot young body all day, and when she knocked at his door, his cock was so hard he thought it would rip right through his slacks. Letting the young girl in, he gazed at her voluptuous body and kissed her passionately. He felt her braless tits pressing against his chest and when he squeezed her ripe asscheeks through her jeans, he could tell she hadn't bothered to wear any panties, either.  "Boy, you're ready for action, aren't you?" he commented, rubbing her tits. He let his hand wander to her crotch and massaged her pussy through her pants as the girl humped her loins against the palm of his hand.  "You better believe I'm ready," the girl responded, cupping his cock bulge in her hand. "I'm so horny I didn't want to waste time with unnecessary clothes. Besides, you feel like you're pretty ready for action, yourself."  "I sure am," the photographer answered, pinching one of her tits. He pushed the door closed behind them and led the teenager into the room. "But first, I want to take some more pictures of you. I got this terrific idea yesterday to take shots of you playing with yourself. What do you think about that?"  "Sounds good to me," the girl answered. "That'll give us both a chance to get even more turned on before we fuck. We are going to fuck afterwards, aren't we?"  "We're going to fuck and suck until we can't stand up anymore," Dan said, moving into the room to set up his lighting and camera equipment.  While she watched the young man getting ready to take her picture, Vivian undressed. When she was naked, she made herself comfortable on the carpet beneath the bright lights and began running her hands over her voluptuous body. She caressed her huge tits and tweaked the flattened nipples until they responded to her touch by stiffening between her fingertips.  "Don't get too excited yet," Dan warned her as he stopped to watch the young girl slip her fingers through her curly blonde cunt hairs. When she withdrew them, he could see droplets of her dewy pussy juice coating her fingertips. "I want to get the good stuff on film, you know."  "Don't worry, baby," the pretty youngster whispered, looking up at the handsome man. She purposely squeezed her big tits together and pouted her lips sensuously for his benefit. "I could never get too excited."  It didn't take long for Dan to set up his equipment, and when he was through he quickly stripped out of his clothes before taking his place behind his camera. Already his prick was becoming stiff .  "Looks like your prick is pretty anxious, the girl remarked as she saw the man's cock twitch suggestively. "You sure you're gonna be able to concentrate on taking pictures?"  "I don't know, but I'll try," the, man said, beginning to snap shots of Vivian. "I'll make this fast so we'll have plenty of time for other things. Know what I mean?"  Vivian grinned in reply and spread her legs wide to let Dan get a nice shot of her young pink pussy, dripping with fuck-juice. As the girl relaxed, Dan began instructing her to play with herself more. He had her pinch her nipples and squeeze her tits together to make her nipples pop out lewdly. At one point he even had the young girl dip her head and suck her own tits. All the while, his cock grew harder and longer, and slapped against his thighs as he moved.  Vivian was loving the sexual photo session. She'd never toyed with her body this way before, and it thrilled her to watch Dan get turned on by her lustful and erotic antics. Getting into the spirit of things more, she began playing with her pussy, spreading her thick pussy lips wide apart for the camera and occasionally slipping a slender finger into her syrupy pussy.  As Dan began taking pictures at a faster pace, Vivian stuffed her forefingers deep into her molten cunt and began fucking herself, imagining it was his huge cock that was pounding into her pussy hole. Droplets of her fuck-cream clung to her finger and dripped to the floor as she increased the speed of her lustful fingerfucking. As she inserted another finger into her cunt, the girl rubbed the side of her thumb against the hard bud of her clit, feeling shivers of pleasure surge through her crotch and up to her tits. She moaned with lust and closed her eyes, completely forgetting about the photographer madly shooting pictures of her. When she opened her eyes at one point, they were drawn to the tip of Dan's long cock. A long thin strand of precum was hanging from the bloated cockhead and swaying obscenely back and forth as his fleshy prick hung between his legs.  Crawling to him, the sexy youngster opened her mouth and stuck out her pink tongue, letting the stray strand of jism drip onto it. She slurped it up noisily and then sucked the head of the man's prick into her warm wet mouth.  "Mmmmmmmm," Dan moaned as Vivian sucked more of his prick into her mouth. "If you keep that up, I won't be able to finish taking pictures of you."  Vivian didn't care about the pictures anymore. She swallowed more of Dan's cock and began sucking in earnest. Kneeling on the floor, she buried her face in his crotch and let the entire length of his prick slide gracefully into the back of her throat. With her mouth full of stiff cock meat, the girl gurgled deep in her throat, swirling her tongue around the torrid slab of prick between her lips.  "Unnhhhhh, God, you give good head!" Dan groaned, humping his hips forward slightly to drive the remainder of his prick into the girl's mouth.  Looking down, he saw that she had her mouth nestled in his cock hairs and was working her lips furiously around the root of his prick. Aiming his camera downwards, he clicked off several shots of the pretty girl sucking his cock.  When she heard the shutter going off, Vivian opened her eyes and looked up at the camera. Realizing she was being photographed gave her more energy, and she sucked with more vigor. She was now giving a performance and sucked Dan's cock with reckless abandon, wanting to give him something good to take pictures of.  A few moments later, when Dan was out of film, he put the camera aside and pulled Vivian away from his swollen prick. Pushing the girl to the floor, he took her into his arms and kissed her lips and face passionately.  He kissed wetly down her neck to her ripe tits. He sucked and nibbled at the soft flesh and gently nipped her crinkly tit buds before kissing his way down her flat belly to the thick hair of her pussy.  Vivian felt Dan's chin graze against the silky patch of hair between her legs, and she shivered with excitement when his tongue suddenly flicked over the tingling nub of her clit. Whimpering softly, she dug her fingernails into his hair and pushed his face deeper into her pussy as he swirled his tongue around her sensitive clit.  When her clit was completely exposed and erect, Dan left it alone, licking the insides of Vivian's thighs and gently nibbling at the juicy lips of her swollen pussy. He teased her this way until she begged him to eat her pussy harder.  Instead, he lightly flicked his tongue along the pink gash of her cunt and just barely ran it around the damp edges of her pussy, without inserting it.  "Ooooooh, stop teasing me, Dan," Vivian whined, trying to hump her pussy at his mouth. "Please stick your tongue into my pussy. I want you to eat me out."  With her knees drawn back almost to her tits and her thighs spread wide apart, the entire length of Vivian's fuck-slit was shamelessly exposed to the man's teasing tongue. Her pink cunt lips were slippery and wet with the hot juices that leaked from her cuntlips and ran down the crack of her ass to grease her tiny asshole.  Spreading her cuntlips with his thumbs, Dan licked up the length of Vivian's slit, bringing squeals of delight from the willing young girl. He breathed in the rich fragrance of her hot pussy and greedily drank down the clear juices that flowed from her pussy. As he began to rhythmically lap up and down the narrow fuckgash, Dan could feel the pressure mounting in his balls. And he could barely wait to stick his prick into the girl and fuck her. As Dan sucked passionately on her young cunt, Vivian's loins burned with excitement and lust. Every inch of her shapely body tingled as the young man expertly ate her pussy, and a shudder of pleasure rippled through her crotch when she felt him fuck his tongue deep into her drooling pussy.  "Hmmmmmm," Vivian moaned as she felt the softness of Dan's tongue swirling around her clit again. "Oh, baby, that feels so good!"  Vivian rocked her ass back and forth on the floor and humped up at the man's face as she felt his tongue fucking deeper into her pussy.  "I've just gotta fuck you, Vivian," Dan gasped suddenly, pulling his cum-stained face from the young girl's crotch. "I love eating your pussy, but if I don't stick my prick in you now, I'll go out of my mind."  "Yes, fuck me now!" the girl said quickly as Dan got to his knees. "I want you to stick your prick inside me and fuck me and make me cum."  "Get on your hands and knees so I can fuck you from behind," he grunted. "That way I can get more of my prick into you."  "Okay," the girl agreed eagerly, crouching before him obediently. She felt Dan's meaty cock brushing against the satiny cheeks of her ass as he knelt behind her and gently grasped her hips. She wiggled her shapely ass frantically as she felt the young man guide his boner between the swollen lips of her dripping cunt. "Stick it in me, Dan. I'm so ready for you!"  Pushing forward slowly, Dan forced the bloated head of his cock and some of the shaft into the girl's widely stretched cunt opening. He felt her cunt squeezing deliciously around his thick cock.  "Jesus, you're so fucking tight, I can't believe it," he gasped, as he began fucking his cock in and out of her with increasing speed.  The sex-crazed girl was fucking her ass back at, him wildly, rhythmically meeting each of his deep hard cock-plunges.  "Your prick is the biggest and hardest I've ever fucked," she panted as the man's stiff prick fucked wonderfully into her. She rotated her ass in tiny circles and forced his prick to twist and screw around deliciously inside her aroused cunt. "Oooooh, yes, fuck it into me! I can feel your prick all the way up me. It's so good!"  As the blonde's pussy fucked wildly at his driving cock, Dan could feel his jism boiling up in his balls. He grabbed her fleshy ass and pumped his prick more fiercely into the girl's cunt, feeling his swollen balls slap against her hairy pussy slit with each gut-wrenching thrust. Dan pistoned back and forth, fucking his cock viciously into the girl's pussy. He leaned forward and grasped her heavy dangling tits, cupping them in each hand and feeling them sway back and forth in rhythm to his deep fuck- thrusts.  "Unnhhhh, fuck me deep. Stuff your cock all the way up my cunt," Vivian groaned loudly. "I love your big cock up my pussy, filling me."  "How about if I stick my prick up your ass and butt-fuck you for a change? Have you ever had your ass reamed out?" Dan asked suddenly, his eyes widening with the lewd thought.  "Are you serious?" Vivian asked back over her shoulder, as a flash of panic ran through her. Deep inside the idea thrilled her, but she'd never been ass-fucked before and she didn't know what to expect. "Do you really want to fuck my ass?"  "Of course I do," the man answered, holding onto the girl's hips and grinding his cock around inside her cunt. He caressed her waist and ran his hands down to her soft ass, squeezing the twin asscheeks. "I'm sure you'll enjoy it just as much as you do getting pussy-fucked."  Before the girl could say anything else, he pulled his straining cock from her pussy and slid it along the crack of her ass to oil up the tiny entrance to her ass. Then he aimed it at the tightly puckered hole and began pushing forward with slow steady pressure.  At first Vivian's virgin asshole resisted Dan's efforts and she was sure he'd never get his big cock into her tiny asshole. As he pushed with more force, though, she felt her ass ring begin to spread around the thick shaft.  "Ngghhhhh," the girl groaned, pushing back to try and help. She squirmed slightly and suddenly felt her ass widening to accommodate the young man's huge cock. "I think it's going in, Dan."  Slowly but surely, Vivian's asshole stretched and inch after inch of Dan's colossal cock began to disappear into her ass. Moments later his crotch hair brushed against the round cheeks of her ass and all of his fucker was buried in her ass.  "Ohhhhhh," she gasped. "It's all in me!"  "Good, that's the way it should be," Dan whispered. Then he began fucking his cock deep into her ass with long even strokes. He gasped as he fucked into her cum-greased asshole, relishing the tightness of her tiny shitter. "Do you like it? Do you like having your ass reamed out by my prick?"  "I love it!" Vivian grunted, arching her ass higher in the air and bracing her head on her forearms on the floor. "Your prick is so big, and it's filling my ass completely."  Reaching around, Dan grappled for one of her big tits again and squeezed it and flicked the stiff nipple, making her squeal with pleasure. He fucked the girl steadily, loving the feeling of her tight ass gripping his hard cockshaft. He loved the feel of her heavy tit dangling against the palm of his hand and the way his heavy jism-packed balls slapped against her open cunt with each thrust.  As he increased the speed of his fucking, Dan felt his cum surging in his balls again and knew it wouldn't be long before he shot his load. He quickened the pace of his ass-fucking, at the same time rubbing his fingertips over the drooling opening of Vivian's youthful pussy in an effort to make her cream with him.  Vivian felt Dan's cock swelling to enormous proportions inside her and realized he was about to shoot his cum load into her ass. The thought of having her ass filled with his hot cum thrilled her, and she fucked back harder at him. The pressure of his fingers on her exposed pussy added to her pleasure, and she knew she was going to cum soon, too.  "Oh, Dan, baby! Fuck me!" she wailed, throwing her pretty head from side to side. She was overcome with lust and pleasure now as the man's prick pumped rhythmically in and out of her distended asshole. "Ream me out. Shove your big fucking dick up my ass and make us both cum. I want to feel all your cream up my ass."  Hearing the young girl asking for his cum load up her ass drove Dan out of his mind with lust and he fucked his prick into her with every ounce of strength he had. He heard her grunting before him and he groaned loudly as he lunged into her. His ass pumped back and forth as he fucked his throbbing prick deep into Vivian's ass.  "Oh, fuck... fuck me deep!" Vivian chanted. She was so completely stuffed with cock she felt as though she were being split in half. Her mind reeled and her pussy began spasming wetly as she felt her orgasm creep up through her crotch and race through her cunt and ass. "Fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck!"  Vivian felt Dan's cockhead twitch inside her and then she shivered as a sizzling wad of cum exploded into her asshole.  The teenager screamed with pleasure as she felt the man's cum exploding wetly into her ass guts. He pumped into her and she fucked back at him wildly as he rammed his cum-spurting prick into her to the hilt.  "Arrrggghhhhh! I'm coming!" Dan groaned, firing off another jet of cum. He pumped his cock fiercely into the girl's ravaged shitter, letting wad after wad of his molten cum splash into her bowels. "I'm fucking shooting up your ass! Oh, God... take it girl! Take it all up your butt!"  The globs of jism clogged the girl's ass and clung to the shaft of Dan's cock each time he withdrew it from her. The more he fucked into her ass, the more cum he deposited inside her, and the louder the squishing sounds his cock made as it fucked in and out of the girl's asshole.  Dan spurted another wad of greasy cum into Vivian's shit chute as his cum began oozing from her asshole, around the shaft of his prick. It slithered thickly down over her open hairy pussy, matted the blonde cunt hairs and glued them together in an oily sheen.  "Up your ass, baby. All the way up your ass," Dan moaned as he shot off again.  Vivian squirmed and moaned as she convulsed through an endless climax and Dan filled her ass with his cum. It seemed that the big man would never stop cumming, and she could feel his jism drooling out, of her ass and down her, thighs. Finally, though, she felt his prick stop spurting and eventually Dan pulled his cock out of her asshole. It slipped out with a loud wet pop, allowing huge amounts of fuck-slime to flow from the girl's fucked-out asshole.  "Ohhhhhh, that was good, babe!" Vivian whimpered, sinking gratefully to the floor as Dan's warm cum continued to leak from her ass. "Your dick was so huge and felt so good in my butt. I absolutely loved getting ass-fucked! I'm going to tell Maris about it, because I know she'll want you to do it to her, too."  Dan was too exhausted to speak, so he just cupped her tit lovingly and gave it a gentle squeeze. Then he rolled onto his back, gasping for breath. Next to him, the eighteen-year-old girl relished her first ass-fuck as thick cum drooled hotly from her gasping asshole.   Within a few weeks of meeting Dan, Vivian and Maris had become his favorite models and he used them for all of his important photo projects. With their stylish good looks and their terrific bodies, they were perfect for modeling everything from lingerie to evening gowns. As Dan's business picked up, so did their modeling jobs, until they were making more money than they knew what to do with.  When Vivian introduced her younger brother to Dan, the photographer quickly seized the opportunity to use the youth as a model, too. Soon the boy was in as much demand as the two girls.  The only thing that bothered the two kids was that their mother still didn't have a decent job, while they were practically rolling in money. They feared telling her what they were doing because she might make them quit, which would put a big crimp in their sex lives. The two were fucking each other regularly, and all their modeling jobs were putting them in contact with lots of other hot cocks and pussies.  As Vivian fucked and sucked with more and more experienced men, she found that despite all her sexual knowledge, she still had a lot to learn. Each time she thought she knew everything about sex, she'd find someone who would teach her something completely new. She'd given up trying to figure out what else there was to learn and was accepting each new sexual experience as a new and different challenge.  One day, while she was doing her homework, Vivian's mind wandered to sex - as it usually did several times a day. As she tried to think of a new way to satisfy the growing burning sensation between her legs, she realized there was something she desperately wanted to do but had never had the opportunity to try. The pretty girl had been fucked in the cunt, ass and mouth.  She'd eaten loads of hot male cum and had had jism squirted all over her body, face, ass and tits. She'd made love to both men and women but she'd never had sex with more than one person at a time.  Now, as she pressed her thighs together and felt the juices of her pussy welling up, the big-titted teenager decided it was time to take on two men at the same time. After thinking over the possibilities, she decided her brother and Dan were the most likely candidates to initiate her.  When she told Rusty about it, the youth immediately agreed, saying he'd always wanted to do that, himself. He figured Dan would also jump at the chance and that it might even lead to a terrific photo session.  Several days later, the two teenagers went to Dan's studio to shoot a series of pictures for a fashion magazine. The session didn't take long and when they were through, Vivian suggested Dan take some pictures of her and her brother fooling around together.  Eager to oblige them, Dan quickly reloaded his camera while the youngsters stripped off their clothing. Then, as Dan moved patiently around the studio photographing them, the young lovers fondled and caressed each other while they kissed passionately.  A delicious warmth surged through Vivian's young body as her hands rubbed her brother's body and her fingers encircled his stiff prick. Her brother was humping his loins up at her fist gently, urging her to jack his cock off as he toyed with the stiff buds of her nipples. Her entire body trembled with growing lust as her wet tongue wormed around inside Rusty's mouth and her fingernails lightly raked across his naked back.  "Oh, Rusty, you've got me so turned on I can't stand it," the pretty girl said. "Let's start fucking! I want to squeeze every drop of jism out of your prick with my hot little pussy."  "Not until I suck your tits," her brother told her, reaching out and brushing his fingers over hardened nipples.  "Okay," the youngster moaned, throwing her head back and arching her back so her tits jutted out. "Lick them and suck them good!"  Dan moved closer and got a great shot of Rusty with his mouth mashed over his sister's fat tit. He took several more as the youth pulled his lips back and stretched the girl's tit until her nipples slipped noisily from his mouth.  "Oh, suck harder, baby!" Vivian squealed when Rusty momentarily eased up the pressure on her tit.  As Rusty continued sucking Vivian's pert tits, the horny girl grasped his stiff cock rod in her hand and began stroking it firmly up and down. Then, lowering her hand a bit, she rolled his big balls in the palm of her hand and cupped them to feel their weight.  Nearby, Dan was going crazy as he watched the youngsters writhing on the floor in sexual bliss. His cock was aching and straining in his slacks, and it took all his willpower for him not to rip off his clothes and join them on the floor. He knew there was plenty of time for that, but right now he wanted to get some more pictures of the two kids fucking.  "God, I want your dick now, Rusty!" Vivian hissed, rolling her brother off her and onto his back. "I can't wait any longer. I've gotta be fucked before I go crazy!"  Crawling over his body, Vivian straddled his loins until her juicy pussy hovered just above Rusty's stiff cockshaft. Grasping the base of his prick, the young girl aimed it at the dripping opening of her cunt and slowly began lowering herself onto the rigid cockshaft. Her ass shivered as her slippery pussy lips spread out over the bloated prickhead.  When she had the boy's cock firmly wedged in her juicy cunt, Vivian suddenly lowered her hips, letting Rusty's throbbing cock plunge up into the creamy depths of her hot cunt.  "Ahhhh!" she cried as stabs of pleasure tore through her crotch.  "Unngghhh, shit!" her brother grunted as he felt his sister's juicy cunt muscles squeezing tightly around the base of his prick. "You're so fucking tight."  Vivian trembled with lust as her brother's throbbing cock wormed around deep in her fuck-chute and she humped her hips back and forth making the steely cockshaft graze against the delicate nub of her clit. She rotated her ass around on his prick and whimpered happily as she began raising and lowering herself on Rusty's fuck-tool.  "Ooooh, this feels so good!" she moaned as the youth's stiff prick rubbed against the walls of her hot pussy. She felt Rusty grasp her hips for support as she fucked easily up and down on his cum-covered prick. "You're filling me up so good."  Dan was nearly out of his mind as he took pictures of the youngster fucking his cock up into his sister's pussy. He heard the kids groaning loudly as they bounced and fucked in unison on the floor. He didn't think he'd ever been so horny in his life as he watched Rusty's big cock being swallowed by Vivian's greedy cunt hole.  "You getting some good pictures, Dan?" Vivian asked the young photographer as she bounced happily up and down on her brother's fat cock.  "You better believe it!" the man answered, getting in close for a shot of Vivian's cuntlips stretched tightly around the base of Rusty's fuckpole. "I just don't know how much longer I can stand this. The more I watch you two, the hornier I get."  "Well, when you're good and horny, why don't you join us?" she suggested, leaning back and bracing her hands on Rusty's muscular thighs. Her tits were arched up high in the air.  Dan ran out of film and for a moment considered reloading his camera to take more photos. Instead, he put down the camera and decided it was time to indulge himself. His cock and balls ached, and he knew he had to fuck Vivian right away.  "My turn now," he announced as he quickly took off his clothes.  When he was naked too, he crossed to where the kids were still fucking madly. Vivian was riding her brother's cock, slamming her ass down onto his loins hard now, while Rusty held onto his sister's hips to keep her from falling off.  "Oh, I'm gonna love this!" Vivian cried, looking at Dan's stiff cock sticking straight out from his crotch. She grabbed his meaty prick in her hand and jacked him off fiercely as she continued to fuck up and down on her brother's prick. "I've got two handsome men to fuck me today!"  