How dad fucked her twin Virgin daughters pussy "Harder... fuck me harder... GODDAMNIT HARDER!"they all cried Yes daddy Fuck
How dad fucked her twin Virgin daughters pussy "Harder... fuck me harder... GODDAMNIT HARDER!"they all cried Yes daddy Fuck

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How dad fucked her twin Virgin daughters pussy "Harder... fuck me harder... GODDAMNIT HARDER!"they all cried Yes daddy Fuck

How dad fucked her twin Virgin daughters pussy "Harder... fuck me harder... GODDAMNIT HARDER!"they all cried Yes daddy Fuck- They were a vision of passion-filled female beauty lying side by side on the bed. Their naked bodies glowed as the overhead strobe-light whirled, sending its myriad colors down to caress their tantalizingly perfect forms. Their breasts, their skin, even their dark pubic hair took on new vistas of sexual allure as they glowed amber, blue, red, a cream-white and then started slowly going through the whole color spectrum all over again.  Les Jacobs stood at the foot of the bed, also naked, his rigid cockstaff hard, thick, and swollen with desire in his hand. He watched them, letting his eyes float over this feast of female flesh as his fist roamed up and down his cock. He couldn't remember when he had been so lucky. Just one of the twin sisters would have been beautiful and a whole evening's fun.  But two?... heaven.  The girls, Cindy and Candy Harris, were just as appreciative of him. But then the Harris twins were, and always had been, highly desirous of a good, rigid cock.  Early on, that morning in the photo session, they had decided to take him back home with them when the job was done. He was tall, with dark, curly hair, and his face had the fine features of a Greek.  The girls went for Greeks and Italians; they were usually passionate, well-hung, and they had little or no inhibitions about how or where to use the equipment nature gave them for fucking.  Greeks loved to fuck.  Italians loved to fuck.  The Harris twins loved to fuck. But then, everyone in the wild world of films, magazines, fashion, and photography that the twins inhabited loved to fuck. It came second as a need and pastime right after eating; sometimes right in the middle.  "Les," Cindy drawled, running the fingers of her right hand up and down the already wet slit of her twin sister's cunt. "Are you just going to stand there and look?"  "Yeah," chimed Candy, in a slightly higher-pitched voice. It was the only difference between them. "You've been looking at us all day, naked, from behind a camera. And almost all day you've had a hard-on."  "Are you going to use that beautiful hunk," Cindy asked, "or do we have to do each other?"  Les laughed. "My eyes just can't get enough of your bodies. Give me a little time... I'll get there."  They were beautiful, magnificent animals with large heavy breasts that refused to fall slack from their weight. Even now, with both girls lying on their backs, their twin pairs of conical peaks seemed to leap in pink-pointed perfection toward the ceiling. Their flattened buttocks spread beneath their bodies, accenting the sexual fullness of their wide, womanly hips. Bones projected at the sides of their flat bellies, making the area bulge further with the pulpy lips and wealth of hair that covered the juiciness of their delicious cunts.  It was true. As the top photographer for most of the class nudie magazines, Les Jacobs had snapped hundreds of beautiful breasts and pussys. He had also had hundreds of offers to fuck the models he took pictures of. But never, in any session that he could remember, had he gotten a hard-on while working.  Today was different. It was different because of the twins, Cindy and Candy. They were different. Besides being female perfection, they oozed sex from every pore and every orifice in their delectable bodies.  "I'm like a kid in a candy store," Les said. "I don't know which to eat first."  Cindy moaned. "Well, get your handsome head between my legs and we'll take care of the rest. God, I'm hot... tongue me a little, Les!"  She placed her hands under her velvet ass and, using her elbows for leverage, lifted her steaming cunt high in the air. At the same time Cindy spread her legs as far apart as they would go in the air. The movement pulled the gooey lips of her pussy apart and a slight trickle of love juice oozed from her vaginal hole and slithered down into the crack of her ass.  "Jesus, beautiful pussy," her sister Candy moaned beside her. "Eat her, Les, or I'll do it for you."  "You mean... you two... sisters, I mean, would swing with each other?" he said.  "Oh c'mon... of course," Cindy said, wiggling her ass around in the air. "What's the difference?... sex is all sex. C'mon, baby, hurry," Cindy moaned. "Fuck or suck me, one or the other. My cunt's on fire."  I'll eat you while you eat me, sis," Candy said, moving her head and shoulders between her sister's raised back and Les' bobbing cock.  Reaching over Candy, Les grabbed Cindy's willing, writhing body. "All too good to be true," he moaned as he ran his slick tongue down the inside of Cindy's thigh toward the triangle of her passion.  Cindy's thighs spread even wider as she felt his tongue tickle the pubic hair around her pussy and down the crack to her anus. Her mouth opened in a red, moist line of desire as the heat of his darting tongue got closer and closer.  Les grabbed her thighs and pulled her passion-filled pussy to his lips and tongue. Her juicy ass quivered deliciously as his lips moved up and down her thighs, teasing, coming nearer her bush again and again.  Then his tongue struck a lick at her seeping gash. It split the pulpy lips apart to enter. Cindy's moist sheath made a sucking sound as her lower lips clasped around his searching, darting tongue.  "Oh yes, shit yes," she cried, rolling her head from side to side, closing her eyes in a tight line of ecstasy. "Tongue-fuck me... fuck my pussy with your tongue and suck my juice!"  Below and between them the other twin had taken his cock in her hand and was massaging it as the rubbery tip ran back and forth across her ruby lips.  "Nice, thick, hard meat," she gasped, flicking the little eye in the head with the tip of her tongue. "Cock... good, hard cock."  He flinched as Candy's fingernails dug deeply into the flesh of his prick. She gave his cockhead a long, wet kiss. Then she licked down across his balls and rammed her tongue into his asshole.  He groaned out his joy and countered by doing the same for Cindy's sister.  "Oh yes... just... don't just ease your tongue in my asshole," Cindy cried, humping her backhole up to him. "Ram it in... ram it in like a cock!"  Candy returned her hungry lips to the head of his cock and replaced her tongue in his asshole with a finger. "I just knew, looking at that fucking bulge in your pants all day, that you had a beautiful dick," she moaned.  "Suck it... do something to it," Les moaned, his mouth slurping on Cindy's gyrating cunt.  Candy's tongue came from between her full, sensual lips and rolled around the ridge of his cockhead. His leg muscles jumped in anticipation. Her tongue flicked out again and again and then her mouth engulfed the knob of his throbbing prick and sucked gently.  She could look straight up, as she sucked his cock, and see the moistening crack of her sister's firm ass and Les' head as it bobbed in the muff between the wildly juggling thighs.  He paused at the pussy he was sucking and fingered it while he looked down and thrilled at Candy's beautiful face sucking his cockpole. Her red lips stretched wide in a wet oval around his hot flesh. Her jaws moved with the rhythm of a girl who really enjoys sucking a man's cock. Her tits bobbed and swayed like her head, their fullness creamy and pink-tipped.  "Oh, are we all gonna get fucked tonight," he said.  He pinched both women's tender skin. Desire charged through his bloodstream, his stiff prick acting as an antenna to give warning to the twin who caressed it. He gasped and grasped her hair, trying to shove all of his massive tool into her sucking mouth.  She gagged. Candy was gorged by the suddenness of his movement, yet she didn't pull back. She wanted it. He was actually choking her, yet the dark eyes seemed to relish the thought of being strangled in such a way. Les continued to strain his rigid pole into her mouth and spread her lovely lips even wider.  In the fascination of watching Candy suck his meat, he had been neglecting the sister. She let him know it by grabbing his head and pulling it back to the gooey softness of her pulpy cunt.  "Dammit, don't stop! Eat me, you son-of-a-bitch... suck it dry!" she wailed.  His face was pressed into her muff. It smelled of musky, exotic perfume, mingling with the aroma of sex rising from his own buried cock.  "Hmmmmmm, good... good pussy," he sighed.  "Eat it... eat my cunt!" Her thighs tightened on his head and she slowly eased her mound upwards. His lips touched her spreading labia. It was pink, glistening hot, and inviting.  "Oh... ohhhhh, hell yes, shit yes. That's it, suck on my hole. Suck my fucking cunt 'til it's raw," Cindy shrieked, grinding her knob of love and lust against Les' upper lip.  He let his eyes float down, as he ate, to the twin of the face that sucked his cock. Her breasts were wildly flapping together as she bucked and rammed her flaming cunt against his sucking mouth.  His tongue flicked out, the tip forcing its way into the pulp of her fiery slit.  "Sex... cunt, cock, cum," Cindy said, squirming sensuously as his tongue moved the entire length of her tingling crevice. "Give it to me, lover. Suck and bite my hard little clit!"  Les' tongue pushed deeply into her, hard, like an erected cock. Her asscheeks snapped against his chin, quivering. "My clit," she cried out again, "get my fucking clit... please, HURRY!"  "You whores. You hot-assed sluts," he cried into her steaming folds, "I love you both."  His mouth ground against her clit. It was slick and hot and congested with the spunk of her lust. It was like a female cock probing at his mouth. Moisture seeped from her folds, hot and wet against his pressing chin.  "Fuck it... FUCK IT HARD!" she hissed.  The head of her thighs burned against his face as he pulled her clit between his lips. It was wonderful, alive, female. It seemed to move and expand when he licked it. His tongue grasped the sex flesh like a nipple, sucking and tugging.  She squirmed, her throbbing driving dripping pussy causing her mind to lose control. Her buttocks clenched and quivered and the strong muscles of her thighs sent tremors along either side of his head as she screamed out her orgasm.  He withdrew from her thighs, and his eyes were wild with desire as he stared into her lovely face. It was ringed by straight black hair, round with a pert nose and dark eyes that were nearly pupil-less as she stared in ecstasy back at him.  Les eased Cindy's body down to the bed and moved his concentration to her sister, who was now devouring his cock like a full-course meal. But it wasn't all in her throat and that's where he wanted it, clear down past her tonsils.  The full, sensuous mouth moved, red, warm, infinitely fuckable. It was his turn to move. He jumped forward, forcing his gigantic erection between the ruby lips.  "Ohhh, agggwww," Candy gasped, but her hands came free of his cock and let him move it hard into her face. She eyed his meat hungrily as it moved slowly in and out of her face, gaining an inch into her throat with every lunge.  "Swallow it," he urged. "Take the whole fucker into your mouth!"  She mumbled something.  "Take it, dammit!" he urged. His ass squirmed against her breasts. The hard nipples burned into his asscheeks.  Candy's eyes smiled up and rolled at him. They said, "I love cock."  Her mouth became a voracious, devouring thing as she took him in. She began to suck him gently, then ravenously as the tide of perversity took hold on her, sweeping her into the powerful arena of cock and sex.  Her lips were literally molded tightly around his pulsing shaft, her tongue rolling around his meat as she applied suction with her cheeks. Her face was bloated and congested with cock as she slowly took it all.  "Ohhh, cunt... your mouth is just like a warm, sweet cunt," he groaned, as he leaned back and closed his eyes.  He felt as if his testicles were being drawn into her mouth. He was tense and straining, making no effort to withdraw as the end neared. Her mouth continued to work feverishly until she tasted the hot jets of salty cum against the roof of her mouth.  Candy pulled her mouth from the head of his spurting cock. A gooey glob of sperm shot out and landed on her chin. She speared it with her tongue, brought it into her mouth, and swallowed.  "Fuck me... fuck me in the cunt now and make me cum too," Candy cried, dropping onto her back alongside her sister. "Hurry, I want to feel that hot juice shoot up, clear up, inside me!"  Les dropped between her thighs and filled her hole with his cock in one, swift, fluid lunge.  Her vaginal walls hugged his shaft tightly, and he slithered through the slippery folds until his balls slapped wetly against her ass. Ecstasy ripped through her cunt as his hot cock filled her belly. He pounded, drove stroke after stroke into her, thrusting against the quivering, sucking mouth of her wobbling cervix.  Then the sound of moaning and fucking bodies was shattered by the loud ringing of the telephone in the living room.  "Oh no... shit, piss, fuck... goddam telephone," Candy cried, humping her cunt lovingly up over Les' charging cock. "Fuck it... keep fucking me!"  "I'll get it," Cindy said, reluctantly. She rolled off the bed. "But save some of that for me!"  Candy heard her sister's footsteps leave the room and then the insistent jangling stopped. The telephone was an important part of their lives. Without it they couldn't make a living. So someone had to answer it.  Thank god, Cindy was willing to at that moment because Candy couldn't make her body give up the cock that was filling it, no matter how important the call might be.  "Goddam, you're good," Les cried, grinding his pelvis against hers.  "So are you, lover," Candy groaned, forgetting all about her sister and the telephone as she lost herself in the joy and fury of a new cock. "It's always wild, the first time with somebody new," Candy sighed. "There's always something very exciting, for both Cindy and I, about fucking with a total stranger... somebody that you've just met."  "Well, I'm glad it was me you met," Les sighed, and started stroking harder and harder in and out of her hot, juicy hole.  "Pump it... pump it faster... yes, like that," Candy urged, raking her nails lightly up and down his back, from the crack of his ass to the nape of his neck.  He grunted in agreement and squeezed her full asscheeks in his hands. He fucked into her hair-lined hole with all the strength in his body.  I love cock, I love sex, Candy's mind chanted as she fucked him back. His cock grated across her hard clit with as much delicious sensation as any she had ever had. It burrowed up, up, all the way in her pulsing vagina. It jerked and throbbed. It almost seemed to breathe hot air inside her.  "Yes... ohhh, yessssss."  Moving his hands under her asscheeks, taking a firmer grip, his strong arms lifted the weight off her legs.  "Oh shit... soon, soon. Put your legs up. Put them around my waist. Oh, Candy, you're so fucking good, tight. It's good fucking like that, standing with you like this."  Tentatively, Candy raised one trembling leg. Then, she threw the other leg up and locked her ankles. The cock up her belly seemed to grow longer and plant its hot, jerking tip deeper than ever.  "Now fuck," sighed Les. He made deep-throated pleasure sounds. His fingers slipped into the open crack of her ass. One found the rear entry. "Make that sweet pussy bite me," he hissed, twisting a finger up her ass. "Sweet, sweet pussy... fuck me, fuck my cock," he howled.  "I love it," Candy managed to sigh, knowing that he was beyond hearing, beyond caring what she said. Nonetheless she wanted to express the emotions that his hands, his big pulsing cock were stirring in her. Her body felt light, charged with electricity. Her tight cunthole snapped. Her puckered asshole sucked lovingly on his finger.  "Oh good cock... good fuck. You're clear up in my fucking throat with it," she cried.  "Faster," he demanded, "fuck faster. Screw that sweet cunt around like that... yesssss."  Planting his feet wide apart, giving himself more room, more leverage, he began to hump the length of his rod in and out of her pussy like an animal. He slammed her fluid ass cheeks against the mattress, grunting with each lunge. He tried to hurt her, bruise her, and she loved it.  Candy felt no pain. She felt only the bliss, the fire, the friction of his dick stoking her furnace. She wiggled, fucking him with all her might, mind and body, trying to bring them both to orgasm. She felt the knob of his mighty cock swell and jerk in the slippery depths of her sheath and fucked her hips, her cunthole even faster.  She wrapped her arms tight at his neck. She strained her legs at his waist and rested her head in the crook at his shoulder while she gyrated her pussy furiously.  Pulling far back, Les slammed into her. Sweat broke on his brow as his long cock dipped again and again in her hot juicy hole.  Candy could feel his big hairy balls growing tense with the force of the cum-load her tight cunt was coaxing from him. The hands on her ass pulled her close with each forward stab, forcing her onto him. She felt only the exquisite driving goodness, only the thrust of his prick.  He sought her moist, parted lips. Their mouths fused. His tongue began to piston in time to his cock and the finger that was fucking her asshole. Then suddenly the cock in her belly stopped pistoning. It held in her at its roots. The hands on her asscheeks became cruel steel claws.  She gasped. Batting her inner cunt muscles on the vibrating shaft, she sucked his tongue and held her breath in anticipation of the first thick gush of his cream in her dilated pussy.  It seemed to take forever. Her lungs, she was certain, were going to burst through her chest and leave her firm pink-tipped titties shredded. She worked her ass frantically; bumping, grinding, milking the fat head of his magnificent cock.  It was a good orgasm, for both of them, and they told each other so.  "Have you got any more?" she cried.  "Yes... right away. Fuck me back!" he cried.  Then his cock was again pumping, spurting another load of his hot jism up her clasping hole.  "Yes... give it to me... fill me up with it. I'm coming too," Candy gasped.  Moaning, pinching his waist in the vise of her thighs, and kneading his spitting dick in the tighter, hotter, vise of her vagina, Candy gulped the semen with her cunt. She squealed and made her cunt suck his thick cream. She felt it glide down the walls of her sheath. Out it came, searing the puffy pink lips of her pussy, and dripping wet and sticky down the crack of her ass. She sucked his mouth. She worked her stomach, making it ripple, making the ripples spread through her sex until her sensitive clit began to fire the heat, the thrill, and the fireworks of her orgasm.  "Boy, you better have one more for Cindy," Candy giggled, "or she'll tear your cock out by the roots."  "It doesn't matter... now," Cindy said, from the door.  Les and Cindy rolled their heads around. Cindy was at the door, lounging against the jamb. She had a drink in one hand, a cigarette in the other, and a scowl on her face.  "What's wrong, sis?" Candy said, feeling something.  "Yeah, what is it, Cindy," Les said, "you look like you've just seen a ghost."  "Almost. Oh, I haven't seen one," Cindy replied. "But I feel like I just talked to one."  "What are you talking about, honey?" Candy asked.  "Just that... ghosts," Cindy said, and walked to the bed. "How long do you suppose it has been since we have seen or heard from our dear father."  "Well... let's see," her sister replied. "We're almost nineteen... ah, I'd say ten years."  "Well, I not only just talked to him, but he would like us to spend a couple of weeks with him."
