How I lead my step dad fuck me for the next 14-years
How I lead my step dad fuck me for the next 14-years
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How to fuck the Elf for Dummies
"How to fuck the Elf for Dummies"

How I lead my step dad fuck me for the next 14-years

How I lead  my step dad fuck me for the next 14-years    I was just a youngster during the 70's when my mother married. We were a black family living in the predominantly black neighborhood of south-central Los Angles.  My mother was an attractive woman, and had no trouble attracting handsome bucks.  My own father had fathered several children by a number of women.  I had no direct contact with him, because he was already married.      I was a light skinned, hairless, smooth bodied fourteen-year-old African-American boy.  My hair was a reddish nappy color and my eyes were blue.  Other than that my features were typical African-American.      My new Stepfather was a very attractive man, named Bob.  He was a tall man, with a slender build.  He was tall enough that he had to duck walking through doors.  I thought he would have made a pretty good basketball player.  I was fascinated with him.  I noticed right away that he always had his cock dangling down the left leg of his pants.  I was fascinated with his package.  I was always casting my eyes in the direction of his crotch.      One afternoon I stopped by the store where my mom and he worked. We were facing each other in the employee break room.  Instead of just glancing at his crotch, I was intently staring at the bulge in his pants, but I was unaware just how obvious I was staring at it.  My stepdad couldn't help but notice what I was looking at.  His dick did respond to the attention, because it began to harden and strain at the leg of his pants.  He stood up, and told me to go to the men's room, and wait for him in the last stall.      I did as I was told, and went into the white tiled bathroom and went directly to the last stall and entered the stall's metal enclosure.  My heart was pounding in anticipation.  A minute seemed like an hour.  Then I hear the sound of the bathroom door open and the sound leather shod footsteps on the tile floor approaching my stall.  He opened the door and entered, and closed the door behind himself.  I was forced to sit down on the porcupine toilet to give him room to enter the stall.  He approached me as I sat there.      He pressed his lengthening cock against my cheek.  He was cool about the way he demanded that I take it out and kiss it.  I struggled to get his pants open, and when I finally got it out of his boxer shorts I was mesmerized by the size of his is cock.  It was an uncut snake that looked like it was almost a foot long and as big around as a man's wrist.  I was overwhelmed by the huge thing staring at me.  I took hold of it with both hands, and set about kissing and licking it.  I jerked him off too.  He shot his load into my mouth.  We cleaned up and returned to the store to talk to my mom.      From that afternoon our relationship changed completely.  I would do anything he asked.  Whenever we had an opportunity to be alone long enough I sucked his cock.  The first time mom had a reason to return to the home town where she had been raised, to visit her parents for a week, I was left in the care of my stepdad.      The first night we were alone he invited me to sleep in their bed. He asked me if I would like to find out what it was like to be fucked by a man.  I was frightened by the sight of his cock, but also fascinated by the idea that he could fuck me the same way he fucked my mother.  He assured me that my mother's asshole was tighter than her cunt.      I had heard them grunting and the bed banging the wall many a night.  I could picture her kneeling face down on the bed with her big round light brown ass in the air while he held onto her hips, while driving that black snake into her asshole.  I couldn't believe he could stick his cock in my ass, but he talked me into allowing him.  He used a lubricant to grease my asshole good, and grease his cock.  It looked so shiny with all of the grease on it.  He piled up pillows under my body to elevate my butt, so that I didn't have to support myself while he took his time about preparing me to be fucked.  He inserted his large fingers into me to stretch my asshole.  He told me to relax or it would hurt.  I have to say, as a fact that it did hurt, but I found the pain erotic.  He fucked my asshole with long slow strokes.  I was sweating profusely by the time he drove his cock deep into my ass, and announced that he was cumming in my ass.  When he withdrew his cock cum dripped from my gaping butt hole.  I reached back and felt my asshole, I marveled at how large the hole was, and any attempt to close my asshole hurt.  He assured me that it would relax, and the more he fucked me the easier it would get.      When he had fucked me enough that I actually would ask him to fuck me, he allowed his two brothers to fuck me too.  His next younger brother was straight, but the younger brother was gay.  His younger brother was the first man I ever met that was openly gay.  He was such a queen that I learned from him how to identify adult that were gay. Stepdad also had friends that were happy to have a teenager suck them and allow them to stick their cocks in my ass.      I let my step dad fuck me for the next 14-years.  He died as a result of lung cancer because of heavy smoking of cigars.  Our relationship only ended upon his death.      The rest of my life has been dedicated to the pursuit of hedonistic sexual pleasure at the hands of domineering men.  I have become a submissive sex slave.  I am a now a 53-year-old, 5' 8" 285 lbs, stocky man with a moderately hairy chest and back.  I keep my hair in a military buzz cut, and have become a bottom pig boy.  I have to admit to smoking cigars like my stepdad.  I have even had lovers stick an average sized fist and arm up my ass to the elbow.  I have endured toilet training, water sports, licked ripe armpits, and had men spit in my mouth.  Verbal abuse that includes racial references turns me on.  I have even sucked small groups while being abused.  I even keep my pubic hair removed by hot waxing.  At present I have been seeing an old white man.      He is a big fat, grandfatherly looking, cigar chomping white man. He gets off fucking my asshole while telling me what a fuck nigger whore I am, and holding his cigar close enough to my nipples that I feel the heat.  He tells me that some day he is going to find a Doberman Pincer to fuck me.  He tells me that he is sure a horse's cock could fit in my ass!
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How I lead my step dad fuck me for the next 14-years How I lead my step dad fuck me for the next 14-years