Letting go of Dan's prick, Vivian pulled her cunt up from Rusty's cock, letting it flop wetly against his belly. A stream of pussy juice oozed from her gaping pussy as she scrambled onto her hands and knees in front of Dan and grabbed for his prick again.  "Fuck me doggie-style!" she called back over her shoulder to her brother. She wriggled her ass as an invitation and watched eagerly as the boy moved up behind her. "Stick your prick up my pussy from behind. That way, I can suck off Dan at the same time."  Trembling with lust and excitement, Rusty grasped his sister's hips and quickly guided his throbbing prick between the folds of her juicy pussy. He pushed forward and felt his cock fuck deeper into the girl's steaming cunt.  "Oh, that's it! Now fuck the shit out of me," Vivian demanded as her brother drilled his fucker in and out of her cunt.  She humped her ass back at him frantically and placed her mouth over Dan's torrid prick to begin sucking him furiously.  "Oh, man, I just love fucking your hot little cunt, Sis," Rusty said, almost out of his mind with pleasure from the intense excitement. Sweat poured off his body and he was panting for breath as he rammed his hard cock into his sister's pussy.  "Yeah, baby, that's how I like you to suck my prick," Dan moaned, grasping Vivian's pretty head and urging her to swallow more of his cock meat. He humped his hips back and forth in time to the girl's bobbing head and felt the tip of his prick bump gently against the back of her throat.  Vivian smiled happily as she felt her young body being ravaged by the two virile guys. She, was finally realizing her greatest fantasy and it was amazing, being filled with so much cock meat at the same time. As her hot young pussy was fucked from behind and her mouth stuffed with cock meat, the eager girl began to wonder how many men she would handle at one time. As she was jolted around on the floor by her two lovers, she was determined to find out soon.  Rusty was practically beside himself now as he fucked his cock into Vivian's young pussy with determined strokes. He ground his hips around behind her to increase their pleasure and heard her squeal around a mouthful of cock meat when he reached around to fondle her heavily dangling tits. He pinched the fat nipples and scraped them with his fingernails, feeling them swell and harden in his grasp. When her nipples were almost as long as the ends of his thumbs, he began yanking on them fiercely, stretching the thin globes obscenely, as if trying to milk them.  "Ngghhh," Vivian grunted, her pussy and tits on fire with passion.  Her brother was working over her cunt and nipples, and she couldn't think of anything better in the world. As she fucked her ass back at Rusty's prick, she bobbed her head quickly back and forth along the spit-covered rod of Dan's cock.  "How about something a little different?" Dan suggested. He didn't want to cum just yet, and changing positions would give him time to regain control of his aching loins.  "Sure, what do you want to do?" Vivian asked eagerly, puffing the man's prick from her mouth.  A long strand of his precum clung to the tip of his prick head and the lovely girl lapped it eagerly into her mouth and swallowed it. She continued jacking the man off slowly and gently humping back at her brother's prick that was still buried in her juicy pussy.  "How would you like to be sandwiched?" Dan asked, pulling his straining cock from the girl's fist. "That's where Rusty and I fuck you in the ass and cunt at the same time. You enjoyed getting ass- fucked so much the other day, I thought you might like this too."  "I'd love it," the horny girl agreed, her eyes lighting up with anticipation. Already her ass was tingling as she recalled the terrific feelings of having Dan's stiff prick up her ass several days before. "How do we do this?"  "First, you come straddle my prick, like you were doing to your brother," Dan said, stretching out on the floor.  He waited patiently while the girl pulled away from Rusty's oozing cock and climbed on top of him. Then he grasped his hard prick and guided it up into the juicy slot of her gaping fuck- hole.  "Now slide down my prick till it's all the way up your pussy."  Vivian did as she was told and groaned with ecstasy when she hit bottom and her silky asscheeks thumped against Dan's sinewy loins. She felt the big man's hard cock throbbing inside her oily pussy and watched as he reached up and grabbed her tits in his hands and mauled them roughly.  "Okay, now Dan, you get behind her and shove your prick up her butt," Dan instructed, releasing the girl's tits and holding her steady by the waist. "Cram your prick up her asshole and then we'll screw her to pieces."  "Will she be able to take both our cocks this way?" Rusty asked, squatting behind his sister, his cock waving stiffly in his fist. He looked down and could see Dan's thick cock disappearing up into the girl's wet cunt, but he couldn't imagine being able to force his own huge prick up her ass.  "Of course I will, silly," Vivian laughed. She wriggled her ass urgently and reached back to spread her fleshy asscheeks. "Don't be afraid, Rusty. Just stick it into me. It won't hurt."  The teenaged boy bent his knees a bit and lowered himself until his cockhead scraped against Vivian's satiny asscheeks. Her ass globes were split wide apart and the puckered ring of her asshole was clearly visible as he planted his swollen prickhead against the tiny opening and eased forward.  After the initial resistance, Vivian's asshole opened up and several inches of Rusty's cock meat slipped in.; He felt the girl's ass ring sucking at his cock and marveled at how easily she was taking his huge prick in her ass. A few more inches fucked into her, and finally all of Rusty's throbbing boner was buried up his sister's tight ass chute.  "It's all the way in now," Rusty said when his balls flopped gently against Vivian's cock-stuffed pussy slit. "I can't believe it, but my sister's got two huge cocks inside her!"  Vivian fell forward on top of Dan and her huge tits spilled downwards and scraped across his chest, her nipples stiff and hot on his body. She gritted her teeth as her brother's enormous prick began fucking her asshole, and soon she felt lewd sensations of pleasure exciting her as the two hard cocks fucked into her at the same time.  "How's it feel?" Dan asked, lying perfectly still beneath the writhing girl. In this position, he let the pretty blonde control the tempo of their fucking while Rusty fucked her ass from behind.  "It feels great!" Vivian cried excitedly. Her golden hair fell down on either side of her gorgeous face and grazed the photographer's face. "Fuck me up the ass and cunt at the same time! Cram me full of your meat!"  Slowly, the two guys started fucking Vivian with even strokes. The young girl squatted between them and let them supply all the friction as their cocks drilled back and forth inside her.  "Unnnhhh! Fuck me, you guys! Give me all your meat!" Vivian moaned as she became caught up in the gentle fucking motions of her two lovers. "Fill my horny little holes with your dicks!"  The two guys did what she wanted and began fucking Vivian with harder faster thrusts. Behind her, Rusty drove his prick into her with vicious lunges, his balls bouncing wildly against her lovely ass. On the floor, Dan fucked his cock up into Vivian's pussy with long even jabs that filled the girl's pussy deliciously.  "You like this?" Dan grunted, fucking his prick into her roughly. "You like being sandwiched by two big cocks?"  Dan's cock was fucking in and out of the girl's hotly drooling pussy as her big tits jiggled and smacked against each other just above his face. Vivian almost felt faint from the lustful sensations tearing through her twin pussys. She had two huge cocks inside her at the same time, throbbing and threatening to split her young body in two. She was completely stuffed, overwhelmed with hard cocks that twitched and jerked inside her.  Rusty pumped his prick back and forth in his sister's tightly clinging asshole, watching the tiny ring of her shitter squeeze lovingly at the root of his deeply buried cock rod. He loved the narrow smoothness of her rubbery asshole and thrilled at the thought of blasting his hot cum into his beautiful sister's shapely ass.  "Oh, God, I love fucking your tight little pussy!" Dan groaned. He cupped Vivian's deliciously swaying tits above him and tweaked her hotly throbbing nipples. "It's so tight and wet."  Dan and Rusty fucked their hard boners into Vivian's overstretched pussys in perfect rhythm while the writhing girl used her inner muscles to squeeze their cocks until they were on the verge of cumming.  "I'm gonna cream! Gonna shoot my load in your pussy!" Dan cried as he slammed his prick up into Vivian's slippery cunt hole. He could feel Rusty's cock sliding easily in and out of her ass on the other side of the thin wall of skin that separated the girl's overstuffed holes.  "Me, too!" Rusty cried from behind his hotly fucking sister. He threw his head back and closed his eyes as he grabbed her swaying hips and powered his huge boner all the way into the buttery depths of her smooth ass chute. "Hang on for a second and we'll pump her at the same time!"  Lustfully obscene sounds filled the room as both men plunged their hard pricks into Vivian. Squashed between them, she barely moved, letting them dominate her and fill her young body with unbelievable ecstasy. She felt their pricks swell up inside her and thought for a moment they would tear her in two. She felt Dan fondling her heavy tits roughly with his hands, pressing them together and sucking on the distended nipples. She groaned loudly, feeling an orgasm building deep inside her cunt, and cried out when it suddenly washed over her young body, filling her with lust and pleasure.  Dan felt Vivian slam down on his prick hard, and he fucked his cock into her one more time. Then he felt a jerking sensation in his cockshaft as the first wad of his wet cum splattered into the girl's clasping pussy. He felt her cunt muscles tighten around the base of his fuck-tool and milk him, urging him to shoot every drop of his hot cum load into her horny young cunt.  Rusty felt his partner's prick spewing into his sister's naked pussy and jammed his bulging cock deep into her ass. His prick twitched violently as a huge jet of cum sprang from his cockhead and into her ravaged ass hole. He felt his own cum squishing around his cockshaft inside her as he blasted wad after wad of the creamy stuff into her ass guts.  "Oooooh, I'm cumming! Fuck me... fill me with your cocks!" Vivian wailed, her body writhing convulsively as she spasmed through an incredible orgasm and the -two cocks buried inside her pumped her full of steaming hot cum. "Give me your cream! Fill my ass... fill my cunt!"  "Filling your ass, baby! I'm filling your butt with my juice," the girl's brother grunted as another jet of his cum shot into her asshole.  Thick globs of the boy's jism were clogging her shitter now, oozing out around the pumping shaft of his hard prick. Cum clung to his cockshaft in long sticky ropes each time he pulled back and dripped wetly onto Dan's balls, bouncing wildly beneath.  "Fill her! Fill the little slut with cum," Dan hissed as more of his cum load exploded into the girl's pussy.  He felt an exceptionally thick wad of cum fire into her and soon he felt a river of cum juice drooling out of the teenager's pussy and running down the shaft of his fucking cock.  Eventually, the two men stopped creaming and their cocks just oozed white spunk into Vivian's fucked-out holes. The three lovers lay on the floor, the girl still sandwiched between the bodies of the two young men.  "Oh, fuck, that was the best," Dan moaned when he could finally speak again. His wilting prick slipped wetly from Vivian's cunt, allowing a stream of fuck-juice to flow from her gaping cunt hole. "What an incredible lay you are. I just can't believe it."  Behind her, Rusty pulled his prick from Vivian's ass with a wet pop. Another river of cum gushed from her shitter, mixing with the juices running out of her pussy and turning her crotch into a sticky mess.  Vivian sighed happily as she rolled onto the carpet beside the photographer and grasped each guy's prick in her hands. She smiled at them in turn and closed her eyes, savoring the satiated feelings of pleasure that gently swept through her body.  As she lay resting, the pretty teenager reflected on the recent happenings in her life. She wondered what new sexual experiences were in store for her, and she couldn't wait to find out.   