  The girls knew very little about their father except what they had been told by their mother. Most of that was bad and the girls believed it completely. That is, they believed it until they got older and started understanding a little more about life and sex.  His name was Zek Harris. He had been a professional gambler, a rake, and, according to pictures and people's description, the handsomest and most charming man in the world - at least in the world inhabited by the people who said that.  In the nine years after the girls' birth their mother had grown to hate him. She explained the reasons for this to her daughters; he was a sex maniac, never able to completely satisfy his wild, carnal desires and he was worthless. Their mother claimed that the only reason he married her was for her money; of which she had a very great deal. The girls took this for the truth, believing every word as fact until they started growing-up and the desires of mature womanhood started rising in their own awakening bodies. By the time they were thirteen, sex was all-important to them. Their mother was so protective and possessive that the girls were never given a chance to experiment with boys. In lieu of that they started experimenting with each other.  Sucking each other's tits and rubbing their excited little cunts together became an everyday kick and turn-on for both of them. Their mother discovered the pastime one day and nearly went out of her mind. She beat both of them nearly silly and kept screaming at them that they were just like their father. She said they would probably turn out to be female counterparts of him and his useless, lustful ways; just like him, they would end up no good and living every moment of their lives for sex.  The beating that the girls received and the constant reminder that sex was awful, dirty, and God-knew-what-else made the girls fearful enough to stop their experiments on each other.  For almost a month they stayed away from even thinking about sucking and fucking. They wouldn't even sleep together or look at each other when they were in the bath or changing.  But they couldn't keep it up. In no time they were back at the joy of making each other cum.  Shortly after their fourteenth birthday they discovered that each other's body was just not enough to satisfy them. They both started looking longingly at boys' bodies. They wanted to see and feel a prick. They wanted to know what the older girls at school were talking about when they went on and on about the joy of sex and what it felt like to fuck on a cock instead of a finger.  In the summer of their fourteenth year, during a church picnic, they saw their first hard prick and found out what it could do to a ready and willing cunt.  Mona Landon was the school hump. All the boys were wild about her. The twins' mother said she was the instrument of the devil. The mother cautioned the girls not to associate with Mona, because it was obvious from her ripe, voluptuous body that she was destined for hell. Both girls couldn't quite understand this because at fourteen, two years younger than Mona, their bodies were more attractive and fuller in the breasts and hips than Mona's.  Did that mean that they were destined for a life of sex and hell? They both secretly hoped so. In the middle of the afternoon picnic, when most of the kids were swimming, the twins spotted Mona and Grady Bell, the big football hero from the high school, sneak away into the woods. They were both sure of what was going to happen and they both agreed that this would be their big chance to see a boy in action with a girl. They followed.  The twins waited until Mona and Grady were almost out of sight - no one else was watching, nor had seen the couple leave - then they set off after them.  Abruptly, about a hundred yards into the trees, Grady pulled the giggling Mona off the path. Cindy and Candy, being as quiet as they could, followed them to the edge of a clearing.  From behind some bushes they had an excellent seat for the upcoming show. Both of them felt the excitement of anticipation as they watched the young man strip off his bathing suit. Then the anticipation became a moment of panic when they saw the size of his rigid man-cock.  "Jesus," Cindy whispered. "How can that big thing get inside a woman?"  "We must stretch a lot," Cindy said, being the most realistic of the two.  The two lovers came together and lowered themselves to the ground. The twins were breathless as Grady removed Mona's bikini and bent his head to her fleshy, pouting breasts.  The twins' breasts swelled in the confines of their suits as he started to suck the girl's jutting globes. They could feel a sudden ache deep in the pits of their bellies and an itch in their young, virginal pussies.  Now the couple ground their flesh together and Grady kissed her lips with a savage, animal-like fury. The twins could almost feel the aura of sexuality reach them from the center of the clearing and the writhing, naked bodies. As Grady's hands roamed over Mona's body, the twins' flesh began to tingle in the same places he touched.  They saw his head move back to her quivering breasts, then down along her body to her thighs. It was so exciting that they could almost feel those lips fluttering on their own flesh. "Do you think he'll fuck her?" Cindy asked.  "Of course he's going to fuck her," Candy replied. "Now, shhhhh, and watch. They'll hear you."  His mammoth nine-inch prick was in full view above Mona now. It looked very hard and long enough and thick enough to split the poor girl in half. But Mona didn't seem to be afraid. Her hands moved to him and began stroking his hard muscles, then moved on down his body.  "I want your cock," the twins heard Mona gasp. "I want to feel the meat of your cock clear in my cunt until you scrape the inside of my tits with it."  "You'll get it, sweetheart," Grady replied.  Now Mona was touching him, stroking his body lovingly with her long red-tipped fingers. Then he was rolling over on his back and she was moving over him. Her big breasts flattened against his belly.  "What's he gonna do now?" Cindy asked.  "Kiss her pussy, silly. Just like we do to each other," said Candy. "Jeez, I wish he was fucking my cunt with his tongue right now."  Then the couple turned around again with Mona on her back. Her knees were bent, her thighs spread wide apart. Grady knelt between her thighs. The twins couldn't help but gasp in awe as they saw his buttocks clench and drive the full length of his prick up into Mona's clasping pussy.  "My God," Candy gasped. "She took his whole prick like it was nothing."  "Wow... look at 'em fuck," Cindy said in total awe.  They watched as the pleasure of Grady's cock in her cunt spread across Mona's face. The girl was moaning and urging him to fuck her harder, faster. Her eyes were closed, her mouth became slack, and her head rolled from side to side as Grady rammed his long, thick cock in and out of her seething pussy in swift, plunging strokes.  The two girls played with their own cunts as they watched Mona approach her climax.  Then it happened.  Mona's body arched up off the ground. She took Grady up with her until only her feet and shoulders touched the grass beneath her. The twins heard and saw the girl's climax as they roared through their own, brought on by the punishing fingers in their cunts.  "Oh yes, yes, Grady, honey, fucker... cum with me... shoot your cum up into my cunt... soak my womb with your fertile seed!"  The twins watched each other orgasm and then looked back at the couple on the ground. They lay sprawled side by side, chests heaving. Mona's body still twitched occasionally from her orgasm. The twin's eyes glittered as they watched, feeling a hollowness inside their own bodies.  "God, I want a cock like that inside my pussy... fucking me," Candy said.  "Oh shit yes... me too," Cindy groaned.  It was nearly a month to the day when both girls got their wishes. Ironically enough, the prick that set them off on a life of sex worship was their uncle's, their mother's brother.  He had just gotten a divorce and had come to stay with them while affairs between him and his wife were settled by their respective lawyers.  The girls liked him a lot and whenever their mother wasn't around to listen they asked him all sorts of questions about his married life. One afternoon the questions got right to the point, when Candy was left alone with him at the pool while Cindy and their mother were out.  "Why did you get a divorce?" Candy said, from her spot on the deck, looking up at him sitting in one of the reclining chairs around the pool.  His answer surprised and delighted her. "Because," he said, "my wife is like my sister, your mother. She's cold, frigid, and totally sexless. A man needs sex, it's one of his most basic desires and drives. A normal woman should need it too. Something is wrong when she doesn't."  Oh brother, Candy thought, you can say that again.  Out loud she said, "Is that why my mother divorced our father?... Because she wouldn't have sex with him?"  "I don't really know," her Uncle Don replied. "I didn't know your father very well."  Cindy and Candy had already decided, between them, that their uncle would be their first male conquest. They knew that if they seduced him or let him seduce them, he wouldn't be like the boys at school and talk about it afterwards. He would be safe and, from the way he talked, he didn't think sex was dirty, like their mother did. Also he made no bones about telling them how much he needed it.  "You're not like Mother... are you?" Candy said, raising up on her elbows and smiling when she saw his eyes travel down to the dark valley between her swaying breasts where they bulged like two brown melons above the cups of her scanty bikini.  "What do you mean?"  "I mean about sex. You like to fuck, don't you?"  He smiled at her bluntness. She liked his smile. It was almost as charming and handsome as her father's smile that Cindy and Candy treasured in the only picture they had of him.  "You're your father's daughter all right," he said.  "What does that mean?" Candy awkwardly asked.  "It means you're blunt."  "It also means I'm curious," she replied, making it very plain when she lifted her head a little and stared pointedly at the bulge in his suit.  "How curious?" Don said, shifting on the chaise so his youthful niece couldn't see just how large the rise in the front of his swimtrunks had become.  "Curious enough to sneak into your room tonight after everyone else is asleep."  "You'd really do that?" he said, his eyes narrowing.  "No shit... would I really do that," she said. "You just don't fall asleep before I get there."  That night Candy told Cindy her plan.  "What about me?" Cindy said.  "Simple. I'll do it tonight and you can sneak down tomorrow night."  "Well... okay," Cindy said. "But I'll be wide awake waiting for every detail so don't fall asleep and stay down there all night."  "I won't... I won't, I promise."  Her Uncle Don was awake, waiting for her in bed, with only his night- light on.  "I didn't think you really meant it."  "Now you know I did," Candy said. "Well?... do we or don't we?"  "Does that door lock from this side?" he asked.  "The key is on the other side."  He grinned at her. "Then either get out of here or go get the key and lock the door from this side."  Candy went to the door, opened it, and got the key. When it was secure from inside the room, she walked to the bed.  "God," he moaned up at her, "you are an absolute doll."  He reached up and pulled her down to him. It was a lovely long kiss. He gasped in awe when he broke the kiss and cupped one of her breasts in his hands.  "What's the matter?" she said in alarm.  "I hope you have your full growth already," he replied.  "Why?"  "Because if you don't," he said, "you're going to have to hand-make your bras someday. Jesus, I could see in your bikini that you were big but, my God, when I get my hands on one of them..."  "Do you want me to suck your cock first?" Candy said.  "Where do you know about that?" he said, laughing.  "Cindy and I read books... and we talk a lot. She wants you to fuck her, too."  "Oh my God," he said, bringing her body back down to his and kissing her again. He took her all the way down with him onto the bed.  His fingers opened her nighty and slipped inside. She gasped into his mouth as the garment slipped all the way open down to the triangle of her pussy. She sighed and settled comfortably down onto her back. The robe slipped completely aside.  He gasped again when he saw the huge rosebuds at the tips of her mammoth breasts and the dark patch of fur that stretched across her pussy to nearly touch both her hip bones.  "Jesus, you are one beautiful girl," he said.  Slowly his hands moved in over her ribs and up to close on her surging, naked breasts. Gently his fingertips massaged her firm, tanned tits, then slid down over her belly. It quaked under his touch. The skin all over her body rippled and twitched with quivers of delighted acceptance.  "Are you scared?" he asked.  "No," she smiled. "Just anxious to see what a cock feels like."  Kissing her and being thoroughly kissed in return, he let his fingers linger just above her pubic hair, exploring, titillating her with the toying, kneading motions of his fingertips.  "That feels good," she cooed in his ear as she reached for him to return the pleasure. Her hand found his naked cock. "Mmmmm," she sighed, "your prick is hard... real hard and big."  His hand went back to her tits. He put one hand to each huge jug and stroked. He squeezed and pinched their round plumpness until the nipples were red and quivering.  Candy started writhing beneath him, trying to get the wet furrow of her cunt close to his hard cock. She was loving the violation of her virgin breasts and she wanted it to spread to her pussy.  He bent his head to kiss the fullness of her sweet young tits. His tongue licked and swirled over the hard globes and watched as they swiftly swelled even larger. He held them together with his hands pressed against their full outer sides. Then his tongue licked between the silky globes, into the deep valley.  Candy was going crazy. For the next fifteen minutes she asked, then begged, then insisted that he hurry and put his big cock up into her cunt.  He paid no attention. He just went right on arousing her, loving her flesh, making love to all of her body.  He stood beside the bed and pulled the thin nighty from beneath her. She stared up at the bobbing length of his cock. Her eyes were full of respect and just a tinge of fear.  But when he moved back to her she readily opened her legs.  "It will hurt when it goes into your pussy," he said.  "I know," she sighed. "I know and I don't give a shit. Fuck me... put it in my pussy and fuck me with it!"  He used his hand to get her pussy as wet as possible, then he moved to enter her.  His prick began to find its way into the wet, juicing hole of her vagina. She managed to get directly beneath him. Instead of shying away from the huge bludgeon of his powerful tool, she shivered in apprehension and surged up to meet his driving body.  Her hands rose to pull him down into her. "Fuck me good," she moaned. "Oh shit, I can feel the head of your cock breaking it... go ahead... go, go, go! Don't stop until I've got it all."  Rhythmically, she clenched and loosened the soft cheeks of her ass beneath her, so that her body undulated under his. Her hand shot between his body and hers and gripped and pulled, guiding him into the wet mouth of her crotch. She forced her legs as far apart as she could get them and bucked her cunt hard over his thrusting cockmeat.  His cock slid in, far into that hot pool of sensual comfort. He struck her membrane. She cried out in sudden pain. He didn't hold back.  "Now... in it goes," he gasped.  "Yes... all of it. Take my useless fucking cherry."  He rammed forward to bury the crown of his throbbing prick far inside her. She grunted rather than cry out. She went limp for a moment, staring at the ceiling beyond his wide shoulders.  Then his cock started going in and out. An ecstatic shiver went sweeping over her entire sweaty body.  Then she bucked and felt his balls implanted against the crack of her ass. She also felt the hard bone of his pelvis crushing against her own matted, wet cunt hair and knew that she had him all, all of his turgid cock up her belly.  "I did it," she said, "I swallowed up all your cock with my pussy."  He stayed tight against her, lying still with his body propped above hers, on his forearms.  She stared up at him with beautifully misty eyes. "It's all gone."  "Yes," he replied, "Do you want to cum now?"  In answer she smiled broadly. Then she moved and threw her long, naked legs up over his shoulders. "Fuck me," she commanded.  "You," he said, kissing her left nipple, "are soft, and so tight." He kissed her right nipple. "And if I move very much more than this I'll cum."  "Move anyway. Fuck me... FUCK ME!"  He fucked her. He surged in and out of her virgin hole. He widened her while she cried for more and more. He plunged his prick clear to the far depths of the hole between her hot, sweaty thighs. He felt her juice and blood ooze from her lower lips and soak his balls; it was good, it was warm and it made him fuck her all the harder.  "Oh... oh, there, there, there," he chanted and came.  Cum boiled out into the body beneath him and when she felt it surge into her she cried out in delighted joy. She clasped him even closer when he slipped down on her.  "Oh, your cum feels so good shooting up into my cunt like that."  He didn't let her up until his cock was hard again. This time he slid slowly in and out of her, rubbing her body with his, grinding his pelvic bone over her clit as he slid in and out of that dark, wonderful, newly opened fuck hole that was slippery with his semen and her hot pussy juice.  He made it last and last until she was begging for it, when her eyes snapped very wide and she reached orgasm.  "I came... I came on a cock," she whispered.  "Are you all right?" he said.  "I'm fine... and I'm cock crazy. Fuck me again!" she said, flipping his body over until she was on top of him.