Now that Vivian was sharing Dan and Rusty with her friend Maris, and getting all the fucking she could handle, the young girl's mind turned to her mother again. The woman was stiff working long hard hours to support her two children, and Vivian and her brother had spent a long time trying to come up with a way to help her.  One day, while she was modeling swimwear, Vivian suddenly had an idea. She'd recently seen her mother in just her bra and panties as she dressed for work, and had been surprised at how youthful and shapely her body was. Her tits were even larger than Vivian's, while her waist was narrow and flared into shapely hips and a lovely tight ass.  As Dan directed her through her poses, the young girl wondered if Dan could use her mother as a model, too. Then the whole family would be in it together, and if she was real lucky she could even get her youthful mother into their little sexual foursome.  When she mentioned it to Dan a while later, the man was thrilled by the prospect.  A few days later, Rhonda Kaye had a rare day off and her young daughter knew it was the perfect opportunity to put her plan to work. She called Dan and told him to come over, on the pretext of bringing her some pictures to look at.  When the bell rang, a few minutes later, Vivian answered and let the handsome photographer in. While he sorted out the photographs, she called her mother, intent on sharing the pictures with her.  When she came into the room, Rhonda was wearing a pair of tight cut-off jeans that showed off her well-rounded ass, and a thin T-shirt that did little to conceal her jutting braless tits. Not expecting company, she was a bit flustered by the way Dan looked at her, his eyes seemingly staring right through her skimpy clothing.  The minute they met, Rhonda and Dan hit it off. And the man knew instinctively that the beautiful woman before him would make a terrific model. Not only did she have a gorgeous body, but her features were flawless. As he eyed her, his cock tingled with excitement and he realized he would love to get into this woman's pants.  "Don't you think my mom would make a great model?" Vivian asked innocently after the trio had been analyzing her pictures for a while.  "I think she'd be terrific," Dan answered, taking his cue and smiling at Rhonda.  He let his eyes wander over her voluptuous body and wondered if the woman was as good in bed as her teenaged daughter. If her looks were any indication, he figured she would fuck and suck like a bitch in heat.  At first Rhonda rejected the idea of modeling, but Vivian and Dan wore down her defenses until she finally agreed to try it once. She didn't think much would come from the experiment but decided it might be worth it if she could get to know Dan a bit better.  As if reading her mind, Dan asked her out to dinner that night, saying they could discuss her first modeling session at that time.  When Dan left, Rhonda rushed upstairs to get ready for her date. It had been a long time since she'd been out with a man, and she felt like a young kid again as she dressed. She showered and perfumed her lush body before putting on a low-cut dress. She purposely didn't wear a bra or panties, choosing to let her big tits jiggle freely beneath the sheer material. She knew her nipples would soon be stiff from rubbing against the fabric of her dress and that her pussy juices would probably run down her thighs, but she didn't care. She was just finishing her make-up when he arrived to pick her up.  "Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous!" Dan exclaimed, staring helplessly at her jutting tits. They bulged seductively out of the low V-neck of her dress, and he had an overwhelming desire to just reach out and squeeze them as the gorgeous woman took his hands and kissed him lightly on the mouth. "In fact, you look good enough to eat."  Rhonda laughed at the sexual reference, and then she and the photographer left for their dinner date. As they headed towards his car, Vivian watched them from the window, no doubt in her mind that her mother was going to enjoy a long night with the handsome photographer.  When Rhonda invited him in for a nightcap several hours later, Dan graciously accepted. He'd practically been drooling over her all evening as she clung to him and purposely rubbed her lovely body against his. He could feel his cock straining against the material of his pants, and he longed to see the woman naked.  "I had a wonderful time tonight," Rhonda whispered as they sipped wine and sat together on the couch in the darkened living room. "It's been a long time since I've been on a date like this."  "Well, I'd like to see to it that you have lots more of them," Dan said, putting his arm around the pretty housewife and pulling her closer. He pressed his lips against hers in a tentative kiss and felt her mouth open to let in his warm wet tongue.  As they kissed, Dan trailed his fingers gently up the inside of Rhonda's leg, sliding it higher and higher, until it was trapped between her warm soft thighs. He heard her moan softly and his heart pounded as she opened her legs, giving him easier access to her steaming pussy. His cock strained in his pants as his fingers brushed against the satiny hairs of Rhonda's furry pussy.  Feeling her squirming around, Dan slipped his finger up higher until it contacted the juicy lips of her cum-soaked pussy. Worming his thick forefinger around, he let it glide up into her hotly oozing cunt slit.  "I like that," Rhonda hissed, screwing her wet cunt up around Dan's probing finger. She sucked greedily at his tongue and groaned loudly as his finger fucked in and out of her squirming pussy.  Pushing Dan's hand away from her crotch, the stacked woman fumbled at his zipper, anxious to get his cock out of his pants. She had been thinking about his cock all evening as she watched it tent the front of his pants, and she could hardly wait to feel it in her mouth and pussy. She had some trouble freeing his prick from his slacks, but once she had the enormous fucker out, the beautiful woman lowered her pretty head and plunged her warm mouth over the swollen cockhead.  Dan moaned as the hot woman gobbled up his prick. He looked down and watched, fascinated as her hot lips sucked and pulled feverishly on his prick. He arched his hips upwards, driving more of the meaty cockshaft into her mouth and felt her open her mouth wider to get all of his cock into her throat.  As Rhonda slurped on his hard cock, Dan lowered his hand to her tits and gently fondled one of the creamy orbs through the material of her dress. He felt her hot nipples swell in his hand and he slipped his hand inside her dress to feel the delicious bud more directly.  Rhonda groaned when Dan's fingers made contact with her nipples. They were extremely sensitive and she loved the way the youthful man tweaked them between his thumb and forefingers, making the distended nipples even stiffer and longer.  "Oh, suck it baby! Suck my prick hard!" Dan gasped, running his hands through the woman's hair and pushing her face farther into his aching crotch. He felt his cock nudge the back of her throat and groaned out loud as she swirled her wet tongue around the base of his swollen cockshaft.  Rhonda sucked Dan's huge boner until she feared he would cum in her mouth. She didn't have anything against eating a healthy load of cum. But since this was their first time together, she wanted him to squirt his cum load into her cunt. Pulling her mouth off his throbbing cock, the leggy mother grabbed him by the hand and led him upstairs, peeling off her dress along the way.  In the bedroom, Rhonda stretched out on the bed and watched as Dan quickly undressed. She admired his muscular body and spread her legs invitingly as he joined her on the bed.  "Fuck me, Dan," she whispered, her voice hot with lust. "Hurry and stick your cock into me and fuck me! My pussy needs your cock so bad."  Dan crawled between Rhonda's widely splayed thighs, the head of his prick brushing against the smooth flesh of her leg. Their lips met in a mouth-jarring kiss while Rhonda grasped the thick slab of cock meat that hung from the big man's crotch. She murmured softly into his open mouth and squeezed his prick as she guided it into her overheated pussy.  "I didn't know Vivian had such a hot mother," Dan whispered as his prick slipped between Rhonda's dripping cuntlips. He cupped the ripe cheeks of her ass and pulled her crotch up towards him as his cock fucked deeper into her juicy cunt.  "Hmmmm," Rhonda moaned, smiling slyly. She rotated her hips and ground her naked pussy against Dan's groin as his meaty fucker filled her hungry cunt hole.  The beautiful woman's whole body trembled with lust and desire as her cunt was filled with hard cock for the first time in a long while.  "Fuck me now, babe!" she groaned, wrapping her legs around Dan's waist and locking her ankles together. The man's cock was completely embedded in her dripping cunt and she squirmed her ass around in tiny circles, feeling the stiff cockshaft rub against her fat clit and the thick juicy lips of her horny cunt.  Dan grunted as he pulled his cock back and suddenly rammed it back into the writhing woman's pussy. His balls slapped against the soft crack of her ass and her cunt muscles clung wetly to the throbbing prickshaft. He heard her whimpering beneath him as he fucked his bloated cock in and out of her dripping pussy. His long cock was soon glistening with her fuckjuices as he rhythmically fucked the horny open cunt below him.  Rhonda grasped Dan's lean asscheeks and pulled him violently against her, arching her hips up to take the full thrust of his huge cock deep in her clasping little pussy. The thick lips of her juicy pussy clutched at the base of his meaty fuck-rod as she desperately tried to get more cock into her greedy cunt.  Dan could feel his prick swelling inside the horny woman's pussy as he fucked in and out of her cum-soaked cunt. As he heard her squeal with pleasure, he could tell where Vivian got her incredible body and sexual appetite. Like mother, like daughter, the photographer thought, plowing his prick back into Rhonda's gaping pussy.  "Oh, don't tease, baby. Stuff it into me more," the wanton woman begged when Dan began slowing down his fuck-thrusts to hold off his orgasm. She squirmed her ass around in little circles, trying to make him slam his prick into her as he had done before. "Fuck me to pieces! Fuck me completely. I want all of your cock in me, now!"  The room was filled with the lustful sounds of the couple's passionate fucking as their hot bodies slapped loudly against each other. They fucked feverishly, their writhing loins pounding together as they groaned and gasped, lost in sexual bliss.  "Oh, shit, baby! It's so fucking good!" Rhonda moaned, pulling her knees back to her hefty tits and exposing the full length of her juicy pussy slit to Dan's driving cock. "Fuck me harder! Fuck me hard... hard... slam it to me!"  "I will, you hot little fuck!" Dan panted as Rhonda's cunt swallowed his massive prick. With every inch of his enormous cock buried deep inside the sexy woman's horny pussy, he ground his hips around, making the stiff cockshaft rub deliciously against the nub of her sensitive clit-. "I don't ever want to stop fucking you."  "I don't ever want you to," the woman responded, her entire body on fire with lust as her lover fucked his huge cock into her dripping pussy.  Dan's cock-thrusts became quicker and more vicious as Rhonda locked her heels around his hairy thighs and thrust her pussy up at him more. His juice-streaked cock fucked wetly into her sopping pussy as the horny brunette passionately squirmed beneath him, taking his stiff boner all the way up her hungry cunt hole.  "I like that! Ohhhh, yes, keep doing that!" the big-titted housewife urged when she felt Dan grasp the firm cheeks of her ass and squeeze them roughly. She undulated her hips a bit and spread her legs wide apart in an attempt to get Dan's thick cock to sink even deeper into her pussy. "Oh, my God! I'm going to cream! I'm going to cum all over your big beautiful cock, baby!"  From the way the sexy woman was grimacing and writhing, Dan could tell she was only moments away from cumming. He started drilling his cock faster and harder into her molten pussy, intent on giving her the orgasm of her life.  "Ahhhh, fuck me, bastard! Stuff your meat into me!" she yelled as Dan's cock pounded violently into her overheated pussy and her orgasm mounted inside her. Out of her mind with lust Rhonda twisted her cunt against Dan's hot cock. "I'm cumming... ooooh... fuck me, lover! I'm cumming all over your big fucking prick! Arrgghhh!"  Feeling the woman's hot pussy spasming around his fucking cockshaft, Dan suddenly felt his balls explode, and a huge jet of jism erupt into the woman's steaming cunt. He let out a roar of passion as his hot sticky cum gushed into her pussy.  "Oh, fuck! Oh, yes... yes... fuck me! Fuck me!" screamed the writhing woman as a thick cum splashed into her drooling pussy.  She could feel Dan's massive prick twitching deep inside her, and she shrieked happily as warm cum coated the insides of her fuckchannel and squished back out around the edges of his pumping cock.  "Cream me baby... fill me up with your jizz!" Rhonda cried mindlessly. She threw her head from side to side and screamed with pleasure, not wanting Dan's cock to ever stop spurting cum into her. "It's so good... so fucking good! I want it all!"  Dan's and Rhonda's entangled bodies writhed together passionately until the photographer's throbbing prick had squirted out all of his thick sticky cum load and her horny pussy was overflowing with his milky jism.  "I've needed that for a long time," Rhonda whispered when Dan finally collapsed on top of her, his wilting cock slipping wetly from between her open cuntlips.  She held the handsome man in her arms and kissed him gently while a river of warm fuckslime oozed out of her ravaged pussy and ran down the narrow crack of her round ass.   "I haven't had this much fun or been this horny since I don't know when," Rhonda said, rubbing the palm of her hand slowly over Dan's fleshy prick as they recuperated. She squeezed his cock and watched it twitch in response before sliding her hand between his legs and softly rolling his hairy balls in her hand. "I wish we could make love all night, but I'm worried about my kids catching us. They should be home soon, and I don't want them to find us in bed."  "Why not?" Dan asked, pulling the beautiful woman into his arms and kissing her passionately on the mouth. "They wouldn't see anything they haven't already done, I'm sure."  Rhonda had never thought of her kids growing up and being old enough to fuck, and at first Dan's remark shocked and angered her. When she thought about it, though, she realized he was right and that it probably wouldn't surprise them to know that their mother enjoyed having sex.  "Have you ever tried to screw my daughter?" she asked her handsome date.  "Of course, and she's a hell of a good lay, too," Dan answered. He tweaked Rhonda's nipple teasingly and cupped a lusty tit in his hand. "She gives head and fucks just like a pro, and now I know where she got her talents."  "Well, I'm glad she's good in bed," the lovely woman said, laughing. "I'd hate to think I'd raised a daughter who was a bad lay."  With the stacked housewife entwined in his strong arms, Dan told her all about his photo sessions with Vivian, Rusty and Maris. He told Rhonda about the pictures he'd taken of the kids together and individually - and he told her he'd love to take some photos of her fucking her own son.  The more Dan talked about fucking, the hornier Rhonda got, and when he pressed his finger against the slit of her pussy, she spread her legs willingly and felt the thick finger slip easily into her gaping pussy.  "Unnhhhh!" she groaned as the big man squirmed his finger around in her sopping cunt and flicked her clit until it was hard. "I want you again, babe. Can you believe it? All this talk about sex has made me so horny, I want you to fuck me again."  And he did fuck her again...  Vivian Kaye came home from her girlfriend's house anxious to find out how her mother has gotten along with Dan. She closed the front door behind her and was just about to call out for her when she heard the unmistakable sounds of fucking coming from upstairs. At first, the teenaged girl thought her brother had brought one of his girlfriends over, but then she heard her mother's voice clearly and knew that she was fucking Dan. Her eyes widened with excitement as she climbed the stairs quietly and peeked into the dimly lit bedroom.  The young girl gasped when she saw her mother sitting on Dan's cock, bouncing up and down while her huge tits flopped lewdly about on her chest. Her head was thrown back and she was uttering an endless string of obscenities as she fucked her drooling pussy up and down on Dan's thick cockshaft.  "Ohhhh, baby, ream me out! Shove your prick all the way up my cunt and screw my brains out!" the big-titted woman hissed, gripping her huge tits and squeezing them fiercely.  Vivian could hardly believe this was her own mother. It was no surprise that she would have sex, but she never expected her behave like such a wanton slut. As she watched the enraptured couple fucking madly on the bed, the youngster felt her own pussy juices soaking into the thin material of her panties. She squeezed her thighs together to ease the tingly sensations she was feeling but knew the only way to get rid of them would be to get Dan to stick his prick into her pussy and fuck her until she creamed.  Vivian was still deciding whether to risk walking in on the lusty couple when the problem was solved for her.  "Does Vivian fuck this well?" Rhonda asked, slamming her hips down hard on Dan's loins. She squirmed her ass on his lap and raked her nails over his broad chest, lingering on his tiny stiff nipples.  "Shit, Rhonda, I don't know," Dan grunted, grabbing the woman's hips and holding her steady as she fucked up and down. "I wouldn't be able to choose between the two of you if I had to. You're both incredible. I guess it just runs in the family."  "Well, you won't have to choose. You can have both of us at the same time," Vivian said, casually stepping into the room. "How would you like that?"  "Jesus! You scared the hell out of me," her mother gasped, turning at the sound of the girl's voice. "I didn't know who had walked in on us."  "Now that you know, do you mind if I join you?" Vivian asked. "I was watching and listening to you two from the doorway, and now I'm so horny I can't stand it. I really need to get laid bad."  "What do you think, Dan?" Rhonda asked, stopping her fucking motions and squeezing her cunt muscles tightly around the root of the man's prick. "Shall we let my daughter join us? Or should I hog your prick all to myself and let her suffer?"  "Well, if you let her join us, I might be able to figure out which of you is the better lay," Dan teased, twitching his cock inside the woman's pussy.  "Okay, let's see what you can do," Rhonda told her daughter as she slipped off of Dan's cum-streaked cock. She lay back on the bed, her legs splayed wide apart and gently rubbed her pussy as the young girl undressed.  It had been quite a while since Rhonda had paid any attention to Vivian's physical development, and she was astonished to see that her daughter now had the body of a full-grown woman. Her huge tits stood up firm and high and her fat nipples stuck out like miniature spikes. Her belly was wonderfully flat and her pussy was covered with satiny hair that barely hid the thick juicy lips of her dripping cunt.  "Well, you certainly look like you can suck and fuck," the proud mother said as the girl climbed onto the bed and nestled comfortably in Dan's arms.  After watching her mother fucking Dan's big cock, Vivian was hotter than ever. And she wasted no time in sliding down to his crotch and slipping the head of his swollen prick into her soft mouth. Her cheeks puffed in and out as she slurped along the rigid shaft of the man's prick. Soon she was sucking his cock deeply, tiny rivulets of saliva dribbling from the corners of her mouth.  "Oh, shit, that's good," Dan moaned, staring down at the young girl crouched between his legs. Reaching over, he cupped one of her heavy tits and squeezed the dangling orb lovingly, rolling it in the palm of his hand and occasionally pinching the pink nipple.  Rhonda was amazed at how expertly her young daughter sucked Dan's huge prick. She watched as the girl darted her pink tongue all over his cock and balls, licking and sucking until Dan was almost out of his mind and on the verge of shooting his cum load.  It was obvious that Vivian's cock-sucking abilities were incredible and that Dan's pleasure increased when she gently sucked one of his bloated balls into her mouth.  "Oh, fuck!" he gasped, feeling Vivian's wet mouth washing his balls, one at a time.  Releasing Dan's balls, Vivian raised her head and closed her mouth around his throbbing cockhead. She sucked evenly and deeply on his rigid prick, swirling her tongue around the sensitive underside of his meaty cock knob. Sliding her lips down farther, the pretty girl licked and lapped at his prick until her nose was again buried in his crinkly crotch hairs. She could feel the man's meaty fucker throbbing in her hand, and each time she sucked it into her mouth, his cock seemed to swell to twice its normal size.  "This is too much," Dan groaned, his mind reeling from the intense pleasure he was feeling.  He humped his hips up at the young girl's mouth, forcing more of his meaty cock between her lips. When he glanced down, he could see that every inch of his huge cock was buried in the youngster's face.  "Didn't I tell you she was great?" he asked, turning to the girl's mother. "She sucks cock like it's going out of style, just like her mother."  Rhonda was speechless as Vivian began puffing her head back, letting Dan's cock slide slowly from her mouth. The cockshaft was so long and thick that the pretty woman couldn't imagine where the young girl had been keeping it. It surely couldn't all have fit in her small mouth. Now, as she watched, the girl raised her head until only the tip of the man's cockhead was between her lips and then plunged her face downwards again, swallowing all of his prick in one gulp.  Intent on giving Dan the blow-job of his life, Vivian began twisting her head from side to side as her tongue swirled wetly around the torrid cock knob.  "Unnnhhh, yeah, girl! That's the way to suck a cock!" the man groaned, hopelessly overcome with passion. "Just like your mother ... you suck just like your hot mother."  Winking at Rhonda, Vivian wrapped her hot lips around the man's throbbing prick and moved her head up and down faster. She could feel his cock flesh burning in her throat as she slid her lips easily along the swollen prickshaft.  "You're gonna get a big mouthful of hot jizz," Dan murmured, gritting his teeth as he felt his cum boiling up from his swollen balls. "Do you want me to shoot off in your mouth? Do you want to eat my load?"  Vivian sucked deeply on Dan's cock a few more times and then lifted her wet lips from his torrid prick. Grasping the stiff prickshaft firmly in her small hand, she climbed on top of his hips, aiming his cock at the flared-open hole of her juicy cunt.  "I would love to eat your cum, baby," she whispered as she pressed his cock between the fleshy lips of her cunt. "It's just that I'm so fucking horny, I've gotta get laid. I'll suck you off next time, okay?"  As Rhonda watched, Vivian let her cunt slide slowly and easily down the huge cockshaft until all of the man's prick was buried in her clasping pussy. Then she groaned with satisfaction, feeling her own pussy filled with delicious cock meat.  "Now I'm gonna fuck you, Dan," the young girl whispered. "I'm gonna fuck you fast and hard till we both cum, and I want you to shoot my little pussy full of your hot cream. Are you ready for it?"  "I sure as hell am," the man replied, grasping the girl by the hips and thrusting up into her molten cunt just as she plunged her horny cunt down.  "Aagghhhh, fuck!" Vivian screamed with pleasure as Dan's cock fucked into her hungry pussy. She gritted her teeth and began riding the man's prick as hard as she could, her little ass bouncing wildly onto his loins and her huge youthful tits bobbing deliciously on her chest. "Ram it into me! Fuck it into me, baby! Fuck me... fuck me silly!"  Watching the two lovers fucking so excitedly beside her was too much for Rhonda, and she began rubbing her own tits and fucking her slender finger in and out of her own juiced-up pussy in time to the rhythm set by the madly fucking couple. She'd never watched two people fuck before, and she practically went crazy with lust as she watched her own daughter fucking like a bitch in heat.  "Fuck her harder, Dan!" she urged, stuffing two fingers deep into her own pussy. "Stuff your prick up my daughter's hot little cunt and really ream her out. Fill her with your spunk so I can see it running out of her pussy. Fuck her till she can't see straight!"  "Yes, fuck me, you bastard! Fuck me to death!" the young girl cried.  