  Uncle Don's deflowering of Cindy proved even easier.  The girls didn't need the elaborate plan of getting Cindy to his room that next night.  In the morning their mother announced that she would once again have to spend the day in town on business. Winking at her sister, Candy agreed to go along with her on the pretext of doing some shopping.  As they left Candy whispered, "Lucky you... you'll get to fuck him all afternoon!"  Cindy ran to her room as soon as she heard them pull away, and got into her bikini. Dressed, she streaked to the pool and waited for her uncle to come out of his room for his regular morning swim.  She waited and waited but he never appeared. At last she could no longer stand the mounting pressure in her pussy. She went to his room and found him stretched across the bed, still sound asleep.  The sight of his naked cock, lying limply between his legs over the sac of his balls, made her whole body tingle with wild anticipation.  Gently she took his cock in her hands and caressed it. He moaned and lifted his hips upward, sending his swelling meat through her fist toward her lips.  Her Uncle Don was dreaming, dreaming about the beautiful fuck he had received the night before from her sister. Only, in his dream, Candy was both the twins all rolled into one giant woman. She had the biggest tits in the world and on their ends three-inch nipples.  He was dreaming that his head was buried between those huge tits. Because his dream Candy/Cindy was so big, he could only fuck her navel while he sucked her tits and wallowed between them.  Don pounded his cock a little into her belly but it wasn't good enough. He wanted to fuck her cunt, but he was reluctant to take his lips from the succulent wealth of her tremendous breasts.  At last he slid downward and crouched on his knees between her splayed legs. The huge black mat of her pubic hair was a full foot wide where it disappeared between her thighs into the dimpled abundance of her rounded buttocks.  Her pussy gaped open, the pink meat of her vulva glistening between the curling hair. It was also huge. It looked as though he could part the meaty lips and actually squirm inside her.  He leaned forward, laying his belly on hers, and wound his arms around her girth. Crossing them beneath her, he cupped as much of her buttocks as he could and roughly squeezed.  She moaned, and it sounded like a whole orgy going off in his ears.  He eased forward and felt the head of his cock nudge her clit. It was wet and spongy and gave with his increased pressure. The head of his prick slipped off and rolled easily downward, disappearing into her hole with a slurping sound.  It was good, so good, and so warm, and so wet, and he knew it was a dream and he knew that he was going to cum all over himself.  What he didn't know was that it wasn't a dream, that his cock was in something warm and wet. It was in Cindy's mouth.  He awoke immediately. "Candy... I thought you went back to your own room," he said, shaking the sleep from his eyes and trying to bring himself down from the wild dream.  "She did," Cindy said, raising her head from his prick and smiling delightfully at him.  Then he returned her smile with understanding. "Cindy?" "Yes."  "I suppose you'll be in my room tonight?"  "No..." she said, "right now."  "But your mother..."  "She and Candy left already. They won't be back for hours." She let her tongue trail up the swollen stalk of his prick. "Candy was right... your prick is really big; big and beautiful."  "You're making me hard," he said.  "Hard for my pussy," she replied. "Make my pussy slippery for your cock!"  "Are you a virgin, too?" he said.  "Yes... but I don't think I've got a cherry." She giggled. "I'm always ramming things up inside me... I think I probably popped it one hell of a long time ago."  "Then you're going to get something live rammed up you right now," he said and started fumbling with the top of her bikini.  His hands were gentle on her breasts, exciting as he squeezed her tender nipples through the soft material of her bra. Only for an instant, when he pinched her breast end a little too hard, did she complain. Soon, her body responded to her uncle's caresses. He worked her suit down over her hips, allowed it to fall, and then helped her step out of it.  With eyes shining he stepped back to look at her and marveled at how alike the two lovely twins were, even down to the shade of pubic hair that lightly covered her beautiful, already dripping, pussy.  For Cindy he became the most exciting man she had ever seen. She slid her hand down the front of her body until she could gather the full mound of her pussy in her fist and finger her clit. She watched his cock bob and leap at the front of his groin as he watched her play with her pubic hair and finger her delightful wet pussy.  "Oh, Jesus, you're beautiful," she gasped. Suddenly she saw all the good, fine points of a man's body. It was a fine-boned, well-fleshed body, like her own, and she wanted his sex, wanted him to crush her body into the bed as he fucked with his big hard cock up her hungry cunt.  He reached for her and picked her up with his arms. He squeezed her against him as he held her about six inches off the floor. His cock pushed between her thighs so that she felt it throbbing against her wet, cuntal lips. He held her there as he kissed her, and the tip of his tongue played wild games inside her mouth, searching for and probing hers.  He ended the kiss, and she felt her head spinning as he moved her like a bodyless form to the bed. Lust shone in his eyes as he fondled her ass and thighs with the same gentle touch that his tongue had used on her inner mouth.  He put her down on her back and completely removed her bra. She felt it fall down her arms. Then it was off, and her fleshy, full tits were jutting proudly toward this man who was ready to take them, to take her cunt for the first time.  He held one breast in each hand and pushed them together. Then he squeezed them gently, as if they were made of fine porcelain. Then his hands moved down her body and tickled her flesh. He didn't need to hurry and he wouldn't. She liked the slow way he played her body, liked the way he looked at the wide triangle of pubic hair that crowned her thrusting cuntal mound.  "Oh God, it's good, so good the way you touch me. I want you so much. Hold me, love me, fuck me. Come to me and fuck me with your cock!"  He sighed as he let his eyes drink in the full yet perfect proportions of her naked body. He leaned forward and nuzzled his nose in the soft, curling fur of her pussy. "You're like an angel, and I'll love you like an angel," he groaned. "But when the time is right, and we're right, I'll fuck you like a woman."  He moved her back to the head of the bed and slid in beside her. Slowly he let his hand flow down across her thighs, over the firm, flat belly and come to rest in the mat of her pubic hair. As he slid a finger up into her pussy a cry broke from his throat. But far from being the animal cry she might have expected, it was the sigh of a gentle lover who had achieved his goal.  "You're right," he said. "There's nothing there."  She smiled. "But I hope there will be... soon."  She encircled his body with her arms and pulled him on top of her. His weight was delicious as it crushed her breasts and her belly. She squirmed beneath him, urging him to fuck her. She reached down and closed her hand as hard as she could around the rigid thickness of his thrilling cock.  "Jeez... it's so big," she sighed.  "But not too big," he said, "you can take it, Cindy, easy. You can take it clear up inside your fuckhole."  "I know," she smiled. "I know I can."  Bending his head and rolling a little to the side of her body, he cupped a breast and eased the delicious bud at its end into his mouth. He licked and then lovingly rolled the hardened flesh between his lips.  She writhed and moaned. "Forever," she cried, "I want my sex to cum and cum and the coming to last forever."  She felt the tips of his fingers, maddeningly gentle, as they parted the tender lips of her pussy. The warm juices oozed from between them across his fingers and told him just how ready her pussy was for his love and his cock. The soaking state of her cunt told him what he wanted to know, what he longed to know - that she was eager to welcome all of his throbbing cock into her body.  He sucked both her breasts until the pink flesh at their ends felt raw. With his tongue he laved as if he were a child at his mother's tit.  Cindy responded in kind, arching her back and feeding his mouth with the fullness of her jutting breast flesh.  His head moved down, kissing and licking its way over the silky skin of her belly. At the same time his hands slid under the firm flesh of her rounded buttocks and kneaded them as though they were the first female asscheeks he had ever touched.  When Cindy felt his mouth move slowly down from her navel, she knew where he was going and her urgent cry of passion told him how much she wanted it. His lips and tongue paused to nuzzle in the thick part of her pubic hair just at the top of her slit. As they did, his fingers separated her buttocks and met at her asshole.  As he stroked there, she responded by bucking her ass up and down in his hands. There was no roughness, only gentle probing as his finger worked its subtle way into her ass to drive her wild. It was as though her rear had become another cunt.  And then his open mouth came down on her pussy and her cries of passion filled the room. She was sure that everyone in the whole world could hear her scream out for him to suck and fuck her.  She didn't care. She wanted the whole world to know. At that moment she wouldn't even have stopped if her mother had walked into the room and caught them in the act of love. Cindy had been sucked by her sister but it had never been like this before.  Don did it all and he did it with passion and tenderness. He was the perfect lover for a young girl getting her first lesson in love, her first fuck.  He sucked the juicy and tender lips of her pussy clear into his mouth. Then he used his tongue to ream the succulent walls of her vagina and flick against the throbbing clit.  As greedily and rapidly as he licked, he couldn't lick all the wealth of flowing juice that trickled in streams from her quivering cuntal lips. Cindy felt more and more warm fluid running down into the hot crack of her ass, making it feel like a pussy itself, a hot, juicy pussy that became even more sensitive as she felt his finger in her anus roll around and around in ever-widening circles.  "Oh shit, Uncle Don, it's so good," she screamed. "My cunt... my ass. Everything you're doing is so good, yes, yes, faster, faster!"  If he replied she couldn't hear it or understand the words. Instead, all she heard were lovely grunting sounds being muffled in the warmth of her crotch as it rubbed back and forth wetly against his face and the sweetly invading tongue.  She felt herself coming. She cried out even louder and his hands tightened their grip on the cheeks of her swinging, writhing ass. He pulled her cunt firmly against his mouth and let his tongue dig even deeper into her inflamed hole. Her orgasm was magnificent, building ever higher in its crescendo with each added touch and swirl of his ravishing tongue.  While she shrieked and jerked her body through the most wonderful orgasm of her life until then, his open mouth paid tribute to the softness and beauty of her cunt in a thrilling kiss that seemed to go on and on until, at last, her body sagged back to the bed.  But her Uncle Don was far from finished with her body and all its mysteries. His mouth swarmed over her ass, making her again start to squirm. After he had thoroughly kissed and licked the large, round cheeks of her beautiful ass, he snaked his tongue between them and worked it down to the center of her rectal hole.  He removed his finger from her asshole with a popping sound and replaced it quickly with his tongue. When the hard tip entered her rear hole it brought more shrieks of passion from her anguished throat. As he pushed into her further and further with his mouth-cock, her body began to churn with fresh desire.  As though he could read her body and her mind perfectly, he waited for just the right moment when he knew her body was again peaking, and raised his head from her ass and cunt. He moved languidly up over her, his long, dripping cock preceding him.  He again felt her body respond as she saw his intent and threw her legs ever wider apart for his entrance. "Yes... yes," she moaned, and then screamed, "give me your cock! Fill me clear up with your beautiful man- meat, my lover!"  She started to scream again but fell to silent mewling when she felt his cock pressing against the pulp of her lower lips. It stretched her wide open, as though a big arm was pushing into her cunt. It delighted her. It filled her body with ecstasy as her cunt became completely filled with his cock.  There was no pain, she didn't even think of pain. All she thought of was his cock and fucking it.  He was unhurried, still gentle as she moved beneath him and he rode her warm, wet body. He fed his cock into her an inch at a time, allowing her thrilled cunt to savor each bite before he gave a gentle shove and rammed the big thickness deeper into the wet, juicy depths of her throbbing vagina.  The head of his huge cock felt like a pulsing heart as it reamed her sopping cunt. It penetrated deeply, driving farther and farther up into her belly until she was sure she would soon feel it between her tits and eventually in the depths of her throat.  "It's in you," he groaned. "It's all the way in you, and it's so fucking good. You've got all my cock in your pussy, Cindy."  "Ohhhhh, yes," she groaned and gasped. Her fingers dug into the hard cheeks of his ass and urged him on. "Your cock is so far up me, I can't believe I can take so big a thing so easy in my pussy."  "Feel all right?... Is it good?" he asked.  "Yes... oh shit yes," she gasped. "Give it to me... split me with it! Faster, ram it into me! Oh fuck me, Uncle Don, fuck me... FUCK ME!"  "Grind your bone against me," he said. "Fuck me back with your cunt!"  "Fuck me right up to my throat, lover. Make me taste your cum when you shoot it into me."  He groaned in total bliss. His cock was smoothly fucking in and out of her velvet pussy. He ground his pelvic bone against hers with force until his prick was again buried to its root in her belly and his balls battered against her anus.  They settled into a rhythm then, fucking in and out in long, even strokes and jarring each other with their bodies as they pounded.  Cindy's body felt crushed into the mattress, yet she squirmed as she used her fingers to pull at his buttocks, trying to yank his long, thick, throbbing cock even further into her hole.  Still he fucked on at the same beautiful rate. He heard the wonderful squishing sounds coming from her wet cunt and felt the top part of his long cock rubbing against her hard, twitching clit.  And then they both came together. He felt his sperm flow in long, steady, steamy spurts from the pulsing head of his cock as her body responded by lifting them both from the bed in quivering passion.  She screamed out from her first orgasm on a cock. Her voice was breaking, filling with sobs of joy and pleasure as she screamed out how wonderful it was. He told her how tight and thrilling her cunt was for him, how lovely her face and her breasts looked when they were right at the peak of passion.  He would have told her more, she knew, but his voice broke and she knew that he was at the peak of his second orgasm already. His cock was so big and his balls so heavy, that she was sure he would fill her whole pleasure-filled body with the juiciness and stickiness of his thick, creamy cum.  "Jeez," he said, almost to himself, "I thought Candy was fantastic. Now I know you're fantastic... you're both out of this world!"  She paid little attention. She wanted his cock and another load of his hot cum. "Can you do it again, Uncle Don? Can you jism and spray my cunt with another load of your hot cum?"  Instead of answering her with words, he gave a strangled groan and stepped up the pace of his fucking. His big body tensed, and paused in the air above her as if he were about to hurtle from the bed. And then he came again.  Grunting and panting, he ground down hard into her gaping cunt and shot his second load up her, even larger and hotter than the first. It was a torrent of hot cum and it shot with the violent force of bullets up her cunt, its heat spreading throughout her body.  The strong muscles of Cindy's tight young cunt grabbed at his straining cock, strangling it, making him groan as she milked and sucked his balls dry and turned her own uncle, an older man, from a lusting animal into a sighing, panting boy. He was like a child who nestled warmly on top of her passion- and pleasure-giving body while his prick rested in her warm, juicy cunt.  Candy and Cindy were no longer virgins and it was to be just the beginning.
  A few months later their Uncle Don left. The girls were sad, even though it didn't end their explorations. They went right on conquering sexual worlds anyway. First there were a few boys at school, but for them, boys quickly became boring. The age, experience, and maturity of their uncle and his sex methods had spoiled them.  They shifted their attentions to more mature men. Then they included older women. By the time the girls were seventeen, there was nothing about the bedroom arts that the girls hadn't experienced and still they wanted more.  It was only natural that the girls' escapades would eventually reach their mother's ears. The rising rift between the twins and their mother grew wider and wider until none of them could stand it any longer. They truly began to hate each other.  The twins finally insisted, upon their graduation, that they be allowed to fend for themselves and live on their own. The mother agreed, but flatly told them that it would be without her money.  That was when the girls appealed to their Uncle Don. He had also grown to loathe his sanctimonious sister, so he readily agreed to help his two nieces. Don had several contacts in the publishing and fashion fields. It was easy for him to find highly paid modeling work for two such beauties as Candy and Cindy. With their beautiful bodies it was only natural that they would soon graduate to the far more lucrative field of nude modeling.  They were immediately successful. They weren't able to live as they had when they had the backing of their mother's huge fortune but they were at least able to live as they liked and fuck all they wanted to whenever they wanted.  Then, as if all the bitterness, the hate, and the sour bile in their mother's body and mind were more than the human body could stand, the mother went to her reward. And she did so still cursing her daughters and their evil ways.  Her will, the girls learned to their surprise, was merely an extension of her attitudes toward them. They were not to receive a penny of the old lady's money until they were nineteen years of age.  That was the first stipulation, and not too strange.  The second was different. If they weren't married, and pregnant, and settled down by that time, all the money was to go to charity.  Since the girls had been able to survive so far on their own, they paid little heed to the will. They both agreed that having such a great sum of money would be nice, but not nice enough to marry and give up their freedom for it.  It was two weeks to the day of their nineteenth birthday when their father made his phone call and summoned them, at his expense, to Europe.  It was all mysterious and all very exciting.  "I am Donato Plato, your father's man."  Both girls had the same identical thought at exactly the same time: Our father has a man... a valet? He must have hit it big after all.  "You are both very beautiful young ladies," Donato Plato continued. "I will take your bags. The bar pulls out from the back seat. Please make yourself comfortable. The drive to the castle will take about four hours."  The girls exchanged fearful looks and slid into the well-appointed back seat of the huge Mercedes limousine.  The huge chauffeur, if that was indeed his job, put their bags in the boot and crossed around the car to the driver's side. His shoulders barely made their way through the door and his shaved head almost touched the roof of the car, as it slid smoothly and silently away from the curb.  The highway out of Zurich was wide for several miles and then narrowed as they climbed into the mountains.  The twins availed themselves of the bar and set back to survey some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Green forest rose to lofty, snow-capped alps that soared far above.  They sipped their drinks and exchanged furtive glances. It had all happened so fast, within forty-eight hours of the phone call, that neither of them could be sure that it was happening at all.  After unceremoniously dressing the unsuspecting Les and kicking him out of the apartment, Cindy had built a drink for her sister, set her down, and related the gist of the phone call.  "It was weird," Cindy said. "I answered and this operator asks who I am. I tell her and then she says, 'one minute for overseas... Count Zek.' I figured he's just another weirdo who saw some of our pictures and somehow got our number, ya know? I mean it's been so long that I didn't put the name together. Especially not when it was tied to the title, 'Count'."  "All right... all right," Candy said. "Skip the bullshit and get on with it. I'm dying of curiosity!"  "Okay," Cindy continued. "This dude comes on the horn and says, 'Cindy, this is your father,' I about shit and told him so. He laughed, then comes right back with a lot of little details about Mom, the schools we went to, the source of our money from the trust, everything. He even expressed condolences, a little tongue-in-cheek I think, about more and told me he knew all about the will."  "But how could he know all that?" Candy asked.  "He couldn't," Cindy replied, "unless he was who he says he was... or is. Then he says he wants us to visit him in Zacheist."  "Where's that?"  "In Switzerland."  "I can't go," Candy said.  "Why?"  "I'm afraid of heights," she giggled.  The following morning a messenger delivered two Swiss-Air tickets and two trunks of clothes, their exact size, to the apartment. After looking at the expensive labels on the clothes and realizing that the tickets were for real, the girls decided not to fight it; father or no, whoever he was he wasn't cheap.  Since Candy and Cindy had been modeling, several well-heeled gentlemen had seen fit to entertain them in exotic places. The girls, always game for a good time, had rarely declined the offers. And never had they been disappointed in the good times, the sex, or the places they had visited. But never had the offer been extended so strongly, strangely and accompanied by thousands of dollars in wardrobe. That same evening they boarded the plane with some nervousness but a great deal of curiosity. And now they were in the back seat of a very expensive auto, in a foreign country, studying the back of their father's servant's bull neck.  "Did you ever see anybody so big?" Candy whispered.  "I wonder if he's that big all over," Cindy replied, and giggled.  "Ouch," Candy said.  "How many people live in Zacheist?" Cindy asked, leaning forward toward Donato Plato.  "About six hundred people are dependent upon your father for their welfare," he replied.  "I don't understand," Candy said.  "We, in Zacheist, have not progressed at all beyond feudal times. The lord of the castle in Zacheist is still lord of the land and its people. The people depend upon the land. The land must have a ruler."  "But that's not what I asked," Cindy said, becoming somewhat angered by his abrupt manner and his enigmatic answer.  "Your father will explain," he replied, and before either of the girls could ask any more questions, the glass dividing driver from passengers rose into place, neatly separating the car into two sealed compartments.  "Cindy," Candy asked, "are you scared?"  "A little... but, what the hell, we wanted kicks and adventure."  Candy nodded in agreement but poured herself another stiff drink for fortification.  Both girls had been lulled to sleep by the drink and the gently rocking motion of the big car. They awoke when Donato Plato's huge, ham-like hand jostled both their shoulders.  Both girls groggily looked around outside the car, rubbing the sleep from their eyes.  "We are in Aflando, a small village at the foot of the mountain," Donato said. "There is a bad storm between here and Zacheist. We will have to stay at this inn for the night."  Sleepily, the girls were led to their respective rooms by a fat little hausfrau who spoke very broken English.  "But can't we share the same room?" Candy asked, her earlier fear urging her to be close to her sister.  "I'm afraid the rooms are too small," Donato said, depositing her luggage, and retaining Cindy's. "Follow me," he told Cindy and walked out of the room and down the hall.  Cindy looked at her sister, shrugged and went out the door.  Candy undressed and soaked for over an hour in the old-fashioned tub. Still dripping, she wrapped a towel around herself and re-entered the bedroom.  "What the...?"  Donato Plato was standing by the bed. He had discarded his coat and his arms were like two rippling steel posts in the short-sleeved white shirt he wore.  "Would you like a massage after your bath?" he asked.  "A... massage... you... mean from you?" Candy asked.  "It is customary."  I'm in Europe, Candy said to herself. I've got to remember I'm in Europe now, things are different over here. When in, do as!  "I... ah... I guess it's all right," she stammered.  Donato motioned toward the bed. "I think you'll find it very relaxing," he said, a slight smile, the first Candy had seen from him, trailing around the corners of his mouth.  Candy moved to the bed and managed to slide in on her tummy, keeping her vital, frontal parts covered from his eyes. She lay with her arms folded beneath her head.  Then she realized that it made little difference. The giant unceremoniously lifted the towel from her buttocks and she could feel the cool breath of the room and his hot eyes on her gleaming spheres of white flesh.  Be cool, she told herself, be cool.  But she couldn't help squeezing her thighs slightly tighter together and hiding the dark thatch of pubic hair they shielded.  She nearly jumped off the bed when warm oil was poured over her back, across her asscheeks, and down onto the soft skin of her inner thighs. "Jesus... what's that?"  "Oil," he said, his deep baritone voice seeming like a bellow in the quiet room. "Oil from the earth for the skin and for the passion. Just relax, miss, you'll soon be feeling all the tension in your body drift away."  And he was right; the tension in her body did seem to just float away as his expert hands started at her shoulder on one side, worked all the way down to her toes, and then back up the other side. But the tension became something else - passion. His kneading hands seemed to know just where to gently touch her body to start the flow of juices in her pussy. Almost against her will she felt her legs starting to spread. His hands kept up their deft work on her back and then down to her thighs. She jumped again when his hand found the inside of her fleshy thighs dangerously close to her pubic hair. The tips of his fingers also seemed to flick toward her asshole as he worked up and over the mounds of her jiggling asscheeks.  She knew her body was twitching and she knew that he knew it, even though his face remained an immobile mask.  "Turn over, please," he said, very calmly.  By that time she had no objections. She would probably have done anything he wanted her to do. His hands knew exactly how to turn a woman on and they had done their job well on Candy. She flipped over and felt her fleshy asscheeks go flop on the mattress. Her breasts were pointing directly at his face but his control was amazing. It was as if he didn't even see them. Looking down, between her jiggling, pink-tipped globes, she could see her pubic mound, already glistening with the juices from her pussy.  His hands moved across her shoulders and down into her armpits. Again it was one of Candy's more sensitive areas and her legs responded by moving apart.  God, she thought, her eyes closed, if he touches my tits, I'll explode.  Then he was leaning over her, his hands on her stomach. Candy didn't realize any significance in the move until she felt his rock-hard cock press against the top of her head.  I am affecting him, she thought. For a moment she thought it might not be possible to arouse him. It was as if he were some sort of eunuch out of the Arabian nights. But now, with his rigid tool standing straight up in the tight pants, she knew she had gotten to him. She hoped he would get to her.  "Are you relaxing?" he said.  "Here and there," Candy replied.  Then he was at her side. The swell of his cock, through the material of his pants, was pressed against the back of her hand. She squirmed a little as his hands worked along her belly just above the thumping triangle of her seeping cunt.  She tried to keep thoughts of lust out of her mind. After all, she reasoned, this man was her father's servant - if the man she and her sister were to meet the next day was indeed her father.  The fingers roamed softly and smoothly over her rippling, now lightly undulating hips, making them bounce from the sensation of his hot, roaming hands. His cock, against the back of her hand, was throbbing a little more now and straightening out. He looked down at her, watching her eyes to see if there was any reaction. Candy couldn't hide it. There was a lot of reaction. Suddenly, without warning, he slid his hot, burning, oily hand up between her legs until his probing fingers found the pulpy, sweet lips of her pussy. Then he shoved two of his thick, hard fingers up between the long, swollen lips of her cunt.  Candy's legs flew clear apart and she hunched her cunt up over the fingers. She moaned out the bliss of her feelings and he pressed harder with his digits into her cuntal flesh.  "Oh shit... oh, oh, oh," Candy groaned as his fingers found their mark.  She could take the teasing no longer. She tore and ripped at his fly until she had it open. She plunged her hand inside his pants. He wore no underwear. She found his cock at once and brought it out into the open.  "Oh my God," she cried. "It is as big as you are. Beautiful."  He said nothing but added a third finger to the two already in her pussy and then started finger-fucking her even harder.  His big cock was pulsing and jumping in her hands. She took his jerking male meat between both her hands and slowly slid the long sensitive foreskin back and forth over the bulbous head with awe. With his free hand he continued to rub the soothing oil into her hot, passion-ridden body, helping it become even more so with every touch. Candy's entire body was now tingling and shaking with desire for what she held in her hands.  She looked up at him with pleasure and satisfaction on her face and took a firmer hold on his huge, rock-hard tool. She teased and tickled the hot, rubbery head and watched as a droplet of white cum oozed from the tip. He thrust his hand further up into her cunt and moved his fingers around and around the inner walls of her hole. She moaned loudly and her whole body shook and jerked as she felt the pleasure of his hand sliding back and forth in her hole and against her hardened clit. She bent her head slowly around and almost without knowing it took his jerking cock into her moist mouth and started sucking the head of it. The rich, masculine odor that rose from his prick and the balls between her fingers filled her nostrils and excited her whole body. She trembled and shook a bit from the ecstasy and excitement she felt as her head spun slightly around from the smell of his hot, moving body.  Her loving, moist lips slid further down onto his cock an inch at a time as the bittersweet taste of his masculine cum filled her mouth just as the odor had already filled her nostrils.  Donato Plato bucked his huge cock to her, and shoved it further into her anxiously waiting, mouth.  "Do you want relief?" he said.  She took her mouth from his cock and looked up at him in awe and wonder. Jesus, she thought, what is he, a robot? "If relief means do I want this," she said squeezing the wrist-thick staff of his prick, "then you're damn right I want it."  He pulled her over to him and then he leaned half way down to her.  First he started kissing and teasing her lips, then he became wilder and wilder until he had his fingers on the smooth, firm nipples of her tits. She squirmed and grunted under his touch.  The more he played with her tits, the harder she squeezed the hard, thick tool that jumped and pulsed in her hand.  Then, without warning, he was on top of her and she was bucking and thrashing wildly beneath him.  "You are a beautiful woman," he said, tenderly, "and very hot-blooded."  She looked up at his almost ugly face and his shaved head and suddenly realized how sexually attractive he was. "Fuck me," she said. "Hurry, put that big joystick of yours in my cunthole and fuck me!"  Deftly his hands worked until his pants were down around his knees. Then she felt his prick between her thighs. The huge head was bouncing from leg to leg, moving steadily upward to her seething, cock-hungry pussy.  "I want it," Candy groaned. "Oh shit, how I want it."  And her next thought was, 'Can I take it?'  She soon found out that his fingers and the massage had done the job of preparing her only too well. She was more than ready to accept the full brunt of his enormous cock in her lust-swollen cunt hole.  Gore Plato pumped his body up and down on top of her, wildly dry- fucking her.  Finally he raised his cock a little higher than before. As he shoved his muscular thighs down to meet hers on the next plunge, his big, throbbing cock thrust itself into the hot, steaming lips of her waiting pussy.  "Yes... oh shit," she cried.  He pounded wildly and furiously into her hot, bucking cunt. Her panting and moaning became louder and louder as the pressure of his thrusts increased and became more rapid.  He was moaning and panting too, a little lower and softer than Candy, but just as passionately. The steady pounding of their flesh as their two hot bodies slid back and forth against each other filled the bedroom with the sounds of sex.  The pounding of their pent-up desires was pressing forcefully on their bodies and minds. Candy could hear the ringing of a mighty cascade of bells somewhere deep inside her as he thrust and pounded his huge hard cock again and again, deeper and deeper into the hot twitching folds of her juicing cunt.  His deep, growling sighs and loud passionate moans were the only things she could hear. They mixed with her own excited grunts and whines of pleasure and passion.  Suddenly they both began to shake violently.  "I'm there," Candy cried. "I'm going to cum... oh shit, how I'm going to cum!"  Their bodies broke out in a cold, clinging sweat as the hot, exciting sound of flesh pounded against flesh.  Candy bucked her hips frantically now and thrust her head back onto the bed as far as she could shove it to give her more leverage to thrust up her cunt to meet the charge of his cock.  The passionate and frenzied pair lunged their bodies against each other again and again, wildly, lustfully, with all the force and thrust they could find.  With the greatest of all thrusts of his cock and the forceful return of her quivering cunt, the two of them came at the absolute same time.  He slipped from the bed. Candy, dreamily, through half-closed eyes, watched as he gathered his clothing back in shape and started for the door.  "Donato?" Candy said, her throat clogged with left-over lust.  "Yes, Miss?" he said, from the door.  "I'll bet my sister, Cindy, would love a massage, and probably relief, too!"  "Yes, Miss."  Cindy was groggy with the steam from the enclosed bath. She barely managed to make it back to her bed before sleep overcame her.  She must have dozed off and then slowly came back to reality. The next thing she knew, smooth fingers worked at rubbing warm oil all over her body.  It felt wonderful, and it felt exciting.  But it was probably the old hausfrau, Cindy thought, part of the inn's service to their wealthier guests.  But the hands were tickling the crease of her ass and the lips of her pussy.  Strange, she thought, but it did feel good, so good.  And then the hands turned her over and dangling just above her face was the biggest, hardest cock she had ever seen in her life. And beyond the bobbing, dripping head of the cock was the almost smiling face of the giant, Donato Plato.  "Your sister," he said, "thought you might like relief."
  The following morning Donato Plato was again the servant as he helped the girls into the car and stowed their luggage. Both of them eyed the front of his pants as he moved and then giggled to themselves.  The morning's drive up the mountain took about an hour, during which they related the previous night's happenings to each other down to the last detail. Both of them laughingly agreed that they hoped it wouldn't be the last time they experienced thrills at the end of the big man's huge cock.  Topping a hill they saw the giant stone structure of Zacheist Castle. It was awesome and somewhat frightening, with its shooting turrets and vast ornamental stonework. It gave both of them an eerie feeling of timelessness the nearer they came to it.  The car stopped and Candy gasped. "Look, my God, there's even a moat!"  Just then the side of the wall, thirty feet in front of them, across the moat, lowered, and the car started up again. They drove into a huge courtyard and the door was opened by a female counterpart of Donato Plato.  "Good day," she said, as she bowed them out of the car.  Neither of the girls realized, until they were standing beside her, just how huge the woman was. She was an inch or two above six feet and her weight and bulk was about right for her height.  But, even then, she made two of either Candy or Cindy. She wore a loose-fitting shirt that looked as though it had shrunk from too many washings. The fact was, her enormous breasts were more than the blouse could handle.  "I am Klinda," she said, straightening to her full height and breathing deeply, forcing her monumental tits to thrust outward in proud, full- blown glory, their nipples as huge as second tits when they swelled against the material. "Klinda Plato."  "We're..." Candy said.  "I know who you are," the woman interrupted, looking down at them with a scowl.  "Are you Donato's sister?" Cindy asked, trying to smile.  "I am Donato Plato's wife," the woman said.  The girls exchanged frightened looks and gulped. Donato came around from the back of the car with the two trunks. The woman took them from his hands as if they weighed no more than two feathers, and turned away.  Over her shoulder she said, "Follow me... your father waits in the great room."  The Amazon led them into what looked like a huge hall with armor and tapestries on the walls and a ring of chairs around an enormous fireplace at one end.  "Jeez," Candy whispered, "what if she finds out we both diddled her old man last night. She's big enough to break your back with one whack."  "Or smother you with those twenty-pound tits," Cindy replied, looking around. "You see anybody in this place? I thought he was supposed to be in here waiting for us."  "Come forward, girls... I've waited a very long time to meet you as adults."  The voice was a booming baritone, coming from the other side of one of the chairs.  "Fa... Fa... Father?" Cindy said, as both girls gingerly walked the length of the room and stopped a few feet short of the chairs.  "I prefer you call me... Zek," the voice said. "'Father' would be ridiculous and 'Count' would be just too formal."  He rose from the chair, turned and both girls gasped. The picture they had of him didn't do him justice and it looked as though he had hardly aged since the time it had been taken. They could both readily see why Zek Harris had gained the reputation they had heard so much about. He was male perfection - tall, with chiseled features, dark, coal-black wavy hair that hung to his shoulders. Beneath the bolero shirt he wore, his huge shoulders and biceps rippled with muscles. The shirt was opened nearly to his waist and the chest beneath it was huge and matted with black hair.  Gracefully, seeing their awe at his appearance, he ushered them to the chairs.  "How... how can you be our father?" Candy blurted out when she had, at last, regained her voice. "You look so young!"  "I assure you, I am. It's just that I age well, you might say. That was one of the reasons your mother and I didn't get along very well. She aged very quickly."  Both girls not only felt awkward because of the newness of the situation; they also felt embarrassed because of the strong, instantaneous sexual attraction they felt for this handsome, obviously virile man who also happened to be their father.  "I am so glad you are here," he said, a note of seriousness coming into his voice. "We need you very badly, and I hope you will come to need us. You will meet my wife later, and my two sons. I must leave for a while... I hope to be back later this evening, perhaps after the after-dinner entertainment my wife has planned for you. But now I'm sure you would like to freshen up."  He stood and took an elbow in each arm and led them from the room and up a long, winding staircase.  "I am dreadfully sorry about the storm last night. I was anxiously awaiting your arrival. I had a great many entertainments prepared. But then tonight will do just as well. I hope you passed a pleasant night in the village... but, then I'm sure you did. My wife tells me Donato Plato is a masterful lover, with a wondrous cock."  Once in her room, Candy undressed in preparation for a warm bath. She ran the tub full and lay down nude on the bed to finish her cigarette. Her mind wandered. His words had shocked them both and made them blush, but his bluntness had also excited them. Her father, Zek, was the handsomest, most appealing man she had ever seen, and yet he was frightening at the same time.  How, she thought, could their mother have ever given him up? Unless, of course, she couldn't stand his sexuality. He wore it like a shield and, already, he had let them both know that whatever they did in his house he would approve of it. He was just as they had been told he was - the exact opposite of their mother.  She snubbed out her cigarette and was about to tap on Cindy's door when it opened.  "Oh..." Cindy said, sliding through the door and closing it behind her, "I thought you might already be in the tub."  "I was just coming into your room," Candy said, flopping back down on the bed.  "Probably to ask me what I thought about all this... right?" Cindy said.  "Yeah... it's kind of weird and scary... don't you think?"  "Yeah," Cindy said, "but it's exciting!"  "I guess," Candy said, looking straight into her sister's eyes, the eyes that matched hers perfectly. "Let's admit it, father or not, I'd love to fuck him."  Cindy giggled. "Me too... Jesus, my pussy's juicing just thinking what he must look like naked!"  "Want to cum before we go back downstairs?" Candy asked, resting her hand on her sister's side.  Cindy put her own hand on Candy's breast and squeezed it, laughing. "I just did... in my room with my hair brush."  "Then make me cum," Candy said, closing her eyes and spreading her legs in invitation.  "Sure, baby," Cindy said, her mouth already watering as she watched the puffy lips of her sister's beautiful cunt pull apart and reveal the succulent sweetness that lay between them.  Candy felt the other girl's compact body slide into the bed beside her. The soft muff of Cindy's pubic hair tickled her outer thighs as an expert hand caressed her breasts, applying just the right amount of pressure. Candy had been loved and eaten by many women but no woman could turn her on or satisfy her like her sister.  Cindy's kiss was gentle, insistently probing, but never rough and demanding. She worked her free hand under Candy's buttocks until she could probe up and down at will in the smooth valley between the already wet asscheeks.  "Sometimes," Cindy whispered, "when we make love together, I wish I had a cock to fuck you with."  "Doesn't it ever bother you, Cindy," Candy said, her voice hoarse with passion, "when we fuck together... being sisters?"  "Never," Cindy said, sensing her sister's instant arousal. "Never. Does it you?"  "No," Candy replied. "It's always seemed so natural... ever since we were kids. But I've wondered about it sometimes."  "Don't... just relax and let me fuck you."  Candy nodded and loosened the muscles of her rectal region, allowing Cindy's fingers to probe her anus unencumbered. The girl's nails lightly flicked across the tender outer skin, barely disturbing the thin, curling hairs, tickling them just enough to cause jolts of passion to erupt in Candy's gaping, soaking pussy.  The skin of Candy's whole body rippled as she opened her eyes and saw her breasts start to glisten with her sister's saliva. The tongue and mouth left her tits and moved downward across her stomach and between her thighs. It left a trail of wet warmth that hadn't missed even the slightest area of skin.  "Oh, Sis... honey, baby," Cindy groaned, "eating your pussy is like eating my own at the same time. I swear when my tongue tickles your nub I can feel it right down there on my own clit."  "Suck it a little," Candy moaned, "tickle my pussy goddam good first!"  Candy writhed in joy as she felt the pulpy lips of her cunt being skillfully pried apart. The hot, humid and hardened tip of her sister's tongue darted to caress and love the juice-soaked, tender skin around her clit.  On and on Cindy's tongue worked, around and around the ultra-sensitive bud without ever actually coming in direct contact with it.  "Ohhhhhhh... shit, Cindy," she cried, "You're driving my pussy crazy. Do something more to it... to me, baby... HURRY!"  Two fingers slipped into her cunt and massaged the slick inner walls. When they were removed a tongue took their place. To Candy it felt like a giant scooping spoon as it entered along the floor of her vagina and coursed upward until it tickled the fleshy knob of her cervix.  Her hips started a demanding, rhythmic gyration, as Cindy's tongue foraged in and out of her hole like a miniature cock. A cock with ultimate mobility that seemed to touch and excite everything inside her at the same time. Well-lubricated fingers entered her anus easily and performed there as well as they had in her larger opening.  As her tongue continued its spastic application, Cindy flattened the skin of her upper lip over her teeth to form a flat, hard surface to grind against Candy's clit. The hardened bud was in such a state of wild excitation that it was yearning now for direct contact.  And so did its owner, whose eyes had rolled back into her head as she thrashed in the ultimate throes of passionate release, back and forth on the perspiration-stained pillows.  "Oh, fuck me... go, go, go!" Candy cried, clutching her sister's hair and pulling her face into the cavity between her legs. Urgingly, she thrust her cunt upward with her hips, telling Cindy with her body that she wanted her to take more, more, all of her cunt.  Candy's thighs were splayed as wide as they could go as she tried to will her cunt lips to expand to their fullest and actually envelop her sister's entire face.  It wasn't just a orgasm. It was the searing heat of a blast furnace that soared through every pore of her pussy. Her legs flew out and up, stiff as ramrods as Cindy inserted two more fingers in her asshole and her tongue continued to scoop with adoring relish at the juices in her cunt. It wasn't momentary. It went on and on, as Cindy held her on that highest peak of total satisfaction with her lips playing over her clit like strumming fingers on a guitar. When the orgasm had barely subsided, Cindy struggled up and over Candy's body until their legs became two criss-crossed branches with their cunts at the apex.  "Now I'm going to fuck my, my little darling!" Cindy said.  "OHHHHHHHH... yes, fuck me... YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!" Candy cried. "Cunt to cunt... cock-clit to cock-clit, FUCK ME! Mash your precious pussy against another just like it and rub... RUB!"  Candy felt her twin's clit engage with her own. Sparks shot from her cunt to the taut tips of her breasts as the two nubs of female passion met and made instant love.  Below them, the lips of the two pussies seemed to clasp in a wet suction all their own. Their bodies moved in unison, riding each other's wealth of lust and passion.  Candy came again. She had never felt so overcome. Cindy came and still she went on to even greater heights. She took her sister's monumental breasts in her hands, placed one in her own mouth, and urged Candy herself to take the other.  As Cindy's hot mouth closed over the ripe nipple of her right tit, Candy sucked at her own left breast.  The pleasure was exquisite as they both sucked and exploded together in shattering orgasms that left them weak and floundering in the sweet, heady musk of perspiration and pussy juice that bathed both their bodies.  "God," Candy groaned, "sometimes I wish one of us had come out a boy so we could really do it to each other."  "Whew," Cindy said, running her tongue over her lips and what she could reach of her chin, "I'm pussy juice from one end to the other. Me for a bath."  "Me too," Candy said, and struggled to her feet.  "Meet you downstairs in an hour," Cindy said, as she scampered through the connecting door to her own room.  Candy lowered herself gratefully into the tub, her cunt a nest of warm passion even after the beautiful sucking her sister had just given it.  She closed her eyes and lay back feeling her large, ripe breasts float on the surface of the water.