With her mother watching her young pussy being fucked, Vivian felt like she was performing in a porno movie, and she wanted to give her the show of a lifetime. She slammed her ass down onto Dan's loins with all the force she had, sucking viciously at his hard cock with the strong muscles of her youthful cunt while clutching fiercely at her own tits. She uttered endless obscenities and shrieked with lust and pleasure as Dan's enormous cock drilled deep into her dripping pussy and banged against the back of her cunt.  "Oh, shit! I love it so much... I fucking love it!" Dan gasped as he lifted and dropped the undulating girl on his boner. "Your cunt feels so good wrapped around my prick. I could leave it in you forever."  Fucking his prick in and out of the young girl, Dan was breathing hard, but it was worth it. Never in his life had he enjoyed a fuck as much as this one.  "Ooooh, fuck it into me," Vivian whispered, her eyes closed and her head thrown back. Her beautiful golden hair hung softly down her arched back and swayed back and forth as her lithe body humped madly up and down on Dan's upthrust cock. "Shove it in... ream me... fuck me... ream me!"  Rhonda's body spasmed through a tiny orgasm as her slender fingers squirmed inside her hot pussy and she knew she had to cum again, soon and hard. Pulling her fingers from her sopping cunt, the horny woman crawled to Dan's side and swung her left leg over his face. Settling her furry pussy down onto his open mouth, the beautiful housewife faced her equally aroused daughter and began working her dripping cuntal gash across the man's upturned face.  "Mmmmm," Rhonda whimpered happily when she felt his tongue fuck into her drooling cunt. She clenched her pussy muscles around the tip of his teasing tongue and gasped when she felt him flick it eagerly up her pussy slit to her sensitive clit.  Dan mumbled unintelligibly as he pumped his cock into Vivian's hotly writhing pussy and the girl's mother squirmed lustily on his mouth. He loved the taste of the older woman's rich pussy juices and swallowed them greedily as they spilled into his mouth.  "You've got the most beautiful tits, darling," Rhonda complimented her teenaged daughter, cupping them and feeling their weight in her hands.  She squeezed Vivian's tit passionately and heard the girl moan with pleasure as her nipples swelled up even more. Rhonda pulled on the stiff buds until they were hard and a dark pink color and then lifted one tit to her mouth. She pulled the nipple between her lips and washed it with her saliva before mashing it against the roof of her mouth and scraping it roughly with her teeth.  Vivian was in absolute heaven. Her pussy was filled with Dan's huge cock and her awesome tits were being mauled and sucked lovingly by her over-sexed mother.  "Harder, Dan! Fuck me harder!" Vivian squealed, pressing her shapely thighs tightly against his waist for more leverage. She fucked up and down, feeling the pleasurable sensations of an orgasm welling up deep inside her young pussy. "I'm gonna cum soon. Fuck me so I can cum real hard!"  Dan was aware of his own climax approaching and he humped upwards with renewed vigor, intent on bringing himself and both women to a rousing climax. With his tongue, he lashed viciously at Rhonda's open pussy hole, alternately sucking her bountiful cunt lips and licking her hard little clit. Her shrieks and squeals of delight became louder and told him that she was also on the verge of creaming.  "Ahhhh!" Vivian screamed suddenly as Dan's cock pumped exceptionally deep into her fucked-out cunt. She bounced and rocked on the hard prick and felt her pent-up cunt juices flood from her pussy as her orgasm overwhelmed her gorgeous young body. "Oh, shit! I'm cumming... oh... I'm cummiinngg!"  Clamping her cunt muscles tightly around his fucking prick, the young girl arched her back and threw her pretty head back as her climaxing body tensed and writhed through a gut-wrenching orgasm.  "Yes, baby, yes!" the girl's mother urged as she tweaked the youngster's nipples and squeezed her tits roughly. With her own orgasm only moments away, she watched fascinated as Vivian shrieked and ground through her own delicious climax. "Cum all over Dan's cock! Cum hard, baby, cum real hard!"  A second later, Dan felt his balls erupt and he plunged his prick up hard, fucking it to the balls in Vivian's spasming cunt. He felt his hot cum rush up the length of his throbbing cockshaft and then explode into the girl's young pussy.  "Unngghh!" he grunted, holding the pretty youngster down on his prick as he blasted his cum load into her. Thick ropes of his manly jism spewed into her cunt and clogged it. He could feel his prick sloshing around inside her as he pumped more and more of his cum load into her cunt. "Take it, girl! I'm cumming in your hot little cunt. Take my load... suck all of it into your cunt!"  "Yes! Yes!" Rhonda screamed when Dan started cumming. Watching the man pumping his cum load into her daughter's young cunt filled her with pleasure as she imagined what Vivian must be feeling at that very moment. "Fill my slutty daughter with your spunk! Cum in her cunt till she can't hold anymore! Fill her up with your hot stuff!"  She had just finished ranting about her daughter's orgasm when her own pussy convulsed around Dan's tongue, and a torrent of her cunt juices flooded his mouth and ran hotly down his throat. He swallowed quickly, but some of the sweet fluid spilled from his mouth and ran down his chin in thin rivulets.  "Ahhhh, fuck! I'm cumming too! We're all cumming together!" Rhonda yelled as the three lovers writhed and moaned through their glorious climaxes. "My daughter's cumming on your cock, you're creaming in her pussy and I'm cumming all over your sweet face! I love it. I fucking love it!"  "God, you're still squirting. I can feel it," Vivian croaked, feeling a huge geyser of Dan's cum explode into her cunt.  She kept fucking up and down on his thick boner, feeling it shoot out wad after wad of hot jism. At the same time, she felt herself surging from one wonderful orgasm into the next one until she lost count of how many times she came. All she knew was that her pussy was being filled with more cum than it could hold, and that she was loving every minute of this wild and wonderful fuck.  "Oh, you hot little cunt!" Dan moaned as he felt the last of his sticky cum load splatter into Vivian's cunt. He felt his prick twitch gently a few more times and knew that he had no more cum to give the young girl. "What a cunt! What a fucking incredible little cunt you've got!"  Rhonda had already fallen to one side, completely spent from her ravaging climax. As she lay on her side gasping for air, her lovely pussy drooled creamy fuck-juice that matted her silky pussy hairs and made her thighs glisten as if oiled.  "I loved it! I loved your fucking cum," Vivian moaned as she gently humped her cunt along Dan's lap. She looked down into Dan's face and smiled. "I absolutely loved it."  Slipping off his crotch, the pretty teenager collapsed on the bed, next to her mother, resting her head on the older woman's cum-streaked thigh. She murmured softly and let her mind wander, relishing the memories of the most wonderful fuck she had ever experienced.   Rhonda was the first of the trio to regain her strength and the first thing she noticed when she opened her eyes was her lovely daughter's flared-open pussy drooling fuck-cream. It was clinging to her pussy hairs in sticky gobs and covered the fat lips of her cunt like rich syrup. Moving closer to the young girl, the older woman placed her mouth gently over the girl's cunt gash and began licking and sucking at her luscious pussy, drinking in the mixture of male and female cum.  "Oh, Mom, that feels good," Vivian whispered, coming back to her senses and spreading her legs.  She was still basking in the afterglow of her tremendous orgasm, but her mother's insistent licking and sucking was turning her on again. She couldn't understand how she could be horny so soon after such a mind-blowing orgasm but decided she didn't care. She was going to enjoy sex any way she could and at any time.  "You two horny sluts can really wear a guy out," Dan remarked, looking down at his limp prick. "I think insatiability must run in this family. First you suck and fuck me half to death, and now you're going after each other! Don't you ever get enough?"  "Never, baby, never," Rhonda whispered, pulling her lips from Vivian's dripping cunt. "And if you're gonna fuck with us, you'd better get used to it. We're going to be screwing endlessly from now on, aren't we Vivian?"  "That's right," the girl agreed, flashing a pretty smile at the photographer. "Now that the three of us are fucking, it won't be long before Rusty joins us, and after that, who knows? We might start fucking everyone in the neighborhood! "  "Speaking of Rusty, he should be home any minute now," Rhonda said, glancing at the bedside clock. "Won't he be surprised to find all three of us in bed together?"  "I doubt he'll be surprised," Vivian said, kissing her mother on the pussy. "If I know him, he'll just be upset that he wasn't here earlier to get in on the fun. "  "Well, we'll just have to have a repeat performance for him then, won't we?" Rhonda laughed. "But I'm pretty sure he's having just as much fun as we are. Didn't he go out with Maris?"  "Yes, and we all know what a hot pussy she is, and how much she loves to fuck and suck now that Dan's popped her cherry," Vivian remarked. "If he brings her home, we'll have another little cunt for our two studs to fuck."  Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of the front door opening and closing. A second later the three lovers heard Rusty's voice calling out for his mother and sister.  "We're up here in Mom's room," Vivian called, winking at the other two. "Come on up, and bring Maris with you."  When the two teenagers entered the room, they were completely unprepared for the sight that awaited them. Clothes were strewn everywhere and Rhonda, Dan and Vivian were lying naked on the huge bed, their bodies entangled.  "Holy shit! What's going on here?" Rusty asked, not quite believing what he was seeing.  Beside him, Maris just gaped and stared. "What do you think, silly?" Vivian answered, pulling her face from between her mother's creamy thighs. "Mom and Dan went out on a date, and afterwards we all got together for some very heavy fucking and sucking. I'm sure it's not much different from what you two did tonight."  Everybody laughed, and Rhonda motioned for the two kids to strip and join them on the bed. As Maris and Rusty pulled off their clothes, Rhonda and her daughter moved into a sixty-nine position while Dan lay to one side, slowly jerking his cock back into a raging hardon.  "God, I must be one horny little bitch!" Maris exclaimed, surveying the scene. "Rusty just fucked the hell out of me twice-and I'm already so horny I could feel I could fuck all night long."  "Good, because that's what we're going to be doing," Dan said, eyeing the shapely girl's big tits. "Why don't you lie here? There's something I've been wanting to do to you since I first met you."  "What's that?" the youngster asked as she lay down where Dan had instructed.  "I'm going to stick my prick between your big boobs and tit-fuck you."  Dan quickly slipped onto the girl's chest and slotted his straining cock between the globes of her huge tits. When his prick was firmly lodged in the soft crack between them, he began rocking his hips back and forth, driving the entire length of his cock lance through the fleshy valley. Each time he pushed forward, his cockhead bumped gently against the girl's chin, and he stuffed a pillow beneath her head to angle her face upwards so his bloated cockhead would slide into her open mouth.  Maris had never been tit-fucked before, and she watched with interest as the photographer's huge boner slid in and out of her firm tit channel. Grabbing her tits in her hands, she squeezed them together and around the thick cockshaft. She watched as Dan pulled at her nipples and rubbed them together over his prick while he fucked smoothly along the tight chute.  "How do you like tit-fucking?" he asked, stopping his thrusting motions long enough to let the girl suck on his cock and clean up the string of jism that had leaked from his open piss- slit.  "I love it," she replied, smiling up at him, "It's really neat, but I need my pussy filled, too. Rusty, stick your cock in me and fuck me again while Dan tit-fucks me."  Without hesitating, the horny boy crawled between the girl's slender legs. Pushing her thighs apart with his hands, he got into position to fuck his cock into her. He looked down and saw that Maris' pussy was already soaked with her cunt juices and that the lips of her pussy were gaping wide open.  