  Back in her own room, Cindy stood shaking. It was almost like a sexual hangover. She and her sister were just alike; they both couldn't get enough sex. It was just like some kind of strange disease; but a good disease.  Eating her sister had turned her juices on all over again. She didn't want to go back to the hairbrush and it would do little good to go back to Candy's room and repeat the same performance.  She decided to slide into bed and dream herself into a masturbation orgasm. She had so turned her pussy on and tuned it to her mind over the years that she could cum easily just thinking about sex and rubbing her thighs together over the nub of her clit.  Cindy opened a drawer and took out a nightgown. Then, thinking why bother, she folded it neatly and dropped it back in the drawer. Completely naked, she turned and padded barefoot across the thickly carpeted floor to her bed.  She pulled back the covers and slid beneath them. Then she changed her mind again and kicked them free of her body. She massaged one breast with her left hand and let her other hand float down to the furry patch between her spread thighs.  Slowly, gently she rubbed her fingers up and down her wet furrow as she closed her eyes and let sleep slip a cover over her mind. She saw a cock, and then a second cock. In half sleep she inserted a finger up her bunghole and imagined that it was one of the cocks entering her asshole. Her thumb became the other cock and it went easily up her cunt.  Then, fully asleep, she started to dream that she was being fucked. The face beyond the cocks was familiar. Then, she recognized it and smiled. It was the face of her new-found father.  In her bath, Candy had slipped to the very edge of sleep. She was brought back by the sound of slightly shuffling, bare feet on the bathroom tile.  Her eyes snapped open and she looked up. It was a man, or rather a boy, of about fifteen or sixteen. He wore a robe and looked directly at her floating breasts with a smile on his face and in his eyes.  "My God," Candy gasped and lowered her body in the water, hiding her nakedness beneath the bubbles.  "You're very beautiful," he said.  "Who... who are you?" Candy said, "and how did you get in here?"  "I suppose," he said, matter-of-factly, "that you would call me your brother. But actually we're probably going to be much closer than that. I'm Gilbert, and I just walked in."  He sat down on the edge of the tub and suddenly Candy saw the resemblance. He looked very much like Zek, only with blond hair.  "What do you want?" Candy said, still afraid even though he seemed to be telling her the truth.  "Just to look at you... really. My brother and I watched you make love with your sister. It was very beautiful."  "You... you did?" Candy said, staring at him intently. Then she felt her body responding to his eyes; his strange stare. Then she knew why; they were the same bottomless, all-seeing eyes that she had already seen that day, the eyes that had already looked right through her.  They were Zek's eyes.  "Raise up so I can see your tits," he told her. "They are truly beautiful breasts... almost exactly like my mother's."  Candy looked at his open mouth, saw his hands tremble, and couldn't mistake the avid look in his pale eyes. She straightened even more, bringing her shoulders back to let her breasts surge forward as much as possible.  "Beautiful breasts," he said. "They make my cock real hard. See?"  He opened his robe and a gigantic eleven-inch cock popped to attention, the head of it almost hitting Candy's chin. She gasped at the size of such a tool on such a young, small-bodied boy. Seeing his cock combined with the feeling she had already felt for Zek to make her pussy tingle with a new need. She noticed that he was uncut and his foreskin hung over his prickhead even though he was fully erect.  "Can I touch your tits?" he said.  "Yes," Candy said, trancelike, "touch my nipples and make them hard!"  His mouth began to close and his tongue slipped between his lips. He lifted his hand tentatively, as if he was approaching something almost too delicate to touch, and laid it against the pink tip of her left breast. He rubbed it and it began to stiffen immediately.  Then he did the same with the other breast. He was breathing hard, even perspiring a little. Suddenly he lunged with his open hand and roughly grasped the entire left globe of her tit.  "Gentle," Candy exclaimed, the pain bringing her out of her trance a little. "Be gentle."  "I'm sorry," he said, quickly releasing his hand. "It's just frustrating to look and touch such beauty and not be able to do anything... you know, like fuck."  "I haven't said that you couldn't fuck me, Gilbert," Candy said, the kinship of their naked bodies suddenly eroding all her previous fears of this strange boy.  "Oh, I know you didn't," he replied. "Father and Mother did. They said we can't fuck you girls yet."  Cindy felt the weight of a body sitting on the side of the bed. For a few moments, as she fought upward from the depths of sleep, she thought it was just part of the wild sex dream she was having.  But when the bed started rocking and bouncing beneath her she knew it was more than just the dream. She came further awake to the low moans and grunts of someone very close to her.  Her urge to ignore the noise that had awakened her and return to sleep was overwhelming, and she probably would have drifted off again if she hadn't realized the sexual burning her fingers had caused in her pussy.  She was soaking wet between her legs and hotter than she had been before lying down.  The grunting and panting beside her now took on much more significance. She became aware of the rocking, jerking motion of the bed.  Then she heard a voice.  "Beautiful tits... beautiful legs... sweet, wet pussy... beautiful, beautiful."  It was the voice of Zek. It was her father sitting on the bed beside her naked body. Suddenly Cindy's eyes sprang open. She had to allow a moment to pass before her brain could fully register the sight in front of her. In the dim light she could discern a man's shape looming above her. He was sitting, yoga-style, on the bed beside her. He was so close that his knees brushed her naked shoulder and hip with each movement he made. As her eyes adjusted more to the semi-darkness, she realized that he was, like her, stark naked. She gasped and opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out but a frightened croak. Involuntarily, her muscles began tensing with the terror that flooded her veins and slammed into her temples. She felt herself become immobilized, helpless, and this only heightened her terror. She began trembling. Wide-eyed, her gaze narrowed on the sweat-streaked face above her. The man's face seemed to be contorted with pain. In his eyes there was a curious mixture of pain and lust.  He was watching her intently. She was almost fully awake now and he obviously knew it. There was a pleading, almost sobbing, urgency to his voice when he spoke.  "I wish I could fuck you... relieve the fire in your cunt that you've made with your hand... but I don't dare."  She looked closer. And then she saw him clearly. The resemblance was amazing. He looked exactly like a younger version of Zek. He was a blond-haired boy of about thirteen or fourteen that looked and sounded exactly like his father. She knew he must be one of the sons Zek had mentioned earlier.  Cindy's eyes moved trancelike down his raging, firm body until, at last, they focused on the source of the jerking motion. He was stroking one of the biggest, most beautifully erect cocks Cindy had ever seen. The head of it was as big as her fist and the eye in it spurted tiny flecks of white sperm. Cum spilled from his cockhead with every motion of his hand.  "I just want to cum," he said.  "Who are you?" Cindy replied, her voice foreign to her own ears.  "I'm your brother... or half-brother, I guess," he gasped. "My name's Rudolph, but please call me Rudy... oh, you're so beautiful. I watched you suck your sister's cunt. My brother, Gilbert, is with her now... but he can't fuck her either."  Cindy was in no mental condition to care who the boy was or where his brother was. He might be a boy, but he had the cock of a man and she wanted it.  Something clicked in Cindy's mind. She knew, from the look on his strained face, that the boy's climax was imminent.  "What do you mean you can't fuck me?" she asked, her entire concentration riveted on the swollen tip of his cock.  Her eyes were riveted with unwavering fascination to the thick cockpole, the head of which poked out of his fist with each stroke he took. She was able to see the tautly swollen glans, the tiny opening, and the swelling under the pressure of the piston like fist that pumped it.  She wanted it, she wanted this boy's cock. She had to have it.  "I... just... can't... believe me, I can't... but I'd love... to," he panted.  "But you're going to cum," Cindy said.  "Yes... yes."  "Don't waste it... don't waste it," she said. "Put it in my mouth then! If you can't fuck my pussy put your cum in my mouth... hurry, HURRY BEFORE YOU SHOOT!"  Gilbert had let his hand trail down Candy's belly and disappear beneath the bubbles. His fingers had pried apart the lips of her cunt and now half his fist was up her hole and she was writhing and groaning in need.  Her own hand was pressed around the huge thickness of his male meat and she was wildly thrashing it. At the same time she was trying to bend it toward her open, waiting mouth.  "Oh fuck me!" she said. "Put it in me... fill my cunthole with your cock!"  "I can't... I can't," he groaned, recoiling from the soft, insistent touch of her female fingers on his tool. "Not yet... I just can't."  Her mind was curious about his meaning but her body was crazy with lust at the sight of such a beautiful, big hard cock. There was also something about his look, the nearness of his naked body, and the stiff hugeness of his naked cock that was sending her body into spasms of need greater than any she had ever felt before.  "God... I need it, I tell you," she cried, standing in the tub and rubbing her furry, wet triangle over his face.  "I'll eat you," he said, "while you eat me."  "No... no," Candy cried. "I want you in me."  "I can't... not in your cunt," he groaned.  Candy jumped from the tub and wiggled to the floor. She spread her knees wide and wiggled her spread buttocks at him.  "Then my ass," she cried, "put your meat up my asshole... fuck it... fuck me, please. HURRY!"  On the bed, Cindy's eyes blinked. This young boy was like a magician drawing her face to his man-sized, rigid cock. She felt not only a great wave of desire, but also tenderness well up within her as he moved toward her. It was something she had never felt before about any man, much less a mere boy. She had felt a little of the same feeling with Zek, but she now felt it fully for this boy who looked so like him.  She wanted that cock.  She wanted to kiss it, to pay homage to it. Never before had she wanted a cock as badly. It was like her body had become a slave of his lust without yet tasting the fruits of it.  "You want to suck my prick?" Rudy asked, calmly.  "Yes," Cindy said, "I want your fuck juice, your cum in my mouth more than anything else in the whole world right now."  "Then eat it... suck it!" he said, releasing his cock and spreading his knees wide.  Still lying on her back, Cindy bent her knees and shoulders to slip across the bed so that his thick, pulsing cock was directly above her pouting mouth; it hung above her like a hard red-tipped lance.  "Beautiful... hard... good hard meat," she whimpered. "Put it in my mouth! Fuck my face with your cock!"  All reason, all reality left the girl as the dripping cock-head lowered itself toward her waiting lips.  She reached up and caressed it, feeling every powerful ridge beneath the taut skin. Her eyes feasted hungrily upon it. This, she thought, was the real staff of life. Her eyes were hazy, coming from the fires that were being kindled within her, and the huge throbbing cockhead that was still oozing love juice from its tiny eye. She licked her lips in anticipation, then cupped the bloated head with her tongue as though she were evaluating it. Her moistly parted lips kissed the underside of it. He quivered like a powerful stallion at bay as she licked on his rigid tool. Then her wetly quivering tongue lashed out, making maddening circles around the entire lust-swollen head of his cock. Her own nakedly aroused body reacted and trembled with a new urgency.  Sighing with pleasure, she opened her lips and moved her head forward so that his cock slipped into the warm wet cavern of her mouth. She began to suck, a gentle sucking made up of little milking motions. Her hair tumbled forward as she opened her mouth to let him feed it into her face. Then, with the throbbing head admitted to her mouth, she went wild. It was as if she were trying to swallow the whole swollen length in one tremendous gulp. She ran her mouth straight down on his prick and let it stay there.  Her body shook and quaked when she felt the hugeness engulf her tongue and run down her throat. It was as though she had, at last, been fulfilled, as though she had found the cock that she had been looking so hard for, so long. It was as though she were completing her circle of life as she took his thick pulsating hardness inside the velvet warmth of her throat.  His hands dropped to her hair and urged, pulled her prick-stuffed mouth even closer to him. She had begun running her tongue along the sensitive underside of his cock, and the sensations were causing great mountains of desire to build up in his belly.  "Suck it," he panted, "suck on it... good... so good. Take it all!"  He lifted his right leg from the floor and, without pulling away from her, placed his knee on the pillow alongside her head. A second later, he was straddling her nakedly quivering breasts with his own buttocks and kneeling above her face.  "Yes... oh, yes," she cried, seeing his intent. "Fuck my face!"  He began jerking his hips forward, driving his saliva-coated prick in and out of her mouth in long, deep strokes.  Cindy cupped his buttocks with her hands. She loved to have her face fucked in such a manner. It satisfied some wild, masochistic pleasure in her. She was almost incapable of moving her head in any direction now except back and forth on his hotly pulsating shaft. She bobbed, using her tongue and her teeth on the ridge of his cockhead with each backswing.  Rudy sighed and then groaned with absolute pleasure. He slowly moved his pelvis back and forth so that her lips, like the tender lips of a hot, sweetly wet cunt, could slide along the wetly glistening staff of his jerking prick.  He might be young, Cindy thought, but he fucks like he has been doing it for ages. Her mind spun. Oh shit, she thought wildly, how good, how fucking good this cock would feel in my pussy.  But, oddly enough, she could feel the rising passion enveloping her clit and she wasn't even touching the little piece of throbbing meat at the top of her slit. She was going to cum soon, just sucking on his cock.  Weird, very weird, she mused, but fantastic.  Cindy tested his balls. They throbbed in her hand. She knew that, he too, would soon cum. She could feel the boiling cauldron of semen seeking to escape.  She looked up at the ecstasy on his face and knew he was loving the sucking she was giving his prick. She saw him put both hands on his hips and straighten his shoulders so he could look straight down at her as he sawed in and out of her eagerly sucking mouth. Her delicate lips contrasted with the angry brown of his cockshaft as it pistoned like a pile-driver between them.  Cindy, lost in a frenzy of delight, was only vaguely aware of his words as he cautioned her to be careful or he would cum, cum right in her mouth.  She merely sucked all the harder, wanting to taste his spunk, wanting that boiling eruption to flood her mouth and fill her belly.  The thrusting hips meshed with the bobbing motion of her head now. His prick was sliding easily along the slippery trail of her tongue and into the far reaches of her throat. The cock hair on his crotch advanced and retreated, tickling her nose and chin. Even the first discomfort of such an enormous cock battering against the tender tissues of her mouth was being transformed into a curious mixture of pleasure and pain.  Soon she would have his salty cum in her belly. Cum, cum, her mind cried, feed me your spend, pour your juice into my mouth.  Oh Jesus, she thought, I'm cumming, too. I'm cumming beautifully, sweetly, like a fucking dam breaking, my juice soaking the bed under my ass.  "Oh, shit, fuck... OHHHHHHH!" Rudy was groaning, "You're sucking my balls right out the head of my cock. You're sucking me to death. I love it. It's great... beautiful. Your mouth is so beautiful... like a soft cunt. I'm fucking a beautiful woman's mouth... I'm fucking my sister's mouth."  The signs of his impending orgasm made Cindy's blood boil. The quickening pace, his labored breathing and shouting, the growling noises coming from deep in his throat, the sudden tingling along the underside of his prick - it was all a signal, warning her that the dam in his balls was about to spurt.  And suddenly, it did. Rudy began fighting with his own body, torn apart by the involuntary quakings of his nervous system.  Then, almost in revenge, his whole body ruptured. He erupted in violent answer to all the teasing and sucking she had done on his cock. He went crazy. He was trying to tear Cindy's hair out, choke her with his meat, fill her to bursting with the spurting, brutal jets from the head of his spewing prick.  Coping with his wildness wasn't easy for Cindy. She had always been in control with a man before. And this was a boy, but a boy with a man's cock and a superman's desire to fuck.  Cindy felt as though he had put a whole ocean into her mouth and that she was drowning in the flood that had gushed from his balls. She kept at it until she imagined herself ten times her size - a giantess who could swallow an entire ocean of cum. This made the release of his sperm and its amount easier to understand and cope with.  After a few moments, he staggered away from her mouth, leaving it ravaged and beaten. She looked as if she had been punched in the lips. They were rubbed raw with the friction of his cock.  His meat hung slack, as saliva and sperm trickled from a corner of her lips over her chin.  And still she was smiling. She had cum, wildly, and she hadn't even touched her pussy. She had erupted like a volcano just by sucking his cock.  "You were wonderful," he gasped, fisting his meat, and squeezing the last remnants of his mountain of juice out onto her cheeks.  "So were you," Cindy said, and she meant it, even though for a moment she thought he was going to choke her to death with his cock.  But his cum had been like a river that had instigated her own rapturous climax. She remembered Donato Plato's huge prick in her pussy the night before. Even the giant, with his thick trunk of cockmeat directly in her pussy, had not been able to bring on such an eruption in her hole.  Yes, she thought, there was something very strange.  "Cindy?"  "What?"  "It will be wonderful when the time comes to fuck you. You suck as good as my Mother... I'll bet you fuck even better."
  "Are you sure?" Gilbert said, kneeling behind her, his huge cock flopping against the cheeks of Candy's upraised ass.  "Yes dammit," Candy whispered, looking through her legs at the bulbous sac of his balls hanging below the big prick. "Put it in my ass. Oh shit, I don't know why but I want your cock in me more than any cock I've ever seen. If you won't fuck my pussy, fuck my bowels! Hurry, FUCK ME!"  And it was true. Candy didn't know what had come over her but there was a greater, more urgent need in her body than she had ever felt before to have this boy's prick inside her willing body.  "I really do want to fuck you," he said, gently placing the fist-sized cockhead against her bung hole.  "Oh darling, baby... then do it. Put it in there and ream me with it!"  She was amazed that such a term of endearment was coming from her lips. Yet it seemed so natural, just the right thing to say.  She wanted him deep inside her. She wanted him to be a part of her, and her to be a part of him. She wanted them to both be joined in fucking.  "Now... do it now! Fuck me!" she repeated, and opened her legs wide to receive the hand that was teasing her anus.  Gilbert put his hands between her knees and pushed them even further apart. Her tight defenseless anus was revealed, a darker than normal color from her intense excitement; the inner lips of her cunt pumped out her juice, and the erect little clit was engorged with blood.  He put the head of his wildly throbbing prick against the puckering opening of her hole and pushed forward. His pulsating cockhead parted the anal ring and slipped inside.  "Ohhhhhh, fuck, shit... Ohhhhhh yes," she crooned, and her eyelids flickered in rapture as she felt the giant head part her body from the rear.  "You like that?" he asked, rolling his hips back and forth to wedge himself in further and further.  "Oh, God... yes, it's beautiful. Your cock in my ass is beautiful."  He pushed in a bit further; he knew he had to take her asshole in easy stages. His cock was big, and too rapid an entry would result in too much pain; then she might make him stop.  When he had about six inches inside her, he began slow withdrawals, coupled with tiny, controlled jerkings of his meat.  She was writhing and panting. She tried rocking back and forth on the shaft of hardness impaling her between the cheeks of her ass. Candy could feel his scrotum tingling against her naked thighs, and she reached down and around to fondle his balls with her hot hand.  He had begun moving in and out, and she was sure that she had taken all he had. Then he pushed again and she screamed when another length of cock pipe rushed up her ass.  "Oh God, what a cock... what a fucking joystick you have," she cried, and wiggled her asshole harder over his meat.  Now his movements became masterful; she could feel him in complete command of her body. She knelt there, grinding her full rounded buttocks around in tiny teasing circles, as he pounded in and out of her sensually awakened young body. His prick was the hottest and felt like the biggest she had ever taken. With any other man, or boy, she would have told him to go to hell. With such an enormous cock she would have insisted that she take it in the pussy or not at all. But this boy was different, and so was his prick. She was willing, even eager, to have his cock anywhere he wanted to put it.  "Oh Gilbert, baby, you're deep... you're so fucking deep into me... fuck me... go ahead and pour your cock-meat to me!"  "Beautiful cheeks... body... good, it's really good fucking," he groaned, rolling his eyes back in his head and enjoying her butt to the fullest.  Her entire belly was afire as her mind screamed out its insane delight. She was being wildly fucked and she was responding as a woman, a hot, tempestuous woman, full of fire for this wonderful boy.  Gilbert was aware that she was slowly approaching an explosive orgasm. Her nakedly writhing body was milking his cock like a vise. Her hips jerked and revolved madly, her asshole muscles clamped down on his cock with a fury. It seemed as though her asshole and her whole body was screaming for more, more and more, of his prick.  "Oh what a fuck," she screamed, "what a cock. Pound my asshole... FUCK MY ASSHOLE!"  Her ass rippled, her hole clasped his driving shaft like the tentacles of an octopus. Her anus clenched and unclenched as it sought to devour all of his cockmeat.  Candy tossed her head from side to side, her mouth opened laxly, and her eyes focused on the space between her throbbing thighs.  "Oh, oh, oh... fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK, FUCK MEEEE!" she said, with each mighty shove of his long, hard cock into her. It became a chant of sex whose tempo speeded up as she felt her orgasm start.  Suddenly her legs splayed out until it seemed as if she were splitting herself right down the middle. The scream of delight bubbled out of her mouth as the pulsing of her clit reached her fogged, lust-crazed mind.  "Oh my God, I'm there... I'M CUMMING... I'M CUMMING SO FUCKING GOOD."  She groveled beneath him, her fingernails digging into her tits as she writhed through the first of what she knew would be several comes. She had never cum so strongly before with a cock in her pussy, let alone in her asshole with no friction at all on her clit.  It was amazing - and wonderful.  From somewhere way out Candy's mind began returning to her body. The wild storm that had racked through her nerves had moved on; now there was only the voluptuous, almost hypnotic movement in and out of her contentedly throbbing ass.  "Oh God, what a fuck," she groaned. "I'm wasted."  Candy was groaning, not a sound of pain, but of guttural wonderment. The sound reverberated like a death rattle from her throat. She couldn't believe what was happening to her; she had reached some beautifully high plateau, a place of pure sexual sensation.  And now she was cumming again. Impossible. So soon, but true.  She whirled her head around. Then she reached behind her and pulled his face down to hers. Passionately she kissed him, grinding her tongue into his mouth.  Then she whispered, "I'm cumming again."  This time her climax was different, just as powerful and strong, but more controlled. She found she could manage it, play it along and make it peak like a piece of good music. But, only seconds later, she discovered that in reality it was his huge, hard shaft that was doing it.  "Sweet... sweet cum," she cooed, feeling tears well up in her eyes.  Her pleasure-contorted body jerked and twisted as though she were in the throes of a spastic seizure. Her face was twisted in a wild grimace of lust, and her mouth opened and closed ceaselessly as her nostrils flared like a wildly bucking animal. It was also his time. He growled out a long sigh of relief as he plunged his full length of throbbing cockmeat deeper and deeper into the squeezing cavern of her ass. He let the sensations flow up his thick hot shaft where they spread out through his whole body. Candy's forehead, face, and shoulders glistened with a sheen of perspiration. Her tits felt as if they were balloons being pumped full of hot, scented air, and her asshole was throwing off sexually electric charges. She knew that each preceding orgasm had been like a step to the peak of the total orgasm. She cried aloud that she was cumming yet a third time and he was suddenly fucking her like a madman as he sought to join her in orgasm.  "Cum with me... cum... CUM," she pleaded. "Cum with me... in me... put your seed deep in my womb!"  Hearing her words, he felt the gates slowly opening within him. He slid his hands under the wildly bouncing tits and cupped them tightly. He rammed into her with all his strength. He could feel the smooth hot flesh of her tight little hole massaging and sucking away at his cock.  "Now... now," he groaned, fucking into her, driving every last inch of his huge, thickened shaft to the hilt in the hot willing hole between her soaked asscheeks.  "Fuuuuuuck... cooooome!" she screamed.  Her frantically pumping buttocks waved in abandon from side to side. She screwed her wildly quivering anus up and down crazily on his pistoning cock.  Her thrashing body triggered his climax. He could feel the velvet explosion beginning around his spine and spreading rapidly to his balls and the head of his plunging cock.  Then he was there. The intensity of his orgasm frightened her for a moment, as he let everything in his balls go at once.  "Cum in me... cum in me... cum in me!" she chanted wildly.  With a low moan of ecstasy he exploded inside her asshole. The white lava of his love juice erupted deep inside the wetly pulsating depths of her ass.  His cock continued to spurt and throb for almost a full minute. Then, slowly, it stilled. Deep inside her, she could feel her unruly muscles loosening, the walls of her asshole deflating.  She was full.  "Oh God, what a fucking... what a beautiful fucking," Candy gasped as she felt the still-hard cock slip with a slurping sound from her anus.  "Yes... he is wonderful."  Candy rolled to her back at the sound of the strange voice and looked up to see one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen.  "Who... wha...?" Candy said.  "I am Annette... Gilbert's mother," the woman said, "and now your mother."
  Lunch was strange.  Annette was a charming hostess and she sincerely seemed to be sorry that their father couldn't be with them until later. The food was served by Donato Plato's enormous wife with neither a smile nor a scowl on her face, just blankness.  When their stepmother engineered the conversation around to sex the girls were both astounded and a little relieved to get back on a subject they both knew so well and enjoyed so much.  The woman not only seemed pleased that she had walked in and caught both of the girls having sex with her sons; she seemed downright elated. Her appreciation of her son's worth as lovers and the way she expressed it both shocked and piqued the girl's curiosity. For, if the truth were known, both the twins had longed for such a family situation where everybody loved everybody else.  "They have such beautiful bodies, don't they?" Annette said.  The girls agreed.  "You did enjoy fucking them... didn't you?"  "What the hell," Cindy said, shrugging to her sister. "Yes... we did a lot... and I could take a second course this afternoon."  "I'm afraid that can't be," Annette replied. "However, I have planned some stimulating entertainment for you this evening after dinner. Your father will be so happy when he gets here."  "Why is that?" Cindy asked.  "Because I will be able to tell him that our suspicions were true... you have much of his blood in your veins and hardly any of your mother's."  "What does that mean?" Candy asked.  "It means that you are like us. It means that we will have a happy, contented family. It means that we all will live long and live for sex and happiness together."  "Speaking of family sex..." Cindy added. "The boys intimated that..."  Annette smiled and interrupted her. "That they have sex with me?"  "Yes," Candy said.  "Oh yes... it's quite true," Annette said, rising. "And speaking of that, I must join them in my bedroom right now and reward them for their control this afternoon."  "And you're going to reward them by... by fucking them?"  "Of course," the woman said, smiling and walking out of the room.  "Wow," Candy said, when she was gone.  "What do you think?" Cindy said.  "I think, 'what the hell', we've always wanted a swinging family. Well, it looks like we've got one... we might as well enjoy it."
  The girls had begun to realize that they were in a house of sex but they actually hadn't even scratched the surface of the real facts. At the exact moment they were retreating to their own rooms on the upper floor for an afternoon's nap, the rest of the house was seethingly alive with sexual activity.  Gore Plato's huge wife, Klinda, was below in the servant's quarters nude, and carefully soaping down a beautiful, black Great Dane.  Drago was the household pet and he served many purposes.  "Drago... you a beautiful animal," Klinda cooed as she rubbed her naked breasts over the dog's sleek, soapy fur. "You will not be used with me tonight. Tonight they bring a virgin up from the village for the evening's entertainment."  A low growl came from the dog's throat, as if he were understanding every word the huge woman said.  "So you and I will have our own entertainment, together, this afternoon."  With a bar of soap in each hand Klinda moved around and around the big dog's body until he was completely, except for the massive head, covered with filmy soap. Then her hands moved under his belly until they found the sheath of his animal cock.  He stirred and shivered as her hands dropped the bar of soap and moved up and down the slick fur of his quivering underbelly.  "We will suck and fuck this afternoon, my darling beast," she whispered. "You will soon put your craving cock in Klinda's big hole."  The big beast shuddered again and the growl in his throat became continuous.  Her hands moved faster now along his belly, her fingertips exciting his animal flesh until she slipped her fingers between his hind legs and gripped the sheath that held his cock.  Gently, slowly the big woman began to knead and caress the animal prick. Soon his growling became a whimper as his meat began to harden and slip forward from its furry container.  "There it is," she cooed, "I can see your beautiful prick getting hard and long and ready for Klinda's pussy... smell my pussy, Drago. It, too, is ready for your cock to fuck it."  One of the woman's hands remained on the sheath while the other closed deftly around the swollen pink length of the dog's cock. Back and forth she went, working the beast into a total state of excitation.  Drago seemed to slap his cock into her hand as his hindquarters started backward and forward in quick, jerking motions - the motions of sex.  Klinda could now look beneath his belly and see the full length of his pink animal cock surging straight out from his sheath.  Her hand was flying back and forth on his meat now. The dog was whimpering and suddenly reared back as if to get away from the teasing fingers that wouldn't bring him to total relief.  She gripped harder and spoke softly to calm him. But again he tried to pull away, this time harder, rearing off the floor with his forelegs.  "Ahhhhh, my darling beast," she cried, "then you are ready... you are ready to fuck."  In a single, quick movement, she managed to slither her naked body beneath the dog. She held his haunches with her hands and spread her thighs wide. Then she swung her soapy cunt up toward the bobbing, dripping head of his lunging prick.  "Fuck me, Drago... fuck me, my darling beast!" she cried, and locked her legs at the ankles firmly around the dog's back.  Deftly she wiggled until she found the searing head of his animal prick with her moist, warm vulva. Her cunt lips twitched as she ground them against his insistent cockmeat.  "I want you, Drago," she moaned, hunching upward with her big buttocks. "I want you to fuck me... keep prodding, my beast-lover... you'll find it."  The dog was whining with frustration now as he pumped his hindquarters trying to find the center of that musky odor that had risen from between her thighs to inflame his brain through his quivering nostrils.  At last, with one mighty lunge upward, Klinda managed to ram the head of his cock between her puffy lower lips.  "Oh... oh, good dog, good dog," she cried. "Fuck me now... slide it on into my pussy!"  She squeezed her thighs over his sides and pulled the animal into her with locked ankles. Inch by inch his raging cock slid into her gaping cuntal cavity. He hunched harder and harder until his hindquarters became merely a blur. It was all she could do to keep her ass off the floor and her ankles locked around his back so that his cock wouldn't slip out of her big crack.  But this wasn't the first time Klinda had fucked the animal, and she knew just how to keep him on the very edge of cumming until she, herself, was ready to bring him forth.  She wanted to toy a little with him, play, but there was no stopping the inflamed animal once he had felt the tip of his meat slide into the warmth of her channel. With a howl of lust from his throat he smashed the full length of his shaft into her belly. He thrust his hindquarters forward and his long, pink cock surged mercilessly up into the nest of sex that writhed beneath him.  The whole of his meat disappeared up into her soaking hole with a loud, slurping sound. There was no stopping or steadying him now. With another loud howl his balls smacked loudly against the upturned cheeks of her fleshy ass.  "Oh my lover," she cried, "cum in me... pour your beast spunk into my cunt!"  She found his balls with her fingers. They were hairy and small compared to a man's. But she loved them, they turned her on with a certain perverseness that no human balls could. They felt as though they were on fire where they rested in her kneading fingers. She tugged on them, pressing them also into her cunt to join his cock.  Klinda then lost herself to the bestial fucking. Her head rolled from side to side as she rammed back harder and harder against the dog's pistoning prick. She could feel his cum-bloated balls hot and steaming now as she shoved them into her cunthole.  His forepaws lifted from the ground and came down, with his full weight, on her chest. The sound of his growls echoed hollowly throughout the room as his claws started ripping at her mammoth tits. The feel of his tearing claws on her breasts was almost unbearable, not in its pain, but in its pure lust. Her asscheeks were a blur of motion as she twisted and slammed them upward to fill her cunt with his cock and balls. Blood was running down across the thick globes of her breast. She paid no attention as she continued to fuck the beast all the faster and harder.  "Fuck me... fuck me," she cried, as she felt the unmistakable quivering of his balls in her cunt hole. She knew he was about to cum. She pulled harder on his back, bringing him very, very close to her.  Then she felt his surge. Klinda began a series of low, throaty screams as she felt her climax closer and closer along with his.  Then she felt his long, hard cock begin to jerk in convulsions. Before she knew it, he started exploding like a warm bomb far up inside the steaming depths of her pussy.  A hot, violent tremor of pleasure seared her body as she felt his cum shoot inside her and, in turn, set off her own climax.  As the dog pulled his deflated cock from her cunt and slithered to the side of her body, Klinda was shocked back to reality by her husband's laughing voice.  "Nothing in the whole world makes me as hot as seeing you writhe on the floor fucking the beast, wife," he said.  She opened her eyes. He was standing in the doorway, fully clothed, but with his fly open and his hard cock bouncing in the open air.  She smiled. "I thought you had already left."  He returned the smile. "I saw you bringing the dog inside and couldn't resist sneaking in and watching," he replied, fisting his cock as he studied the fullness of her reclining body.  She was beautifully developed, with glorious tits that hung out proudly in the full bloom of womanhood. Her hips were huge, as were the round and firm cheeks of her big ass. The full bush of her cuntal mound was a dull blonde that seemed to catch the light and invite his tongue or his cock to it. In the center of her pubic mat the lips were puffed outward and the dog's sperm oozed from the pinkness in thick streams.  "Do you have to go down to the village and pick up the virgin?"  "Yes," he said, advancing toward her, "but I have time."  He sank to the floor beside her. Klinda loved all cock, but she most loved her husband's big tool. The dog was good because she could control his passion but the beast was usually just a warm-up for one of the boys or their father or her husband.  Along her back she felt perspiration. She wanted her seething mouth on his cock. She wanted to suck hard and deep before he plunged it into her hole. She grabbed the long, thick shaft that hung low between his legs. She felt her juices start to flow again. They oozed from her cunt along with the dog's sperm and puddled on the floor under her ass.  "You want my cock, wife?"  "Yes... yes, fuck me with it," she cried. "Fuck me anywhere with it!"  The weight of his prick in her hand made her even hotter. She opened her mouth very wide and slid the big knob into her throat.  "Suck! Suck on it! Pull my dick far back into your throat," he growled, his voice thick with lust. He twisted and moaned as she played with his swollen balls and sucked the cock he rammed into her face.  Then he was pumping and driving his big prick deep into her throat. He could feel his balls boiling up the hot cream from their depths.  "No... don't cum there," she begged. "I want to feel you in there... where he was. I want your cum to mix with his in my body."  He smiled. She loved his cock. She loved all cock. She was a good mate for him. Zek had picked her well. She fit right in with the rest of the household.  He got to his knees and pulled her ass across the tiled floor toward his bouncing cock. He felt her tremble when the head of his inflamed cock touched her flesh between the thin line of her pubic hair, touched her heat with his. His swollen shaft trembled too, as he nuzzled her cunt with it's broad head.  "In... PUT IT IN!" she cried.  She strained, sitting half-up, with her hands planted behind her asscheeks to steady her. She jerked her legs, and brought her cunt right to the tip of his meat.  "Guide me in!" he growled.  Klinda grabbed his cock with both her hands and brought the throbbing, semen-dropping head to her syrupy opening. Donato Plato lifted her ass higher as he felt the head of his cock pierce her already-fucked hole. As he moved his hips forward, he simultaneously squeezed the cheeks of her fleshy ass tightly together to create more friction on his penetrating cock.  "Now... NOW! Oh God, how I love your cock, my husband. Shove it... shove it into me hard... harder. Give it all to me!"  He lunged at her and felt her entire body shake with pleasure as the head of his prick hit the very bottom of her cunt. Her hips writhed with sexual joy and he aided their circular motion with his strong hands, lifting and pulling her pussy over his driving wad of meat.  Back, forth, back, forth he rhythmically drove the pulsing fullness of his hard cockmeat into her lush, sopping cunt.  "You are like the rest of us, woman," he said. "You are no good, but you are a fine cunt."  "You are a cocksucker," she hissed, smiling up at his straining face.  "And you are a dogfucker," he replied.  "Fuck me... harder... is your cock in me yet?" She laughed in his face.  He allowed her laugh to fade and then, with the back of his hand, he hit her across the face. Blood spurted from her lips. He hit her again, so hard that her head bounced off the floor.  "Yes..." she groaned. "Again... hit me again. Hurt me... fuck me!"  With his free hand he brought the dog, Drago, back to life by pumping on the hairy sheath beneath his belly.  "Are you glad Zek brought you up from the village to be our regular wife along with Annette?"  "Yes... yes," she said.  "Then prove it to me," he said, shoving the dog until he was standing directly over her face. "Eat the beast's cock while I fuck you."  She smiled and reached up with one hand to pull the dog's swelling cock down to her lips.  Upstairs, directly above Donato Plato and Klinda's erotic scene, Annette walked into one of the two master bedrooms. On the bed were her two sons, naked, their big cocks stiff with readiness.  "Tonight you will have them, my children, but now I will have you."  Slowly, sensuously the mother undressed while her two boys watched in fascination. Her body always had a wild effect on them. They never tired of seeing it or wallowing in it.  At last she was naked. With her full, firm breasts tantalizingly swaying from her body she crawled up on the bed to join them.  Gilbert sat on the pillows, his back against the headboard, and his cock quivering straight up from his youthful, hairy crotch. "Suck my cock, Mother," he asked.  Without hesitation she crawled between his legs and, leaning on her knees and elbows, began licking and stroking his balls and cock with her hot, saliva-coated tongue. She licked it, sucked it, and teased it with her teeth. She pumped it with strong contractions of her throat once her sensuous lips had molded themselves around its thickness.  Gilbert sighed in total bliss as he watched his thick, rigid meat fill his mother's face. He raised his hips giving her more, as he felt the hard knob of his staff slide back and forth in her throat. His legs quivered and jerked as his groin throbbed fiercely with an intense desire to fill her head with his prick and her belly with the hot load that was surging in his bouncing testicles.  Beside her Rudy could see her naked ass high in the air, waving, inviting him as his brother's cock filled her face and split her hungry lips.  "Suck... oh yes, it's goddam good, Mother. Suck on it!" Gilbert cajoled. "CUNT MY COCK WITH YOUR COCK-SUCKING MOUTH!" he shouted like a man gone mad. Thrusting upwards with his hips, he shoved the full length of his pounding cock into his mother's greedy face.  The jolt of his thick, hard prick plummeting into her mouth made her forget her other son. Her throat tasted the bittersweet pungency of her son's seeping sperm as her head started bobbing over the bluntness of his meat.  Gilbert groaned loudly as he felt her tongue work around the ridge of his cockhead in faster and faster swirls. His fingers convulsed tightly in her hair while the hot tip of her tongue applied little shocks to his body through the tip of his cock.  Her other son, Ruby, watched with fascination. He had seen his mother suck Gilbert's cock before, but it never failed to turn him on. He moved like a robot up over her hips to her naked ass, where it rose high in the air. He rested his knees on the bed, and reached forward until he found his mother's full, fleshy asscheeks. Then he probed with his hands and fingers until he felt the wetness in the furrow between them. They quivered at the touch of his fingers. He explored further with his fingertips until he struck her anus.  "Yes," she mumbled around the loud sucking sounds as she continued to burrow her face into her other son's hairy crotch.  Rudy positioned a finger and shoved. It sank to the second knuckle in her bung hole. He heard her gasp around the thick cock in her mouth.  As he made little circles in her ass with his finger, his mother's ass started revolving the opposite direction. Then he lifted his body until he was on his knees behind her and his hips were directly in line with the flowing line of her ass. With one hand he guided his rigid cock to her rear hole and removed his finger.  Annette reached behind her with her own hands and carefully spread the cheeks of her ass. Rudy could feel the pressure of her elastic opening nudging his cockhead. With a flick of his hips he rammed forward. Pushing with all his strength, he finally felt the mouth of her ass yield to his advance.  At the exact time of her son's entrance into her anus, Annette felt Gilbert's hand on the back of her head. He pulled her head tight against his crotch and simultaneously snapped his hips upward. The bulbous, swollen tip of his heated prick shoved far back up into her throat.  "Take it... take my cock up your ass, mother... spread for me!" Rudy shouted, driving another two inches of his meat into her asshole.  She closed her eyes and clamped her mouth further over Gilbert's cock, the sudden pain in her ass making her groan in pain.  Rudy, thinking she was groaning for more of his cock, stepped up the pace of his jabs into her backhole. He rammed his full length home, fast and furious, as she sucked Gilbert's cock with all her effort in order to accommodate him in her throat and not choke.  The cock in her rear channel was like a hot knife now as Rudy gasped and cried out, shoving the full length of his meat up her bung hole. It was tight, stretching and ripping his foreskin as he ground into her, but the pleasure of fucking his mother in the ass was so much more than the pain that he didn't even pause in his thrusts.  As the youth continued to fuck, his eyes came back to the reality of the situation. He defined the images of their three joined bodies in the dim room. He could see his brother's thick cock disappearing and reappearing between their mother's wide-open lips as her long hair tossed from side to side brushing over his groin and belly. Her firm, bouncing tits danced and swayed like two huge melons beneath her as she squirmed to give and receive the pleasure of cock from her two wondrously endowed offspring.  Rudy's prick ached in her ass but it got better and better as his rhythm started to match the other two bodies. Faster and faster the two cocks pumped and fucked into her.  Both boys could tell that their mother was really starting to love it now - love it as she always did when they fucked her. She became a moaning, writhing heap as they relentlessly ground their cocks into her front and her back at the same time.  She bucked and rammed her ass backward against Rudy. He paused for a moment, straightening up further on his knee to look down at the firm joint of their bodies. The heavy head of his prick had disappeared entirely, swallowed up between the honey-like globes of his mother's ass in a hole that he was sure must be stretched to the breaking point.  "Oh shit, it's good. It's so fucking good," she screamed, lifting her face from Gilbert's throbbing meat. "It feels like your cocks are meeting right in the middle of my body. Are you all the way inside my butt, Rudy? Is that all of it? Give it to me! Give me all your beautiful cock in my asshole!"  As an answer Rudy rammed himself forward again, impaling her ass on the very root of his huge hunk of youthful meat. She started to scream but Gilbert muffled it with a lunge of his hips that again sent his prick far down her lusting, willing throat.  As Rudy increased his strokes, her ass began furiously meeting his hips, its muscles tightening and loosening around his cock to give him complete satisfaction.  Faster and faster, the young boy probed her ass, his need and desire heightened by the sight of her head bobbing wildly on his brother's rigid tool.  Her hair flew, bouncing around her shoulders and falling in soft waves over Gilbert's stomach. Saliva dribbled from her mouth and curled onto her chin as she sucked. The snowy globes of her tits were trembling and rippling, swinging to and fro as they slapped each other with fleshy noises.  "Now," Annette shouted, throwing her head backward off her son's cock. "Scoot down and stick it up my cunt. Fuck me, my sons. Fuck me in both of my fuckholes at the same time. Fuck me... FUCK ME!"  She clawed at Gilbert's head and shoulders until he slid down on the bed. He flipped his legs until he could wrap them around her hips and his brother's ass. Then he lifted his hips and plunged upward with his cock. In one swift stroke it was buried balls-deep in his mother's cunt and moving in time with his brother's cock in her asshole.  Her body froze in mid-motion as she felt herself being impaled in both her steaming holes at the same time. Scream after scream of inflamed sexual lust erupted from her choked throat.  With his own cock, Rudy could feel the surging power of Gilbert's through the thin membrane between his mother's asshole and her cunt. He stroked even harder to bring her off, as he and his brother were aiding in bringing each other off inside her writhing body.  In a matter of seconds, Annette's body started to cum. Her skin seemed to roll in tiny rippling waves as both her cunt and her asshole contracted in wild spasms of sexual relief.  "Yes... YESSSS," she screamed. "Hurt me that way! Ream my holes! Pound your cocks into me! Split my whole fucking body apart with your hard, beautiful, young cocks!"  She was like a woman gone wild. Both the boys had seen it all before, but it never ceased to amaze them each time they saw it again.  Neither of the boys could contain themselves under the pressure of her massaging, muscular spasms. They both hunched her high into the air as their cocks spurted stream after stream of their life juice, their fiery liquid come into their mother's body.  Her cunt and ass filled quickly and cum oozed out of her twin slits to roll in rivulets back down the stalks of her two sons' still straining, still pumping, still mother-fucking cocks.  Gilbert felt a gush of warm juices ooze down his Mother's thighs and onto his own and he knew that she, too, had reached the end of the upward climb to relief from her sexual torment.  Rudy felt her asshole contract and tighten even more the vise-like grip on his emptying cock. Her holes worked wildly, milking their cocks of every last drop of semen as she rocked through her orgasm.  Slowly they rolled away from each other, smiling and sighing in satisfaction. For a long time they lay quiet, touching and stroking her body with their arms, their hands, and their flaccid cocks.  Then she took each of their pricks into her mouth and lovingly cleaned them of her spend and theirs. Then she looked up into their eyes.  "Now," she said, with a sigh, "we can all three wait until tonight."
  That night, after dinner, Annette took the twins and her own two sons in tow and told them that it was time for the entertainment.  The room they entered was different from any other in the house. It was very masculine. Heavy oak panels supported bookcases and shelves containing a variety of books, all erotic in nature.  A huge mural of a man and a woman in the act of fucking covered the ceiling above their heads.  The room was without furniture except for a huge, round mattress-type affair in the center and low, pillowy cushions around it. The carpet itself was thick and fluffy, practically like a bed.  "This," Annette said, draping her tall, graceful body across several of the cushions, "is the playroom... we spend a lot of time here." The last was followed by a low, lewd chuckle.  She had barely finished speaking when the lights dimmed and music from several hidden speakers filled the room. A door in the far end opened and Donato Plato entered, leading a young girl of twelve or thirteen.  "Ah yes," Annette hissed, expectation on her face and lust in her voice. "You girls are lucky. Tonight will be a very special entertainment. Here comes our virgin."  "Virgin?" Candy asked.  "Shhhhh," said Gilbert from beside her. "Just watch... sit here by me so I can play with your tits while we watch."  Both girls shrugged, inured by now to the family's oddities, and eased down onto the cushions between the boys and their mother.  Donato Plato led the young girl to the bed and gently set her on the edge of the low cushion. Gently the giant peeled the thin robe from the girl's youthful body. She looked up at him and smiled.  The girl was beautiful, in an innocent sort of way, with long, curling blonde hair and regular, fine features. Her breasts were mere buds on her chest and little more than nipples. The dark pinkness completely covered the ends of the just-starting-to-sprout globes.  Between her legs her pooching pussy mound was pink with the hard little lips still curved inward toward her maidenhead. Her pubic fur had not yet expanded to the full width of her pubis. It ran in nearly a straight blonde line up and down the curled pink furrow of her virgin pussy.  "You're not going to hurt her, are you?" Cindy asked.  "Of course not, dear," Annette said, "Does it hurt you when you fuck?"  "Of course not," Candy giggled, feeling suddenly a little light-headed and putting it down to the strange lighting and the dinner wine. "But then I'm not a virgin. Sometimes I wonder if I ever was."  "Show her your cock, Donato," Annette whispered, just loud enough for the giant to hear.  He smiled and shrugged his robe from his massive shoulders. The big man's cock was still limp between his legs but it was so thick and hung so low, even in its flaccid state, that it made the girls gasp as they remembered what it had already been able to do to their pussies.  "Jeez," Candy said, almost to herself, "couldn't you find someone around here with just a normal-sized cock for her first time? He'll tear her in half with that thing of his."  Annette chuckled. "No one in our family or our employ is normal in the sense of the outside world. The little girl will love it. You'll see. Besides it won't be Donato Plato who penetrates her first."  "Who then?" Candy asked.  "Shhhhh," Rudy hissed. "You'll see."  The girl looked up with a start of pleasure as Donato leaned close over her, his cock dangling just in front of her face. Gently he moved her knees until they were far apart and the tender lips of her young cunt spread accordingly. He ran one big hand up between her thighs and traced the length of her hair-lined cuntal furrow up and down.  Annette sighed and the two boys ran the zippers on their flies down with a whoosh in the otherwise silent room.  The girls just stared in mute anticipation.  On the bed, the young girl reached out and touched the giant's cock. "Cock," she said, almost in a baby voice, and smiled wider.  Then she rolled her eyes about the room. They took in everyone with a smile as all the faces stared back at her in turn.  She looked as though everything was wonderful, as though she was in a dream.  And then the twins understood why; she had been drugged, doped somehow.  Then Donato placed his hands on the young, naked girl's ripely upthrust breasts, pressing his thumbs and forefingers against the tiny little buds of her nipples, rolling them into taut erection. His hands roamed down her lushly naked body, caressing the firm flesh of her gently swelling belly, moving on to explore the sparse mass of golden, curling pubic fleece up between her legs.  The girl, transfixed in her drugged haze, shivered as a rising tide of passion surged through her from the delicious touch of Donato's fingers. Tingling with excitement, she sat up, mouth hanging open expectantly, and positioned herself on all fours at the edge of the bed. Her nakedly gleaming asscheeks waved in invitation.  In an instant, Donato Plato was on his knees behind her, stroking her firm-fleshed thighs and running his hands down her buttocks and spreading them apart in a slow, methodical movement. Finally his huge paws reached the inner juncture between her splayed thighs.  She whimpered in ecstasy, and then drew her legs higher beneath her. Donato's hand slipped closer to her pinkly glistening pussy, parting the sensitive fleece-lined cuntal lips while she closed her eyes and gasped with pleasure.  It was all too clear that surging desire flowed through the youthful, childlike body. It was also clear that it was converging directly in her down-covered cunt. It turned her narrow cuntal passage into a hot seeping cavern of female moistness.  She groaned softly, lifted her feet up, and placed her heels far apart on the edge of the bed to present the whole of her naked pussy to all their gaping eyes.  Donato's finger wormed tenderly into the heated pink wetness, and her entire body shook. He probed deeper, first fingering the fleshy lips, then withdrawing to find the hard, taut bud of her little clit. He gently stroked that, too, until she responded with a sudden little spasm of pure delight and a sensuous grinding of her buttocks that made all the onlookers, including the twins, moan with their own desire.  The girl cried out with need and moved her hands over Donato Plato's body until they reached his cock.  Clasping her fingers around the thick, blood-swollen, male meat, she massaged it gently, moving the foreskin back and forth, back and forth, until his hardness grew stronger, springing into a separate, living thing. She gazed at it, admiring its gigantic size and its now rock- hard rigidity, staring unblinkingly at the small hole that was dripping sperm from the huge head.  "Oh, cock... sweet, big cock," she moaned, falling back on the bed, her legs spread wide, her heels splayed out over the sides of it.  He stood between her legs looking down at her naked, nubile young body. "Are you a virgin?" he asked.  "I am a fresh girl ready for my father's cock," she replied.  "And what do you want?"  "I want him to fuck me," the girl said, all inhibitions wiped away by the exhilarating effect of his cock lightly throbbing against her soft inner thighs. "I want him to fuck me."  "Say it louder so your father can hear you," Donato demanded.  "Fuck me," she said in a low, passion-thickened voice. "FUCK ME... FUCK ME... FUCK ME!"  Donato Plato turned away from the girl and called to an unseen shadow that had appeared by the door. "She is now ready," he said.  As the giant moved away from the bed and settled himself into a cushion beside Annette the shadow stepped forward into the light.  The girls gasped.  It was Zek, their father, naked. His cock was even longer and fatter than Donato Plato's and also harder as it bobbed before his dark, hairy groin like a red-bulbed, angry sword.  Without a word he went directly to the young girl and knelt between her legs. "I'm here, my child," he said, in a quiet and gentle voice.  "Take me, my father," she replied, reaching her arms up to him.  "What does she mean...?" Candy whispered.  "Shhhhhh," Annette hissed at her and started slipping out of her dress as Donato Plato ran his rigid cock up and down her hair.  Zek moved forward between the girl's spread thighs. He used the thick, bulbous head of his prick to part the wetly glistening lips of her vagina.  With a groan she splayed her legs wider, leaving the excited little cuntal mouth between her legs completely open to his prick.  Then the rigid tool slid up and down the length of her virginal slit gathering the moisture from her pussy on its head. A bit at a time the cockhead teasingly parted the softly curling strands of her pubic hair and pushed between the sensitive lower lips.  A jolt of pain and pleasure shot through the girl's tense body. "Oh... cock, your cock... my father... I want it but don't hurt my pussy!"  Zek's hands closed around the tops of her thighs, gripping them tightly, and his fingers dug harshly into her soft flesh. "Put it in," he ordered  "I'm... I'm afraid. It's going to hurt," she groaned helplessly.  "Put it in!" he said.  She groaned again as she writhed beneath his brutal fingers as they dug even deeper into her sensitive flesh.  In desperation, she reached back between her legs and found his hotly throbbing hardness. It was so massive that it seemed as though she couldn't possibly wrap her fingers around it. But with that first touch of her hands on his living, pulsating flesh, the excitement in her face and body grew. It seemed that every pore opened with seeping perspiration as the lips of her cunt now soaked his cockhead with love juice.  "I'll stop," he growled, "if you want."  "No... NO!" she shouted. "Just fuck me." She then tearfully pressed his gigantic cockhead harder against the defenseless little opening of her vagina.  Zek smiled over his shoulder at the onlookers as her trembling hand placed his cock at her wetly puckered cuntal entrance. He began a slow prodding against the elastic opening, feeling the softly yielding lips parting to accommodate him. Then the huge head was through the first layer of warm, all-enveloping wet flesh and attempting to force its way inside the tight restricting ring of cuntal muscle that jealously guarded the entrance to the depths of her vaginal passage.  "Ohhhhh, pain... pain, agggghhhh," she groaned, panting in pain. "You're hurting me. Stop... stop for just a minute... please."  With the warmly clasping walls of her inner pussy around his meat, there was no way he could stop, no way he could feel any tenderness for her. He needed to ram her, fuck her. The heat of animal desire suddenly shorted out all restraint in him. He took a tighter hold on her thighs and then lunged forward, while at the same time pulling her buttocks back toward him.  She screamed, this time louder. It was a shrill scream of agony as his long cock slammed through the hotly throbbing barriers of her cunt, ramming deeper, far deeper than she had ever been penetrated by a finger.  Another scream gurgled from her throat as he lunged again and those who looked on knew that she was a virgin no more.  The young girl struggled vainly as she dug her buttocks into the mattress and lunged sideways in an effort to escape the brutal impalement. The giant pulsating prick was like a drill boring deep into her belly. Her stretched-to-capacity cuntal walls were seared with agony from the invading shaft of flesh.  She attempted once more to struggle loose, but all her efforts were futile.  He had skewered her, impaled her on the end of his rock-hard cock like some helpless butterfly being pinned to a mounting board.  Her wetly clinging pussy lips clutched and caressed the thickness of his cock, moving like an expensive, suede glove around the full length of his hardened prick.  