Gripping his pulsating prick in his fist, the youth aimed it at the pink opening and lurched forward, fucking all of his stiff prick into the young girl's cunt with one violent lunge.  "Arrgghhh!" yelled the girl as her pussy was suddenly stuffed with hard cock meat. She felt her cunt stretching to take the boy's prick and moaned as every inch of her fuck-tunnel was filled. "Ohhh, I love it! It's so good inside me. Now, fuck me!"  Nearby, Rhonda and Vivian had stopped sucking each other and were watching as Dan and Rusty fucked Maris. They toyed lazily with their lust-swollen nipples and occasionally flicked their fingertips across their hard clits as they enjoyed the lusty scene before them.  "What about us?" Vivian asked finally, her lips quivering in a pout. "You two guys are spending all your time fucking Maris-and there are two more hot pussies here that need some attention."  "Well, two cocks just can't fuck three cunts at the same time, but I've got an ideas," Dan said, letting his prick slide from between Maris' tits. "Rusty can fuck his mother, since he's never done that, and Maris and Vivian can suck me off . That should keep us all occupied for a while."  The bedroom was a mad scramble as the two adults and three teenagers got into comfortable positions on the bed. Soon they were all settled and eager to enjoy this new round of fucking and sucking.  Dan lay on his back, his boner sticking straight up. Vivian and Maris lay on either side, their faces buried in his crotch as they alternately sucked his prick and licked his hairy balls. Their pussies were within easy reach of the man's hands, and he eagerly finger-fucked them, feeling their cunts turn into syrupy messes as they began oozing fuck-juice.  Nearby, Rhonda had spread herself out, waiting for her son to plunge his thick fuck-rod into her pussy. She stared with motherly pride and lust at his colossal cock and imagined what it would feel like to have her horny cunt completely filled with her own boy's throbbing prick.  "Stick it in me!" she urged as he pressed his cockhead against the opening of her cunt. "Shove your boner up your horny mother's cunt and fuck her to pieces!"  When his prick was solidly wedged between his mother's fat juicy cuntlips, the boy gave a tremendous lunge and fucked all of his cockshaft deep into his mother's pussy.  "Arrghhh, yes!" the woman screamed as her cunt was filled with her young son's cock for the first time. "Fuck me now, baby. Fuck your mom's cunt to death!"  As Rusty's cock throbbed hotly inside her, Rhonda marveled at how thick it felt. Her pussy lips were stretched into a wide oval and every inch of her fuck-chute felt stuffed as the youth began fucking his meaty prick in and out of her, with long even strokes. Gradually, she became used to his cock's size, and her cuntal muscles started clenching around the meaty cock.  Humping her crotch upwards to get more of his cock meat into her, Rhonda clung tightly to her son's muscular body. The thrilling friction of his hard cockshaft fucking in and out of her warm wet pussy sent waves of sensuous pleasure streaking through her oversized pussy. She cried out with joy and lust, sounding like a wild animal as she fucked with her teenaged son.  Fucking his mother for the first time, Rusty was intent on pleasing her and making her womanly pussy cream endlessly. The bed squeaked beneath them and the mattress bounced up and down as mother and son humped their hot bodies against each other.  "Oh, baby, you fuck so good!" Rhonda complimented her son as he drilled his prick into her with all his might. "You're just fantastic!"  Rhonda could feel the boy fucking his prick deeper into her pussy. She strained her hips up to receive him, her cries of lust filling the room and spurring him on. Her cunt sucked longingly at his thick prod, trying to suck all of the long meaty cockshaft even deeper into her tight fuck-tunnel.  "Oh, shit!" she squealed suddenly as her body was overcome by a tremendous orgasm. She squirmed on her son's cock, pinned to the mattress like an animal on a skewer, as her pussy convulsed around his cock. "I'm creaming! You're making your hot bitch mother cum, baby! Aaahhhh!"  Rusty held his cock perfectly still and watched his beautiful mother spasm through her climax. When she opened her eyes again, she saw that the boy still had his hard prick embedded in her aching cunt and was ready and anxious for more fucking.  "God, baby, my pussy is so sore and swollen, it can't take any more of your rough fucking," she said, easing her crotch away from the boy's throbbing prick. "But you're still hard, and I want you to shoot your load into me."  "How are we gonna do that?" he asked, staring at his mother's ravaged cunt. A stream of fuck-juice was pouring from her raw cunt hole.  "You're gonna stick your prick up my ass and fuck me till you pop your rocks, that's how," she answered, flipping onto her belly and arching her lovely ass high in the air.  Rusty remembered how much he'd enjoyed assfucking his sister the other day, and he wondered if it would feel as good to shove his prick up his mother's asshole. As he stared down at the tightly puckered little hole, he shuddered with excitement and anticipation.  Rusty let his thumb trace lightly across the ring of the woman's asshole as she reached back and parted her soft creamy ass cheeks. The small hole seemed to expand and Rusty wormed the tip of his index finger into it. He felt his mom's body shiver as he slowly pushed his finger deeper into her quivering asshole. Her ass pushed back against his hand, and he could feel his finger sinking deeper and deeper into his mother's hot asshole.  Rhonda whimpered softly as she continued pushing backwards. When she felt all of her son's finger probing lewdly inside her, the hot woman began twisting and rotating her ass around on the youth's finger, making herself delirious with pleasure.  "Unnnhhhh, what a terrific feeling!" she cried, humping her hips back harder.  As her son became more at ease with what he was doing, he began fucking his finger steadily in and out of Rhonda's ass, in time to her rhythmic pelvic thrusts.  "Oh, God, baby!" Rhonda cried, twisting her pretty head around to gaze longingly at her handsome son. "Fuck me up the ass now, darling. I want to feel your prick up my butt, reaming me out."  Pulling his forefinger from the tight grasp of Rhonda's asshole, Rusty guided his prickhead up between the cheeks of her ass. He pushed forward against the small opening and heard his mother moan softly as he slowly forced his swollen cock knob into the tight ring of her asshole. Holding onto her hips for support, the youth shoved his cock deeper and deeper into her tight hot ass. Her shit chute was smooth and rubbery and his prick fucked in easily until his balls slapped softly against her hairy pussy.  "I'm in you all the way, Mom," the boy announced, holding still for a moment. "I've got my cock all the way up your ass. How does it feel?"  "It feels fantastic," she replied, squeezing her son's cock tightly with her ass muscles. "Now start fucking me. Ream out my asshole and shoot your load up my butt."  Rusty began fucking his prick in and out of his mother's shitter with long even strokes as the wanton woman squirmed and writhed feverishly before him.  Reaching around with one hand, the boy ran his fingers through her pussy hair to her clit and began squeezing it between his thumb and forefinger. With the other hand, he simultaneously fondled and squeezed one of her heavy dangling tits. He heard her shriek and moan with lust and was pleased to see that he could give her so much pleasure.  "Yes, baby, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me deep and hard!" Rhonda yelled as the ecstasy mounted in her ass and cunt.  When Rusty's hand dropped from her pussy, she placed her own hand there and finger-fucked her ravaged pussy in time to his lusty ass-fucking thrusts.  Vivian and Maris had stopped sucking Dan's cock to watch as Rusty fucked his mother. Vivian felt especially proud that her brother was such a wonderful cocksman and that the ass-fucking he was giving their mother was driving the beautiful woman out of her mind with pleasure. She remembered the other day, when Rusty and Dan had sandwiched her for the first time and she thought how good it would feel to have her younger brother's prick fucking her ass right now.  As she watched the madly fucking couple next to her, Maris suddenly had an idea. Releasing Dan's prick, she scrambled down the bed and wedged herself beneath Rhonda's lush body. Lying on her back, the pretty girl pushed herself down until her face was directly beneath Rhonda's dripping pussy and she could clearly see Rusty's hard prick fucking in and out of her distended asshole. Opening her mouth wide, she locked her lips around the fleshy meat of Rhonda's cunt and began sucking the thick pussy lips vigorously. She enjoyed the tangy flavor and musky odor of the older woman's cunt and began nibbling at the outer edges of her pussy and flicking her tongue across her erect clit.  "Ooooh, eat me, Maris!" Rhonda squealed when she felt the youngster's mouth suddenly begin sucking on her swollen pussy. The girl's moist lips were soothing to her sore cunt and her warm saliva made the raw opening of her fucked-out pussy feel better.  Letting her legs fall open, Maris arched her hips in the air, encouraging Rhonda to eat her pussy, too. The older woman took the hint and Maris soon felt her warm wet lips gently sucking on her youthful pussy.  "Mmmm," the girl moaned around Rhonda's thick juicy cunt lips. She sucked harder on her pussy and felt the housewife respond by doing the same to her.  "Nggghhh, your ass is so tight, it feels like a vise," Rusty grunted, continuing to fuck his meaty prick into his mother's ass.  He was squeezing the cheeks of her shapely ass violently and humping his loins back and forth hard, fucking every inch of his long hard cock into her ass with each thrust.  With her mouth full of cunt meat, Rhonda couldn't talk. But she grunted and groaned loudly to let her son know he was doing a good job of ass-fucking her. The horny woman was in heaven, her ass being fucked by her son's huge cock, her pussy being eaten wonderfully and her mouth filled with the rich flavorful meat and juice of a young girl's cunt.  Nearby, she saw her daughter lustfully sucking on Dan's rigid cock again. Her soft young lips were flying along the moist shaft of his cock and her pretty eyes were half closed with lust as she bobbed her head up and down. She made muffled slurping noises and grunted occasionally as the man's cock fucked into her mouth and bumped against the back of her throat.  "Jesus, you're sucking me to death, girl!" Dan cried, humping his crotch forward to drive his prick deeper into the girl's hot mouth.  Completely aroused by the wonderful feelings of fuck-lust racing through her horny body, Rhonda suddenly grasped her daughter by the leg and began tugging her down towards her. As the girl edged closer on the bed, the older woman spread her legs apart and slid her hands softly up the insides of the girl's smooth inner thighs. She traced her fingers around in tiny circles, tickling the youngster and driving her out of her mind with pleasure.  Then, when Vivian's pussy was near her face, Rhonda angled the girl's body so her tender young cunt was at the same level as her mouth and began kissing it hotly.  She teased and licked around the outer edges of the girl's hot pussy until she felt her squirming with passion. Then, she suddenly buried her head between her shapely legs and started sucking and slurping like crazy. She lapped her tongue up and down her daughter's sweet pussy slit and savored the rich flavor of the young girl's juicy pussy.  "Ohhhh, Mom!" Vivian moaned, sliding her mouth from Dan's boner.  The feel and taste of Vivian's hot cunt cream was driving Rhonda wild as it oozed around her pretty face. Her lips were coated with the creamy fluid and her chin glistened lewdly as she fucked her tongue as far up her daughter's cunt as she could.  "Ahhhh, Mom!" Vivian squealed hotly as her mom's tongue fucked into her pussy. Instinctively, she grabbed Dan's cock and began jerking him off fiercely as she ground her pussy against her hotly sucking mother's face. "Tongue me, eat me! Oh fuck, it's so good!"  While Rhonda eagerly ate out the young girl's pussy, Maris was busy sucking on the older woman's fat cuntlips. She lapped her tongue along the richly creaming slash until she reached the woman's throbbing clit and sucked the stiff bud between her lips.  