Her mind came back to her when she gradually became aware that he was beginning to rock rhythmically and gently in and out of the soft confines of her stretched vagina. The pain was fading now, and she began to feel once more the buildup of pleasure. Her breath became more shallow, and it rasped in her throat.  "Go on... go on. I love it... it does feel good," she groaned, and ground her ass sensually back against him.  She was now responding to his hotly pulsating cock as he fucked in and out with long, steady strokes that had all the accuracy of a torpedo speeding silently through the warm vaginal wetness of her pussy.  Little explosive sounds of delight began cumming from her lips with each inward thrust of the shaft of hard cock-meat. Her sensually aroused body responded to him. All her muscles and tendons worked in unison to bring him pleasure and her relief. She spread her thighs even wider, her knees scraping against the satin sheet beneath her.  His pubic hair pressed tight against her thighs. Suddenly she dropped from her elbows to one shoulder on the bed. She lifted her firmly rounded young asscheeks higher in the air as an offering of lust to his cock.  And then, abruptly, Zek pulled his swollen cock from her hungry cunt.  "Don't," she panted. "Don't do that! You can't do that to me... you promised. You promised to break my cherry and make me cum... make me cum..."  "You're no longer a little girl-child, now," he said. "You are now a woman. You can fuck me... fuck me, my child, fuck me like a woman!"  He lay down beside her, juice and blood from her dripping vagina glistening on his upthrust cock.  She smiled a dazed, drugged smile as her eyes feasted on the cock that had just ruined her maidenhead.  She bent forward and kissed the rigidly heated length that had brought her so much pain. She licked it from testicles to crown before straddling him. "What shall I do?"  "Sit up on my prick! Put it between your legs and let it slip into that tight, juicy little pussy. Then, slowly, sit down on it."  The drugged young girl did as she was instructed, and placed the cockhead at her quivering cuntal opening. She moaned and, obviously this time, there was no pain. There was only delight as his meat slowly sank into her. She played with it, tightening her pussy lips around it, making little movements of penetration. One inch went inside her, then two. Then she lifted a little, and again wriggled until four inches were skewering her.  Her eyes widened once again in animal passion. And finally, no longer able to deny herself the joy of full penetration, she lowered herself completely on the hotly throbbing rod. When it was finally lodged all the way in her, she shook her head in unconcealed delight. Her long, honey-blonde hair swung to and fro in abandon as she lifted and dropped, fucking Zek's big cock.  She began moving up and down on the thick, wetly glistening cock, making slow movements at first. She experimented, then realized that she could bring her erectly tingling clit into contact with the warm hard shaft. Unable to control herself, she greedily began bouncing up and down on his lap, feeling the hardened male meat pounding deeper, ever deeper into the cuntal cavity between her spread thighs.  Her naked young body began twitching and writhing in uncontrollable wanton bliss. She groaned in complete abandonment as the punching rod sank to new, untapped depths in her love hole. Her face reddened and little moans of ecstasy bubbled out of her throat.  "Oh... so beautiful, so wonderful... fuck up into me! Fuck me... fuck me!"  She bent forward impulsively and kissed him, digging her tongue into his warm wet mouth, tongue-fucking him. Then she drew back, her eyes beginning to glaze again and her breath coming faster.  With his two powerful hands he grabbed the warmly thrusting mounds of her asscheeks to hold her tight against his stomach.  "What... what are you doing now?" she asked, still making little movements in spite of his grip on her bouncing buttocks.  "I promised to make you cum. And I will. But first..." Even as he was speaking, his hand once again peeled apart the soft cheeks of her ass. "Donato," he called.  The giant was on his feet and directly behind the girl in an instant. His long prick stood out, the head seeping sperm on the girl's creamy buttocks. He stared hungrily down at the ripe full moons of her quivering ass, at the exposed little shit hole, and then at Zek for direction.  The girl winced in surprised pain and then screamed aloud as Donato took her by the thighs and brutally forced her legs further apart. She screamed in fright, then gasped as he placed his finger, momentarily teased, then wormed its length up her asshole. In and out it ground, in and out, and around.  The pain was intense but then it seemed to fade. The finger in her bung hole soon brought a look of longing and joy to the little girl's innocent young face.  She groaned and wiggled her hips backward as Donato's finger prodded and probed inside her tightly clenched little backhole, widening it, expanding it, bringing a delightful throb to it that made her gasp for breath.  Then a second finger joined the first, forced in with an urgency. He began to work the two back and forth in the narrow passage, preparing it for the entrance of his lust-swollen cock.  Donato Plato cried out in lust as he placed the tip of his prick at her bung hole. Its underside was directly against the underside of Zek's cock, which continued to plunge in and out of her cunt.  Fear crossed the girl's bewildered face, but her words were of desire. "Yes... both... put your cocks in both my holes."  With a quick, brutal thrust that this time brought a scream of total pain from her, Donato popped the blood-filled head just up inside the small, puckered hole, then slowly pressed forward and forced the elastically yielding walls further and further apart until he was sunk deep up in the tightness of her quivering bowels.  As he began to ram it in and out, she gradually felt an oddly rising sexual stimulation. She moved back against his pulsating cock, arching her body, thrusting her nakedly gleaming buttocks up and outward, rotating them in tiny teasing circles as she met Donato's thick hardness reaming out her ass. Then she would fall forward to impale herself on Zek's massively pistoning prick lodged so deeply in her wide- stretched cuntal hole.  Donato's sperm-bloated balls smacked down hard against the kneeling girl's upper thighs as his thickly burrowing cock sank deep up inside her tight little rectal passage, pushing almost to her pelvis.  "You're cumming... you're cumming," Zek cried, "I can feel it in your pussy... I can feel it on my cock."  "Yes... YES," the girl screamed.  "Work at it... hump my cock... force your clit against it!" Zek urged, "Hump your asshole and your cunt on our cocks... cum... cum!"  She moved frantically upward against Donato's stroke, and then fell greedily forward to sink Zek's hotly pulsating cock to the hilt in her now-crazed cunt.  Then, as if by some secret signal, both massive shafts of lust-hardened flesh were moving in unison, battering into her, buffeting her writhing body between them. She closed her eyes in delirium as her orgasm started.  Everyone who watched knew. They could see that the girl had completely surrendered to the needs and the desires of her body. The twins both felt, just by watching, that they had been short-changed in their own sex lives. They could never remember surrendering so completely to sex even the first time, the time with their uncle.  "Yes... yes... YES!" the girl screamed, as she writhed her body to match the twitching in her cunt. Her breathing had almost stopped; her eyes had grown wide in stunned disbelief and fevered hope.  They could see, almost feel themselves, the exquisite velvet explosion beginning in her young body. Her eyes jolted wide and Donato Plato's cock erupted in her asshole. He was spewing his cream up, into her belly from the rear.  It was the catalyst that set off her explosion.  She was there.  "Cu... cum... cumming... oh, father, I'M CUMMING... CUMMING!"  The first convulsive wave of joy and ecstasy racked her body, and it was then, just before her fluttering eyes closed, that she saw them watching her and smiled.  "I'm cumming... I'm cumming on a cock," she screamed at them. "CUMMING!" Her nostrils dilated with joy. Her nakedly convulsing body moved in a whirl-wind of lust and passion.  Her body continued to pound up and down on Zek's hard-driving prick and then he came. That ignited a new and even more powerful stage in her orgasm, and she was jetting toward the greatest realm of sexual sensation.  She came... and came, her voice shrilly crying out in wonderment and exaltation until finally, she fell forward, into a swoon of passion, on the chest of the man who had brought this joyous moment to her - her father. Then Zek slithered from beneath her body and stood. He turned toward the spectators and held out his hands. No words were needed. The twins knew. As one they stood and approached him.  Any fears the girls had about an incestual relationship with their father were thrown to the winds and replaced with a driving lust and unbridled need for his horse-sized cock.  They both fell to their knees in front of him at the same time. Their tongues darted out and laved the hard staff of his cockpole clean, removing all the blood and juices left there by the young virgin's pussy.  Behind him, on the bed, Klinda had appeared. Her head was between the young girl's legs doing the same for her pussy. Beside them, the two boys had mounted their mother. Gilbert had already stuffed his thick pole up her greedy pussy and Rudy was hunching down over her face. Most of his cock was disappearing into her mouth with every lunge of his hips.  "Is she really your daughter?" Cindy said, pausing in her work and lifting her face from his cock.  "Yes," Zek said, smiling down at her. "I'm surprised you girls haven't figured it all out yet. But then you haven't been down to the village, have you? Here in Zacheist we survive because we are one. We are all one family. My sweet Annette will have another child soon. The father will be Gilbert. And you, my two lovely daughters, will soon do the same. By this time next year both of you will have a new brother and sister and a son and daughter at the same time."  If his words meant anything to the twins, it didn't register on their faces at that precise moment. His sex, at that moment, was all they were interested in.  Then, as if on some silent signal, Donato Plato appeared before Candy and gently ran his lathered cock into her ready face.  "Donato will keep you at a peak, my darling," Zek said to Candy, "while your sister's cunt is attended to by my cock. Then it will be your turn."  He gathered Cindy in his arms and carried her to the bed. By this time the young girl had revived. She had rolled to the floor and her head was between Klinda's mammoth thighs. The woman and the child sucked and licked greedily on each other.  Cindy's mind was on one thing as Zek laid her on the low bed and covered her body with his own - his cock. It was the way she had felt about Rudy's cock earlier, only ten times more so.  "Do you want me to fuck you?" Zek said, looking down into her eyes. "Do you want my cock and my juice in your belly?"  "Yes," she moaned, "oh God yes... put your prick in me... make a baby in my belly!"  He smiled. "You are truly my daughter," he said.  With amazing agility he twisted around to give her easier access to him, at the same time pulling her body into such a position that his fingers could caress her cunt, part the lips, and massage the erect clit.  Their stimulation of each other was intense and silent for several minutes, for as their hands, fingers, and mouths worked on each other's bodies they watched the fucking and sucking in the rest of the room.  The boys had both their cocks in their mother's face. They were wildly humping her head as she took as much of their cockflesh in her head as she could and sucked as if it were the first and, perhaps, the last cock she would ever get.  Donato Plato was now on the floor wound around Candy, so that he could suck her cunt while she did the same for his cock.  The young blonde girl was upright, sitting on Klinda's face, practically choking the older woman with her thighs and her pussy as she ground her bloody cunt down over the sucking mouth and lips.  "Beautiful... absolutely beautiful," Zek moaned, his fingers up his daughter Cindy's sweet pussy. "Do you like the way we live?"  "Is there any other way?" Cindy said. "Fuck me now! Please put your cock inside me!"  Zek fell between the girl's opened thighs. She grasped his cock and guided it, without a word, into the dampness of her steaming cunt.  "It's in you," he groaned.  "I know... I know," she hissed. "It's beautiful... I love it... I love you, my husband, my father, my lover... fuck me with it now!"  Zek cupped her asscheeks and pulled her body tightly up to meet him, and then he began a long, hard stroking with every fiber of his body, filling her cuntal cavity again and again with his rampant hardness.  The rest of the people in the room then continued their own sex games but there was a sudden hush that came over them when they all realized that Zek had his cock in one of the twins. They watched his cock burrowing its way up into her, then being withdrawn almost to its tip, only to disappear again in the depths of her cunt.  Her cunt lips seemed to grip it in protest against the possibility of it being withdrawn completely. The gasps of delight coming from her throat told them all how much pleasure she was deriving from her father's hot meat in her soaking, sucking pussy.  Candy, her lips around Donato Plato's big prick, was fascinated. She could think of but one thing - how soon would it be her turn?  After several moments of hard fucking, Cindy locked her ankles behind Zek's back. She thrust her hips up high, and cried aloud as she threw her head from side to side in the exquisite agony of her climax.  Never, never in her life could she remember cumming so fast, and so completely with just one cock in her. It was a strange feeling and one she didn't want to let go of until she had attained several more climaxes.  But it wasn't to be.  He had a reason to fuck now, to fuck her.  As she came, Zek began the short, digging strokes that foretold his shooting his thick, baby-making cream deep up into her belly.  Then, his voice grunting out his semen, he drove her ass far into the mattress. His buttocks corded and convulsed as his balls emptied their hot load of cum against her womb.  "It's done," he said, pulling his cock from her body and turning at once to the other couple on the floor. He walked a few steps and tapped Donato Plato on the shoulder.  The giant rose immediately and walked to Cindy. He picked her up in his arms and carried her from the room.  Zek fell to the floor and found his way between Candy's legs. Even though he had just loosed a tremendous load of semen in Cindy's cunt, his cock had lost none of its rigidity. It was as hard and as cunt- demanding as when he had first started to fuck the blonde virgin.  "Three babies I make tonight," he said, as he lay down and slid in behind Candy, forming his body to hers until they were like two spoons stacked neatly in a drawer.  "Put my cock in your sweet pussy, my daughter," he said.  She lifted her leg and reached her hands between her quivering thighs. She found the massive rod and pulled and tugged on it until she had the head pressing against her cuntal lips. She lifted her leg a little higher, jammed backward, and felt the huge prick ease into her. She kept pushing until she could feel his balls press the nub of her clit. Then she dropped her leg and sighed.  "Now fuck me," she said.  Candy moved her hands back to press his balls against her clit to stimulate it as he started a gentle fucking motion into her cunt from behind.  He cupped her breasts in his hands and began rolling the nipples between his fingers. As he fucked he increased the tempo and the length of his strokes. Before she knew it, he had shoved his cock far up her asshole during one of his strokes. He had done it so quickly and so skillfully that, until it was far inside her, she hadn't realized that her ass had been impaled.  "I do this," he said, "to help you cum. I want to make you very happy this first time. Once you have cum, I will put my cock in your pussy and plant the baby there."  Candy heard his words but she didn't understand them. She really didn't care about them. All she really cared about was the wondrous feeling his stiff cock was causing in her pussy.  Then he started alternating between her cunt and her asshole with each stroke. The stimulation it gave her was almost frightening in its intensity. Her whole body was responding to his cock. She thrust her asscheeks back against him sharply, while she rolled her clit beneath his balls and thrust her nipples into his palms.  Then she went rigid, every muscle tense with the sexual excitement that filled her. He pulled back from her ass and thrust forward into her cunt with all the strength he could summon from the corded power in his muscles. He felt her body throb and throb with the searing orgasms that ripped at the tender walls of her cunt.  "Oh God, oh God, SHIT... FATHER, SHIT," she screamed with the force of his raging cock inside her. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming... put it in me hard... fuck it to me hard."  As if her body's weight were no more than a feather, he flipped her over until he was atop her. Again he buried his cock to the hilt in her lush cunt, his balls knocking against her buttocks as she humped and he pushed with all his might against her.  She hissed and growled under the unbridled assault from his dick. An exquisite pleasure was building warmly in the quivering sheath of her vagina again as it slid smoothly over his thrusting prick. The fleshy, slapping sound their bodies made each time he slammed her down into the mattress echoed in the room.  They were both fucking the other wildly now, smacking belly to belly, pelvic bone to pelvic bone. Her juices sprayed his grinding groin as he riveted her to the bed again and again with each smashing thrust of his driving, rampaging cock.  "Yes, yes... fuck me like that... hurt me with your big fucking cock!" She was shouting like a woman possessed, which indeed she was; she was a woman possessed of cock, the wildest, most satisfying cock that she had ever experienced in the depths of her sex-hungry body.  "Fuck me back harder," he gasped. "Fuck me with your ass and cunt so I can pour my seed into your womb."  Pleasure seeped all through her raw nerve ends. It rippled crazily through her ass and her pussy. It heightened as it charged up from her fleece-lined vaginal lips and danced like fire across her wildly trembling thighs and up the full length of her wide-splayed legs.  "Oh God, I love cock... I love your cock. Feed it to me faster... harder! FUCK ME!" She spoke as if to herself, as if she were admitting something that she had known secretly all her life, but only found out in reality at this very moment.  She moaned incoherently as he thrust into her cunt with all the strength in his hips and thighs. She wrapped her legs up around his hips as she held him, making him thrust into her harder. She eagerly pulled her legs lower and hooked her heels behind his knees and, with a low animal groan, her arms flew around his neck and pulled his mouth tightly down to meet hers. She sucked his tongue into her mouth with soft, wanton sounds of desire..  With each surge, the gigantic, blood-gorged head of his cock seemed to burrow deeper into her. She felt as though her body was being torn down the middle and she would be ripped wonderfully in half by the cock in her belly. His wildly plunging length felt as though it would come clear out of her throat should he be able, by some miracle, to stuff another inch inside her.  "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," she chanted as the muscles inside her cunt nibbled hungrily at the head of their invader, only to let go and let the muscles of his cock have their turn.  She strained her naked, perspiring body up against him, a half-crazed smile playing across her lips. Her motions became faster as the tempo of his thrusts caused more urgency in both their bodies. Through her passion, Candy tasted the saltiness of her own blood as she bit down hard into her own lower lip.  She was straining to cum and he knew it. He could feel the juices of her milking channel walls begin to flow as she ground her heated cunt even harder against him. Wildly, she arched her back far away from the rumpled bed, carrying his body into the air with the force of her thrust. She didn't stop until she had lifted him high, and only her head and her toes remained touching the satin of the sheets beneath her.  "Oh shit, cunt, fuck, I'm cumming again... I'm cumming like all is busting loose inside my belly, my pussy, my brain... don't stop... cum with me!"  She was a wild woman. She screamed. She tore at his flesh with her nails. Her head flailed from side to side. Her mouth hung open and saliva dribbled from its corners.  Once more, she swung her thighs up, even higher, and clasped his hips with the back of her calves. She wound her legs all the way up and around his hard-driving body.  "Harder... fuck me harder... GODDAMNIT HARDER!" she cried, as she wrapped every fold of her driving cunt around his cock, not letting him pull it out again even an inch.  His mouth clamped tightly down on hers in a whining shout as his cock spewed hot cum deep up into her belly. Then she fell back to the surface of the bed. He forced her rigid body down into the mattress as his juices poured into her in palpitating bursts, jetting against the far reaches of her cunt with powerful force - baby-making force. The heat of his juice mixed with her own to add to the joy of her climax. She could feel the hot, creamy liquid flood her vitals as her own orgasm wracked her body. Candy pounded her heels against his buttocks as the spasms of her orgasm flowed through her nerve-ends like hot lava. Slowly their hungrily trembling thighs relaxed and he rolled from her wet body, contented sighs escaping both of their lips.  "You do love the cock and the fucking, don't you?" he smiled down at her, still rubbing his rubbery, wet cockhead against her thigh.  "Yes," she said, "I love it more than ever now."  From somewhere in the darkness Donato Plato appeared and, like her sister before her, gathered her into his arms. She felt like she was floating or dreaming as he carried her toward the stairs and her room.
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