The pretty housewife was overcome with lust and the fantastic feelings she was enjoying as her body was used by the two teenagers. The feeling of her warm thighs and hot pussy being licked by Maris' soft tongue sent waves of hot passion burning through her crotch. Behind her, Rusty's hot cock was still burning into her widely stretched asshole, filling her with delicious sensations of pleasure.  "Mmmmm! Ngghhh!" she grunted happily, her mouth stuffed with juicy cunt meat.  "Oh, Mom!" Rusty moaned, squeezing his mother's soft asscheeks together around his driving cock as he fucked it in and out of her tight shitter. "Your butt feels so good around my prick. I love ass-fucking you."  The hotness of Vivian's blow-job was practically driving Dan crazy. Her soft moist lips sliding along his bloated cockshaft were making it throb inside her mouth, and he thought his balls would explode as he watched the entire length of his huge boner disappear into the young girl's mouth.  Maris was the only one whose pussy wasn't getting any attention, so she slipped her hand through her soft pussy hair as she continued eating Rhonda's juicy cunt, Her fingertips found her clit and she squeezed it several times,  feeling jolts of pleasure race up her spine and through her tits. Her cunt was dripping, and she smeared some of the hot juice around her pussy opening before slipping her slender finger into the waiting hole.  "Ahhhh!" the girl groaned as her finger eased into her wet cunt. When it was completely buried inside her cunt, she added another finger and began fucking both of them rhythmically in and out of her overheated pussy.  It was pure heaven for Rhonda to feel her son's fantastic prick filling her tight ass chute. She moaned passionately and screwed her hot little ass around the base of his deeply embedded prickshaft, at the same time forcing more of her dripping cunt meat into Maris' sucking mouth. She felt Rusty's cock fucking deeply into her ass with each thrust of his powerful loins, and the wanton woman whimpered happily as the boy drove his huge fucker in and out of her shitter.  Rusty trembled with excitement as he fucked his hard cock in his mom's tight asshole. He'd never fucked anything as warm and tight as her ass, and the deeper he fucked into her buttery ass guts, the better it felt. As his lustful mother pushed her soft ass back against him, Rusty reached under and grabbed one of her luscious tits in each hand. He squeezed and fondled the giant orbs, feeling their weight bouncing wildly against the palms of his hands.  "God, baby, that feels so good," Rhonda whispered around the edges of Vivian's pussy. Her pretty face was streaked with the girl's cunt juices as she rested her cheek against the girl's soft thigh, temporarily concentrating on the wonderful ream-job her son was doing on her ass. "That's the way to pump it to me. Fuck my ass, baby! Fuck your slutty mother's asshole! Harder... deeper ... split me in two!"  Thrusting her ass back harder against the boy's pounding cock, Rhonda fucked her tongue back into Vivian's drooling young cunt and sucked and chewed.  The wonderful sensation of Rusty's prick up her ass, his hands on her big tits, mauling them, and Maris' hot mouth on her cunt had her in absolute ecstasy. The beautiful woman squealed with joy and pleasure as she ate her daughter's cunt and rotated her hot ass around her boy's hard cock.  "Unnggg, fuck me, baby!" she wailed excitedly. "Fuck my horny ass! Ream me out good!"  Rusty fucked feverishly into his mother's ass, trying to get all of his cock up her hot asshole with each lunge. Enjoying each moment of this wild ass-fuck, the boy drilled his boner back and forth as he watched his mom hump and writhe on the end of his cock lance like a shameless whore.  Maris whimpered into Rhonda's wet pussy, fucking her stiff fingers in and out of her burning cunt. She could barely control her lust as she wantonly humped her pussy against her hand, feeling her tight cunt muscles contracting wetly around her probing fingers as if they were a hard cock.  Vivian was loving this perverted act more than she'd ever enjoyed anything before. Whipped into a lustful frenzy by her mother's torrent of obscene words and the way the woman was eating her pussy, the youngster sucked on Dan's cock with reckless abandon. She propped herself up on one elbow and scooted down on the bed, pressing more of her sopping cunt into her mother's face. Her lips were flying along Dan's spit-slick prick and her heavy tits bounced and jiggled wildly as the young man fucked his cock in and out of her hotly sucking mouth. She was completely lost in the pleasures of her lovemaking as her cunt clenched and unclenched around her mother's fucking tongue and her mouth sucked anxiously on the photographer's plunging slab of cock meat.  "Suck, baby, suck!" Dan grunted as he fucked his cock into the girl's face. "Suck me harder! Suck me till I cream."  When Dan announced he was about to cum, everyone on the bed began fucking and sucking harder and faster, intent on sharing this orgasm. Rusty fucked his mom's asshole viciously with his burning cock rod while Maris chewed the woman's clit and cuntlips till she screamed with passion. Vivian mashed her cunt against her mother's open mouth and sucked Dan's cock as hard as she could, taking all of his hard fucker into her young mouth.  "Fuck... fuck... fuck my ass!" Rhonda screamed hysterically as she fucked violently back onto the stiff prickshaft buried in her ass. She felt her son's cock slam into her ass guts, triggering an orgasm that ripped through her cunt and ass at the same time and almost blew her head off. "Argghhh! I'm cumming... cuummiinnnggg!"  The moment she came, Rhonda's ass ring clamped tightly around Rusty's cockshaft, trapping it inside her ass and squeezing it fiercely. The boy managed to fuck into her just a few more times, and then his balls erupted and his hot cum gushed into her spasming ass guts.  "Unnhhh, I'm cumming, too!" the boy cried, fucking his cock deep into Rhonda's ass. "Take it up your slutty asshole! I'm fucking your ass and filling it with my cum! Take it, Mom! Take it all!"  On the other side of the bed, Dan was grunting with delight as Vivian sucked his cock deeper into her throat. He snorted like an animal and lunged back and forth, fucking his prick into the girl's mouth with so much force his cock almost choked her.  "Suck, you sweet little bitch! Suck it good and hard!" he demanded as his hairy balls slapped lewdly against the girl's chin. "I'm gonna cream... gonna cum in your mouth and make you eat it. Now... unnnhhh!"  Vivian went wild when she felt the first blast of Dan's delicious jizz on her tongue, and she felt her pussy suddenly clench around her mother's tongue as she was overcome with a tremendous climax. She tried to scream as the waves of pleasure washed over her young body, but with her mouth full of cock meat and cum, she only spluttered and gasped.  Maris lay beneath Rhonda's writhing loins and stared up into the woman's drooling pussy as Rusty's cock convulsed over and over, just above her face. In her young mind, she imagined his hard boner blasting out great wads of thick cum, coating the insides of Rhonda's shitter like heavy syrup. When she saw a flood of cunt cream flow from Rhonda's open pussy, she raised her face and swallowed it greedily, letting the tangy pussy cum wash over her face and drip down her chin.  She was drinking down the woman's cunt cream when her pussy convulsed around her fingers and she suddenly felt a torrent of warm pussy cream flow out of her own cunt. She moaned and squirmed hotly on the bed, letting her orgasm surge through her young body and completely overwhelm her. She sucked at Rhonda's cunt and fucked four fingers up her own pussy as she came, her mind reeling with the best orgasm she'd ever experienced.  Dan's hot cum swirled into Vivian's mouth, filling her cheeks. Cock cream drooled from the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin in sticky white strands. Some of the strands broke and the creamy fluid dripped onto her heaving tits, covering her nipples with a thin shiny coating of cum. Each time the man's cock jerked, another wad of jism blasted into her throat.  "That's the way, baby!" Dan panted, continuing to ram his cock in and out of the girl's cum-,filled mouth. His prick was streaked with his own cum that dangled in long strands from the thick shaft of his cock and matted his cock hairs as it spilled from the girl's lips. "Eat it all down like a good little slut. Eat all my jizz!"  Rhonda could hardly believe the ecstasy she felt as her young son's fat cock belched hot cum into her tiny asshole. She was already so full of his cum she was sure she couldn't hold more, and she didn't know where the boy was accumulating all his cock cream. She could feel his prick sloshing around in the narrow channel of her ass as he kept spewing out his load of molten cum.  At the same time, her hot cunt was spewing out so much cum cream that it seemed the boy's cum must be flowing from her ass to her cunt and then running out of her pussy and directly into Maris' open mouth.  Rhonda collapsed from the intensity of her orgasm while Rusty was still spurting hot cum into her asshole. As she fell panting onto Maris' naked body, the boy's cock slipped from her ass with a wet pop, pointing directly down at Maris' lovely face. A huge stream of cum gushed from his swollen cockhead and splattered onto her upturned face. It covered her nose and ran down both sides of her face, coating her cheeks with a film of sticky white cum. Grabbing his cock in his hand, the youth pumped it fiercely, jacking out another wad of his milky jism that landed right in the girl's open mouth. Cum covered her tongue and ran heavily into her throat.  The youngster gasped as more of the tangy cum gushed into her waiting mouth. She had just gotten through eating Rhonda's cunt juice, and now she was being treated to a mouthful of hot male cum. She was in heaven as the boy's prick finished spurting and the dregs of his cum oozed slowly into her mouth and onto her lovely face.  Grasping the wilting shaft of the boy's sticky cock, Maris used it to smear his cum into her face, streaking it across her nose and eyelids and cheeks until her whole face glistened with the creamy jism. Then she smiled up at him with cum-coated lips and sucked his limp prick back into her mouth to clean it off.  Dan was the last to finish creaming. He was still pumping his cum load into Vivian's open mouth after the young girl had already finished cumming. As she lay on the bed now, the photographer aimed his prick at her pretty face and jerked himself off until he had no more cum to give. He had covered the teenager's face with his sticky cum and watched as her mouth overflowed from all the cum he had pumped into it. Long sticky ropes of his jism dangled obscenely from her chin and ran down her face, into her ears and hairline as he let the remainder of his cum seep from his piss-slit while he traced little patterns across her face with his softening cockhead.  Vivian shifted on the bed and felt Dan's cum dripping from her face. Her mouth was still full of his cum, and it dribbled from her lips in sticky trails. She gulped down the last mouthful of the heavy cum load. Next to her, Dan collapsed onto the bed, his chest heaving.  It wasn't long before Maris mentioned that she wanted to get fucked. She was the only one whose pussy hadn't been filled with cock or been eaten, and now it was ready to be stuffed full of hard cock meat. Not only that, but the young girl explained that she also wanted to get fucked in the ass before the night was through.  "We need another cock," Rusty said. Both he and Dan were too exhausted to accommodate the young girl at the moment. "Anyone here know where we can find another one?"  "How about Maris' dad?" Rhonda asked. "He's divorced and probably horny as hell most of the time. Don't you think we could get him to join us, Maris? Besides, he's damn good looking, and I've kind of wanted to get into his pants for a while now."  "I think he'd probably love to join us," the girl answered, smiling. "And I've been wanting to feel his cock inside my pussy too." Smiling with anticipation, the pretty teenager rolled over and reached for the phone.
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How I fucked my buddies virgin daughter pussy and wife stories "Unnggg, fuck me, baby!" she wailed excitedly. "Fuck my horny ass! Ream me out good!" How I fucked my buddies virgin daughter pussy and wife stories "Unnggg, fuck me, baby!" she wailed excitedly. "Fuck my horny ass! Ream me out good!"